Video highlights of the Friday, June 13th all-star boys basketball game, between Wyoming vs. Montana, played in Sheridan.

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Cruising with a 7 point lead with 4 minutes to go, team Wyoming allowed Montana to go on a 14-0 run, which made the difference.

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Before the game...Cody Kelley of Gillette won the award for Mr. Wyoming Basketball 2014...he will be heading to a prep school in Florida to play as a 5th year senior.

It's the Wyoming All-Stars vs. Montana at the Golden Dome in Sheridan...first quarter...Wyoming wearing the brown...good start here...Kelley with the alley-oop to Greg Vendeventer of Douglas for the first score of the game and it's 2-to-nothing.

Actually Vandeventer was the one who got Wyoming going...on this highlight, he'll stop, pop, hit and swish a 12-footer...he contributed with 7, and the score is now 4-to-2.

Montana had a few moves here and there as well...check out this assist to Oliver Carr from Bozeman...he led all scorers with 23 points, and was one of 6 players with double digit scoring...we're tied at 4.

The visitors had the height advantage in this game and they would use it...Bryden Boehning of Dawson County is the tallest at 6 feet 10 inches...he only scored 4, but he was more of a defensive threat...his team would go ahead 8-to-4.

The home team found their ways to get their points...this is Lennon Spence from Rock Springs...he'll get a few friendly bounces and eventually get the 3...he would score 11, and that shot would give his team the lead back...the scoreboard reads, 9-to-8.

This game would stay close for awhile...Christian Evans out of Bigfork will ensure that with this 18-footer...6 points were his numbers, and the northern neighbors trail 11-to-10.

Both sides had all sorts of weapons and they used them...Josh Fearing from Cheyenne Central will get in on the act...there's 3 of his 15, to put Wyoming ahead by a score of 14-to-10.

...but the opposition came right back...on the fast break it's Kooper Kidgell from Billings Senior, getting his 13 point game started...Montana had a number of plays like that...things are evened up at 14.

...back to the other end...Fearing is going to take matters into his own hands on this play...great drive and an equally great finish...that was highlight worthy...Wyoming is back up 16-14.

The visitors could make some moves too...good assist to Carson Dummer of Helena Capital...he'll hit a medium range jumper and made it look the score is 16-all.

The first move of the game, happened right about now...Reed Ritterbusch of Sheridan...he's a tennis champion playing basketball...he has the best of both worlds and scores 3, to put the home team up 19-16.

Now to introduce a little bit of history...this was the first year that Cheyenne South could represent, because this was the first time the program has had seniors...Khyler Cummings introduces himself with 3 of his 6, to put his squad ahead, by a score of 22-to-16.

The 3's were starting to make a difference...Ritterbusch had an 18-point game and now you know how he got some of those numbers...Wyoming was in decent shape, up 25-to-18, after the first 10 minutes.

2nd quarter...we need to get Mr. Wyoming Basketball in on the scoring act...he's done little so far...there's a 3...he led Wyoming with 22 and that's what he needed...his team moves ahead 32-to-24.

Montana was trying to snap out of their funk...Kyle Harrington out of Helena Capital buries 3 of his 13 points on that shot...he has the score closer...trailing 32-to-27...but the home team came right back...nice move by Kelley...he stepped on the line so this will go down as a long 2, but he will take it for now...that opens the lead back up to's 34-to-27.

They were pushing their luck and it was paying off...Fearing knows what to do, and he made it was his play and he would not be denied...the advantage is up to 9...Wyoming up 36-27.

...but it did not stay that way for long...the northern neighbors roared back big would start with this turn around jumper by was a slow start, but it was a start...his team trails 36-to-29.

The visitors needed a big shot to get things closer...they just needed about Troy Scott out of Beaverhead County...that was big...part of his 13 points...and now it's 36-to-32.

They kept going...Harrington...not quite as long so it's only worth 2...but that was part of an 11-zip run...a 9 point deficit has been erased and Montana now leads 38-36.

