Video highlights and photos of the Thursday, April 17th 4A girls soccer game, between Kelly Walsh at Natrona.

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Both sides of the cross-town rivalry had a hard time finding the net, but the Fillies would finally break through in the middle of the second half, and the Lady Trojans could not counter.



I always have this rule that if you are at the game, and you are either playing video games or watching a better have a sport theme to it. I think he's watching something soccer related.

Kelly Walsh at Natrona...first half...Natrona wearing the orange...and they came close a couple of times...Allison Orr's shot hits the cross-bar...then the put-back try would both teams were having one of those games, in this cross-town rivalry.

On the other end...Kelly Walsh had their moments too...#4 was not listed in the program...she got blocked by Kaitlin Conley, but the ball was still loose...defensive help would arrive just in one team missed an opportunity, while the other dodged a bullet...and they played on.

Seconds before the break...the Fillies would have another chance on a break-away...Chloe Sale will get tangled with Liv Herfjord and the ball got by Erin Zigmont and would slowly roll into the net...but there's no celebrating on this play...N-C was called goal...and there was a pair of zero's on the board, going into halftime.

Second took awhile before something happened...but this was a beauty...Sarah Jones centers the ball to Lulu Rochelle, and the sophomore strikes. That would relieve some frustration, as the home team is on the board...up 1-to-nothing.

The Lady Trojans kept trying to counter...they had a hard time getting close...and their shots either went wide or were stopped by Conley...although she almost lost the handle on this one, but good recovery. That earlier goal would stand up in the end, as Natrona would win, 1-nil.