Video highlights and photos of the Tuesday, April 28th 4A Girls Soccer Game, between #4 Laramie at Kelly Walsh.

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The Lady Plainsmen got assist from the goal-post in the first half, then used team-work in the second to defeat the Lady Trojans at Casper.



I can relate to this situation. It's hard to find shade on a soccer field...and you really need it, when playing video games outdoors.

#4 Laramie at Kelly Walsh...first half...Laramie wearing the black...this was a great opportunity for them...the goalie missed trying to catch the corner kick...but there were 3 other defenders in the way...and when that did not work, they would try to regroup...Allison McElwee is going to fire a shot through the crowd, but Erin Zigmont would bat the ball away. That's how you handle being in a pressure cooker, but the action was just starting to heat up.

This next highlight is not the ensuing corner kick...but it was a confusing moment...Courtney Hamilton with the header for the Lady Plainsmen...and that ball went in, off of the goal post. It was hard to tell from our point of view, but the line judge said that was a goal. The ball crossed the line and then bounced back out.  It took a few moments to figure out what had happened. As a result...we have a 1-nothing score.

So now Kelly Walsh needs an equalizer...and this was their best shot...Brooke Johnson has a breakaway opportunity...but she will be denied by Morgan Bury. That effort would ensure that the score would stay at 1-zip, going into halftime.

Second half...both teams now going in the other direction...Chelsea Thornburgh with a free kick just outside of the box...and she just missed. The Lady Trojans had their chances...they just were not able to cash in on them.

On the other end...the visitors were having more success...McElwee will center the ball in front of the net...and Lexi Pulley would knock it in. A great 1-2 make this a 2-nothing contest. worked, let's try it again...McElwee will feed Pulley, but this time Zigmont would get in front of the shot and knock it down. In the end, Laramie did not need the insurance...they would get the win on the road...2-nil.