Video highlights of the Friday, September 19th 4A Football game, between #2 Natrona at #1 Gillette.

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A mid-season clash between 4A rivals was a one-sided affair, as the Mustangs handed the Camels their worst home loss in 10 years.





One team brought the fireworks before the game, the other brought them DURING the game. Big difference between the 2.

#2 Natrona at #1 Gillette first quarter...Natrona wearing the white and on defense...Layne O'Neal with the deflection, and Trevor Morgan will end up the interception, inside enemy territory...that was just the beginning, and it did not take long to make something happen with this turnover.

The Mustang's offense was quick to strike...Casson Burgen goes over the middle and Austin Luers was open and the junior will take care of the rest...he will elude one tackler and score from 34 yards out. A short time later...Gillette contributed with a safety, when a punt snap sailed out of the end the score quickly became 9-to-nothing.

On the next possession...the Mustangs have some kick to their attack...Cody Wilkinson...55 yards...and he got it! That is remarkable for the high school level. Now it's a 12-zip contest, and this game is less than 3 minutes old.

Meanwhile, the defense did it's job many times one blocked #62 who is not on the he had an easy time sacking Cale Miessler...the team knows who he is, although they might kid him around at practice.

The visitors would get the ball again...and Burgen had all the time in the world on this play...great protection...great throw and a great catch by Chase Anderson...and yards to the house! This game was becoming one sided in a was 19-to-zero, after the first 12 minutes.

Second quarter...this time it's Josh Harshman taking the snaps...and he is calling his own father like son I suppose...17 yards to pay dirt...NC is taking command up 26-to-nothing.

It took Gillette awhile to get anything going...but on the ensuing kickoff...they finally did. Dalton Suchor will field the ball...find a hole in the middle and he's got some room...only one guy to beat...and he would lose this exchange...great one-on-one open field touchdown saving tackle by Cody Wilkinson...but Suchor was feeling pretty good, because he got his team possession on the other side of the 50.

A few plays later...the Camels proceeded to go backwards...Miessler is going to be dragged down from behind by O'Neal. Coming into this was the #1 offense in 4A, vs. the #2 defense in 4A...and the immovable object was hurting the invincible force.

Same drive...the home team did have a few offensive bright spots...Miessler's aim is right on target..and a great catch by Jordan Fischer...into the red zone...down at about the 12 yard line...which is the closest they've been to the end zone all game so far.

Last play before halftime...could they finish the job? O'Neal will rush in from behind...Lance Ferguson will provide the assist, and Gillette will end up with nothing. The Mustangs had all the momentum...leading 26-zip going into the locker room.

3rd quarter...the Camels had the #1 pass defense in Class 4A coming into this game...and Natrona made mince meat out of it...Burgen goes over the middle to Anderson...21 yards and another score...I don't think anybody was expecting this. Last year's 4A state runner-ups are now ahead 33-to-zero.

Credit to the home team though...they kept trying...and on this play...everything went their way for once...Miessler steps rid of the ball just in time...and this was good catch by Talon one is going to catch him on this 77-yard play, they finally have some points, but they are still on the wrong end of a 33-to-7 score.

4th quarter...NC was not ready to let up...Jeffrey Wen is in that pile somewhere...he only needed 2 yards and got them and the touchdown. They got those points back, and now the scoreboard reads 40-to-7. comes more...Harshman does it himself...follows his blockers...5 yard touchdown. It has been a long time, since any team, has gone to Gillette, and whipped the Camels this badly. 47-to-7 is the score.

The Camels though...kept trying until the end...they wanted to make the final score a little more respectable...Dalton Holst is going for broke...and Trever Osborn says the bank is closed! A 1 vs. 2 showdown was anything but Natrona dominated just about every aspect of this score 47-to-7.