Video highlights of the Friday, December 6th 2A boys basketball game, between #4 Big Horn at #2 Lusk.

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The Tigers had 3 players score 18 points-plus each, while the Rams had score 20 or more, but the latter needed one more player to pick up a few more points.



Let's coach...activities director...father and janitor! We can safely say that Mr. VandeBossche earns his paycheck everyday!

#4 Big Horn at #2 Lusk...first quarter...Big Horn wearing the maroon...Max Lube needs some help on this play...and he'll get it from Colter Carzoli who will finish, and get the visitors on the board first...leading 2-to-nothing.

Lusk was quick to answer back...with quick passing...Derick VandeBossche goes inside and finds Denton Shaw, who will get a friendly bounce or 2 on the reverse jumper...that will even things up at 2 points for each team.

The Rams had their eye on this game when the schedule came out...because they lost to the opposition 3 times last season...including the state semi-finals...Carzoli was getting off to a hot start as he would bury a 3 on the far side...that would put his team ahead 5-to-2.

There are 6 seniors on this team and they would contribute...Connor McCafferty...he's not just a quarter-back...he has some basketball moves as Big Horn is up 7-to-2.

The Tigers had some players as well and they would show up...Hunter Dockery was on the line when he took aim, so that would only count for 2, but it was just the start for it's 7-to-4.

Let's get another player's Matthew of 3 players to score in double digits in this game...I'll tell you the numbers later...Lusk trails 7-6 at this point.

Last season's state runner-ups were making the plays that needed to be made...Dockery gets around the D and scores again as the home team would take their first lead, now ahead 8-to-7.

Lusk was on a run in the early was one of several...Dockery had a hot hand whistle...count it...26 points were his numbers and he has yet to break a the score is 14-to-9.

...and he had about we show Zach Venable...this medium range jumper was the finishing touch of a 14-to-4 put the Tigers ahead, 16-to-11, after the first 8 minutes.

Second quarter...this play was all about second chances...and the second chances had second chances...Deven Ibach would get the bucket after a few Big Horn would even up the score at 16-all, when the play was said and done.

Meanwhile the home team was spreading the love around waiting for someone to get open...that someone was Matthew VandeBossche behind the line and he'll bury a 3 to undo the tie...and make this a 19-16 contest.

So it was back to work for the visitors...Corey Sturza is going to make a nice play on this one and that was highlight worthy...that would get his team to within one point, down 19-18.

Lusk saw that 2...and raised them one more...Logan Lamar is open in the corner...and that's usually bad news for opposing teams...the lead is back up to 4 at 22-to-18.

Defense and transition had a hand in this game as well...Shaw will help himself and go in the other way for a lay-in...part of a 20 point game for the senior...home team is now ahead, 24-18.

But the Rams did not stay down long...McCafferty with an assist to Seth Kite and that will result in a 2 point contribution...but they are still trailing 24-20.

They had to cut away at the deficit slowly, but it was beginning to pay off...Ibach is in the corner...he wants 3 and he's got it...the visitors were getting closer, trailing 26-23.

More defense...this time Big Horn did the deed...the ball pops loose...Ibach gets his hands on it and takes off for the far side...2 more points, and now he has his team trailing by 1...down 26-25.

The Rams had 2 players score 20 plus points...I think you know one of's the other...Carzoli...that was 3 of his 24 and it was a big one, because we have ourselves a tie score once again...30-30.

That was enough as far as the home team was concerned and they had to D up...Adam Kraft got the turnover...and then he would find a way to get the loose ball over to Dockery who would take care of the rest himself...that would boost the score to 32-30.

The Tigers were on the prowl...and they had one more player in double figures...that would be Matthew VandeBossche...there's 3 of his his team would take a 43-37 advantage, going into the locker room.

Third quarter...the opposition would keep it close...Ibach poured in 26 of his own...and had several buckets like this one...his squad trails 43-39.

When it wasn't was the other...Carzoli is going to add to the cause and boost his numbers as well...he has the visitors down by's 43-41.

Then Lusk would put together another started on this play as Dockery would can an 18 foot jumper to widen the lead a little...the scoreboard reads, 45-41.

This play was pretty good...Derrick VandeBossche is taking off...great finish as he'll get the bucket and the foul...he took a bit of a spill but he was all it's a 47-41 contest.

The Rams needed a momentum killer, and gave it a good effort on this play..McCafferty and Sturza on a 2-on-1 fast-break...the quarterback gets the finish to keep things within striking distance...down 47-43.

That did not deter the Tigers...they kept right on going...Lamar for roughly 10 feet or so and he has another 2 push the advantage up to 49-43.

...and there was still Dockery to contain with...on this play...he was looking for someone...found no he said...what the heck...I'm having a good game...good idea...that 3 makes the score, 52-to-43.

There was also Shaw, and I think there was a sweet spot on the floor...the junior is standing in pretty much the same spot as the last highlight...and he got the same result...a 15-to-4 run, would have the scoreboard reading Lusk 58 and Big Horn 45.

The visitors had time to strike back...and they did...check out the inside lob from Sturza to Carzoli...that's how you get 2 points and get back into this one...they still trail 58-47.

Plays like those were working a few times...Sturza know how to throw them...this time Kite was on the receiving end and he'll lay in 2 they are down 58-to-49.

Big Horn was getting back in this game...and when the close shots didn't work...they would try a different approach...we have not seen Mathew Hansen yet and this was a good time...58-53 is now the score.

They were just slowly chipping big shots...they just kept things normal...Carzoli would finish off a 10-zip run for the Rams who are now down's 58-to-55.

But then Lusk would sharpen their claws and take a swipe...Dockery...long range 3...banks it in...and the foul just ahead of the good on the extra try , but he is happy that is team was up 61-55 going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter...the Tigers would step up on both sides of the ball...Dockery with the rejection from behind...that got a reaction from the going the other one is guarding Shaw, and by the time the Rams realized was too late and he would strike for 3...the home has pushed the score up to 64-55.

It was raining 3's inside Tiger gym and the later the game went on...the better things got for the home team...Shaw is going to bury another one...and the advantage is back up to's 69-to-57.

The visitors were not out of it yet...Ibach hits a quick 3 off of the inbounds...that cut it to 71-66, but the problem Big Horn had was that their big 2 were doing all the scoring in the 4th and no one else stepped up, late in the game.

Lusk had 3 players in double digits...and they had other players add on to help out...Lamar proves my point, as the Tigers would get a big win against the Rams...80-to-72.