Two teams get a chance to show that they're the best in the northwest US.

'AA' State Champ Cheyenne Post 6 and the 'A' State Champ Wheatland Lobos, have qualified for the Northwest Regional Tournament which starts on August 9th for Cheyenne in Billings, Montana, and on August 10th for Wheatland in Burley, Idaho.

In the 'AA' tournament, teams competing are from Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Hawaii, and the host team.

In the 'A' tournament, teams competing are from Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, Alaska, Utah, the host team, and 2 teams from Montana (Washington is not participating).

The tournament is a modified double-elimination format.

When there are 4 teams remaining, there will be 1 team in the winners bracket and 3 in the losers bracket.

At that point, instead of a traditional double elimination tournament, the team in the winners bracket will play one of the loser bracket teams, and it has to be a team that they have not yet faced.

The idea is to speed up the elimination process, but that doesn't always work, however that team in the winners bracket, is in the championship game regardless.

Should the winners bracket team win that extra game, then there will only be 1 other team remaining in the losers bracket.

That losers bracket team, then has to beat the winners bracket team twice to win the championship, while the winners bracket team only has to win once.

Should the winners bracket team lose that extra game, they are still in the championship game, but regardless of who their opponent is, the championship game then becomes a 1-game winner-take-all.

For the 'A' League, after this tournament, that's it, the season is over.

For the 'AA' League, the winner of the tournament, advances to the 8-team Legion World Series in Shelby, North Carolina.

No Wyoming team, has ever made it to the Legion World Series.

Cheyenne Post 6 has played in the Regional Championship Game 3 times, most recently in 2006 when it was in Casper, but came up short in all 3.


'AA' League at Billings, MT: (August 9 -13)

Thursday, August 9th:

Bellevue Lakeside, WA 8 Cheyenne Post 6 6

Friday, August 10th:

Billings, MT Scarlets 7 Cheyenne Post 6 6 - Cheyenne Eliminated.


'A' Leauge at Burley, Idaho: (August 10 - 14)

Friday, August 10th:

Burley, ID 9 Wheatland Lobos 4

Saturday, August 11th:

Wheatland Lobos 9 Chugiak, AK 3

Sunday, August 12th:

Polson, MT Mission Valley 11 Wheatland Lobos 5 - Wheatland Eliminated.