After a computer glitch, rankings for both boys and girls basketball are now out.

Rankings are beginning to settle down as teams hit the back stretch of the prep hoops season.

On the Girl's side, the top 4A teams keep on beating each other. East is back on top this week after Gillette beat previous #1 Sheridan by ten last weekend. The Lady Camels are now second while Natrona stays third. Sheridan is now fourth with Laramie staying where they have most of the season at #5. The Lady Plainsmen host both Gillette and Sheridan this weekend. Interesting to note that East took 7 #1 votes, Gillette got 1, Natrona 4, and Sheridan 1.

1)  East   2)  Gillette   3) Natrona  4) Sheridan   5)  Laramie

3A has Douglas unanimous at the top again this week. The Lady Bearcats will host #2 Rawlins on Friday. Lyman is third and Star Valley fourth. Powell returns to the top five at #5. The Lady Panthers can move up the rankings if they can beat #3 Lyman in Powell on Friday. Newcastle's stay at #5 was short lived for one week.

1)  Douglas   2)  Rawlins  3) Lyman   4) Star Valley   5) Powell

Tongue River is a unanimous choice for #1 in 2A. Lovell is a vote shy of being a unanimous #2. Bart Trautwein's Southeast girls move into the #3 spot this week pushing Thermopolis to fourth and Wind River to fifth. The big game in this division plays at Casper College when #2 Lovell plays #3 Southeast on Saturday.

1)  Tongue River   2)  Lovell   3)  Southeast   4) Thermopolis   5)  Wind River

The top four in 1A remain the same as a week ago. They go Cokeville, Lingle-Ft. Laramie, Little Snake River, and Rock River. Upton is back in the polls at #5 despite trailing Kaycee in the NE conference standings. Kaycee, however, did not get a single vote for the top five this week.

1)  Cokeville     2)  Lingle -Fort Laramie   3)  Little Snake River   4) Rock River    5) Upton


For the Boys Rankings, there is very little change. #1's remain the same in Gillette, Star Valley, Lovell, and Burlington.

The only changes have Lander now ranked fifth in 3A pushing Buffalo out and Douglas to #4.

In 4A, Natrona and Kelly Walsh were tied for fifth last week but after the Trojan win, KW is fifth by themselves. The rest of the rankings are the exact same as a week ago.


1)  Gillette  2)  Laramie   3)  Riverton  4)  Evanston   5) Kelly Walsh

Big Games: #2 Laramie at #1 Gillette and #4 Evanston at #5 KW, both on Saturday.


1) Star Valley  2)  Rawlins  3)  Lyman   4) Douglas   5)  Lander

Big Games: #1 SV at #5 Lander and  #4 Douglas at #2 Rawlins, both on Friday.


1) Lovell   2)  Wyoming Indian  3) Lusk   4)  Big Horn   5)  Moorcroft

Big Games:  #3 Lusk vs Pine Bluffs for 2A SE Conference lead


1) Burlington    2)  Ten Sleep   3)  Little Snake River   4)  Guernsey-Sunrise  5) Encampment

Big Games: There are no games pitting ranked team vs. ranked team this weekend.