Highlights of the 1A Boys State Championship Basketball game, between Little Snake River vs. Ten Sleep.

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The Rattlers out-shot the Pioneers, 47% to 24% and used a 26-6 first half run, to bring the trophy to Baggs for the third year in a row.



You know what they say…a team is only as good as their stat keeper! Ok, I made that one up, but they are the quiet unsung heroes of the team.

Little Snake River vs. Ten Sleep in the 1A state championship game…first quarter…Little Snake River wearing the purple…Tanner Jensen was in the right place at the right to collect the loose ball…get the bucket and the foul…he would finish the 3-point play to get his team on the board first.

Ten Sleep would strike back with 3 in their own way…Friscoe Erdahl from way downtown and you can tell that the senior has been practicing. Things would stay close in the early going with score tied at 3.

The Rattlers would live up to their name at times and had the right strategy to pull it off…nice dish from Manuel Quinteros to Jensen and they made that look easy…LSR is back up by a score of 5-to-3.

The Pioneers were looking for their first title since 1982…and they had the talent to do it. Logan Burningham from NBA range and he burned the nets on that one…his team would reclaim the lead up 6-to-5.

They had other guys on the team as well…take Erik Rust for example…he had a double-double with 13 points and 11 rebounds, which means he did his part. That bucket would make the score 8-to-6.

While they had the long range shooters…the opposition had the plays…take this one for example. Good spin move by Grayson Lee to get around one defender, and then he’ll score in traffic. He contributed with 11 points, and that would tie the score at 8-all.

…and sometimes they would catch the breaks…Grayson can not get the drop on that play…but Connor Lee was there to pick up the pieces…score…and 1…that was a sign of things to come…Little Snake River is back on top…11-to-9.

Moving ahead…you want to talk about catching a break…how about this one? Grayson Lee lost it…gets it back, and somehow manages to finish…as the 2-time defending state champs were making a move…leading 16-to-9.

As for Ten Sleep…that had a few plays themselves…Burningham finds a lane and he’ll go right through it with ease…that’s what a senior is supposed to do…thankfully his team was only trailing 18-to-13 after the first 8 minutes.

2nd quarter…the Rattlers were playing without one of their better players…Garrett Grieve was on the bench with an injury he sustained in the semi-finals…so someone had to pick up the slack…that someone was Conner Lee…hoop and the hack…I’ll tell you his numbers later, but he had a game! His team is up 21-13.

How about some defense? This play was a beauty…Cole Gourlay comes out of no-where for the rip and he’ll finish at the near hoop with a left handed lay-in…that was awesome! LSR’s lead is in double digits…it’s 23-to-13.

At the rate things were going…the Boys from Baggs were starting to swallow their opponents’ whole! Gourlay is going to open wide and gulp! The score was starting to get out of hand, because it’s 27-to-13.

…and they were not done…Connor Lee is hiding behind that group of bodies…but we saw him throw up a 3…and you can add that to his point totals. Little Snake River was taking control and making this game a one sided affair…it’s 30-to-14.

Like I said earlier….Connor stepped up big time…you might as well call him General Lee as far as this game was concerned, because he was doing it all. This long basket would finish off a 26-to-6 run, and the lead is at its largest…an 18 point cushion…the scoreboard reads 32-to-14 at this point.

Ten Sleep needed to do something…and they needed to do it a long time ago. Burningham would provide some much needed defense on this play…now they just needed the offense to get going.

On the other end…they finally got a few things to go their way. Burningham would drive, then deliver the assist to Elias Huff who will make his first contribution in this game…but the Pioneers are still down 15…, it’s 32-to-17.

They needed some long balls…and how…Burningham would take matters into his own hands and deliver again. 25 points for the senior and now the score is a little more respectable at 33-to-22.

L-S-R was not about to just sit on their lead and ride it out. Jensen takes the long inbounds and hurries to finish on the near side…his team is in decent shape, up 37-to-22.

The Pioneers needed some more long range strikes…and they needed someone other than Burningham to do it…Erdahl will answer the call this time…and that would have his team trailing by 10…it was 37-to-27 going into the locker room.

3rd quarter…the action quieted down a bit on both sides compared to the first half, but there were some moments. Connor Lee with a running jumper to get the lead back into double-digits…it’s 41-to-30.

Let’s get someone else in on the scoring…you saw Quinteros earlier with the assist…now how about a basket? He had a few like this one…and now it’s a 43-32 score.

On paper Ten Sleep appeared to be a heavy favorite coming into this game…but games are not played on paper. Rust will score on the put-back…now they’re down 9…43-34 which is the closest they’ve been in quite sometime.

Little Snake River though…was not about ready to let the opposition get any closer…Connor Lee will pull up and drain another one…he was 12 of 23 on his shots, which is really good…and his team is up 47-to-36.

When you boil it all down and look at the numbers…the Rattlers just wanted it more. They shot 47 percent from the field, and that’s going to put you in a real good spot most of the time. They led 53-to-38 going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter…not much happening…and we don’t need to show much either. As for Connor Lee….33 points and 16 rebounds. He did the work of 2 guys…then again, given the situation…he needed to.

Take nothing away from Ten Sleep…they had a heck of a season…Burningham and Erdahl carried most of the load…but shooting 24% in a championship game, usually is not going to get it done…but we’ll give them the last highlight.

When the final horn went off the boys from Baggs would celebrate once again…because the 3-peat was in hand.

Final score…69-to-54…Little Snake River would finish the season with a record of 25-and-3…and over the course of the past 3 seasons…they have a combined record…of 80-and-4.