They were not done...I told you 6 players scored in double's #5...Jared Schultz of Stevensville...that was 3 of his put his squad back up 41-to-40...but then the home team would wake up quickly...Seth Moerkerke out of Gillette help Wyoming take a 46-43 advantage, going into the locker room.

Third quarter...the opposition was picking up the pace...Carr will let himself in the back door...the defense was too late...hoop and the harm...that would give his team the lead back...they are ahead 47-46.

Things were see-sawing back and forth for a bit in this all-star game...Ritterbusch with a catch and shoot for 3 and he buries it...Wyoming goes back on top by a score of 49-47.

Montana was then setting up a number of fast break opportunities for themselves and this is just one example...Evan Epperly of Kalispell Glacier misses the first try, but he had enough time and no opposition to score again...he had 10, and there are a pair of 49's on the scoreboard.

What kept the home team in this game was a number of long balls...this time Ritterbusch is going wayyy downtown and he made it look his squad leads 53-to-51.

We need to get someone new in...not every player that scored has been shown's Alex Collier of Rawlins, depositing 2 of his 9...and the lead is still at 3 for Wyoming, at 58-55.

Collier was the one stepping up his game at this juncture...he's the biggest player for his team at 6 feet 6...and he got that shot over Boehning who is it's a 7-point advantage at 64-57.

The northern neighbors would close the gap someone had to widen it...Moerkerke will do the honors on this put his team up by a score of 66-62.

The lead would grow to 9, before some carelessness set of the turnover...Schultz will bring it back and score for Montana, but they were still down 71-to-70

...and here comes another fast break...a theme was developing...Epperly has this one, and this was how the northern neighbors were able to hang around...they now lead 72-71.

Who else have we not about Judson White of Sheridan...this was his only 2 of the game...and he'll play for Sheridan College next year...Wyoming goes back up 73-72.

Time is starting to wind down on the quarter...but there's just enough to get one more highlight in...Schultz is going to let it fly for 3 and connect ahead of the buzzer...that was huge as Montana would hold a 75-73 advantage, going into the final 10 minutes.

4th quarter...things got interesting...and almost everyone did their part...Cummings...3 more...there's the other half of his 6...he would put his boys ahead 76-75.

Where's Mr. Basketball? He's been MIA for a short time...o there he is...he lead Wyoming with 22 points...that 3 would open up a 4 point's 79-75.

The opposition struck back in similar fashion...Scott is behind the line...this is 3 if it goes...and it goes...the visitors are suddenly down 1...the scoreboard is at 79-78.

Later...they would go to their inside game...Carr...hoop and 1...he would convert on the 3 point put Montana ahead 85-to-84 at this point.

Time for the pendulum to go the other way...Fearing...he was a one man army at times, and he would pull though on plays like this...the lead has changed hands again and the home team is ahead 86-85.

They would put some team-work together too...Kelley is looking for Spence...another alley-oop with good results...that pushes the score up to 88-85.

The opposition would tie, but ties are meant to be broken...Moerkerke wants more and he's going after it on this lay's still close, but his team leads 90-to-88.

Wyoming was trying to put the nail in coffin and this was a step in the right direction...Kelley does what he does best and hits for 3's a 93-to-88 contest, but there's still time, so the job is not done.

This highlight is critical...I'll tell you why shortly...Kelley drives and scores again...the home team had a 7-point cushion with 4 minutes to go...the score-board read 95-to-88.

...and 4 minutes was enough time for the northern neighbors to come back...a break...easy 2 for Kidgell...mix in some free throws and this game is back to square 1...each team had 95-points a-piece.

...but Montana was still going...and Carr still had some points left in the tank...that was part of a huge 14-zip run...a 7 point deficit is now a 7 point lead...his team is back up 102-to-95.

Now time is becoming the enemy for the home team...and they have to do something...Fearing will score inside to get things a little closer...his team is on the wrong end of a 102-to-99 score, and they have to get the ball back.

Montana was able to knock down their free throws...and that late run made the difference...we'll give Fearing the last Wyoming could not recover in the end...and they fall 105-to-103.