Highlights of the Tuesday, March 26th Girls Soccer game, between Laramie at #1 Natrona.

Scroll down to watch highlights of the game.

The Fillies scored early, but the Lady Plainsmen score late to win their third road game, in 5 days, to start the season.



There must be a new trend going on if they have a track meet and a soccer game going on at the same time. Maybe in the fall, they’ll bring back full contact golf…remember that? Football and golf at the same time.

Laramie at #1 Natrona…first half…Natrona wearing the white…and they would catch a break in the early minutes of this game…Shelby Jackson mishandles the shot from Emma Norvelle…and Peyton Dean was in the right place at the right time to knock in the loose ball. Hey, you have to cash in on whatever opportunity you can get, and she did. 6 minutes in and the Fillies lead 1-nil.

Laramie would answer about 15 minutes later…and this shot took some skill…Ariel Romero is running out of room and needs to get rid of the ball…this angle shot will hit the goal post and she’ll get the bounce. The sophomore caught a break on that one, but her persistence paid off and this game knotted up a 1-goal a-piece, going into half-time.

Second half…the Lady Plainsmen were the aggressors for the most part. They would pepper Kaitlin Conley was shots throughout…but she would stand her ground…and sometimes…it was by the edge of her finger-tips, such as that shot. She barely held on to that one and had her work cut out for her.

The visitors were taking the high road on most of their attacks. This one is from about 25 yards out as they were trying to squeeze the ball in between Conley and the cross-bar…denied again. The junior looks like a tiger in her outfit…and leaps like one too!

On the other end…the Fillies did not have too many chances and that made the job somewhat easy for Jackson. This was probably the toughest shot that she saved…aside from the goal that she gave up earlier. 3 games in 5 days and she only gave up 1 goal…that’s pretty good.

Laramie’s strategy in this game was…if they kept aiming for the top shelf, something would eventually squeeze through. Haley Moon gives it a try…and Conley got her hands on it, but the ball hit the cross-bar and she lost her grip. That ended up being the game winning goal, with about 4 minutes to go. The Lady Plainsmen are now 3-0 on the season…winning their 3rd straight on the road…the final score in this one, was 2-to-1.