The South struck first, but it was all North after that.

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Five players scored in double figures for the North.

North: 20-20-24-20 = 84

South: 13-17-22-18 = 70

North Scorers:

Carter Baxter (Powell) - 12

Walker Carrico (Dubois) - 2

Dylan Daniels (Sheridan) - 7

Brandon Fullerton (Riverton) - 11

Taylor Hepp (Buffalo) - 4

Marcus Nolan (Kelly Walsh) - 12

Chris Quayle (Riverton) - 16

Kalei Smith (Powell) - 13

Kirby Winland (Rocky Mountain) - 0

Mitchell Wilcox (Buffalo) - 7

South Scorers:

Barry Greenwald (Lingle-Ft. Laramie) - 6

Treasure Hollister (Guernsey-Sunrise) - 8

Kendrick Jackson (Wheatland) - 7

Tanner Jensen (Little Snake River) - 6

Jalen Krening (Rawlins) - 11

Joe Legerski III (Laramie) - 11

Bronson Muir (Star Valley) - 6

Andrew Pearson (Laramie) - 3

Denton Shaw (Lusk) - 4

Derick VandeBossche (Lusk) - 8



These pizzas were meant for the players after the game was over...but someone told me they were free and I just couldn't help myself. Sorry, guys!

It's North vs. South in the 2015 Wyoming Coaches Association All-Star Boys Basketball game...first quarter...the South is wearing the yellow...Kendrick Jackson of Wheatland will go coast to coast for the lay in, to score the first points of the contest...thus it's 2-to-nothing.

It ended up being 4-zip before the North got going offensively...Marcus Nolan of Kelly Walsh with a pull up jumper...good! 12 points for the Trojan grad and that would make the score 4-to-2.

The pull-ups were working for awhile...Chris Quayle of Riverton steps right up and knocks one down for 3. He led all scorers with 16 points, and the North would take the lead, 5-to-4.

The South could hit from long range as well...Joe Legerski the 3rd shooting from the wing...and he likes to dip his wings in some hot sauce. 11 points were his numbers...we now have a tie's 7-to-7.

We had quite a shooting clinic going on in the early goings of this game...Brandon Fullerton of Riverton hits from behind the arc for 3 of his 11...that would break the tie and the score is now 10-to-7.

Here is where the big move of the game took place...the North is on the run...Mitchell Wilcox of Buffalo is wide open in the corner...and that's how you finish a fast break. It would open up a 9 point lead, thus the scoreboard reads 16-to-7.

The South would have to adjust...Treasure Hollister of Guernsey-Sunrise fools a defender, and then cans a long range 2. He had to something, because the defense was closing in...his team was down 20-to-13, after the first 10 minutes.

Second quarter...the North would pick up the pace...check out this play by Taylor Hepp of Buffalo...sweet finish although he almost took out the camera. The lead is in double's a 24-to-13 ball game.

...and they were not letting up...Kalei Smith of Powell has some college plans, so he better aim from college range...that's 3 of his 13 points and that was part of a 16-6 run...the North was in control with the score at 32-to-17.

How about some defense...this was awesome! Jalen Krening of Rawlins tries to go up against Nolan...GET THAT OUT OF HERE! Krening should not have gone for the pump fake. Nolan read that play and that got some oooh's and ahh's from fans and players on both sides.

Krening would have to try again...he just needed a new approach. It's good to see the Gatorade Player of the Year back on the court, after sustaining his injury at the state tournament back in March. He contributed with 11...and the South now trails 34-to-26.

...but the North was not about ready to let them get any closer...Smith has a move or 2 to put on...and that would put the lead back into double digits. It was 40-to-30, going into the locker room.

3rd quarter...the small school players got their share of highlights as well...this was the only 2 points for Walker Carrico of Dubois, but it was a good looking 2 points. The scoreboard now reads 42-to-30.

All-star games are sometimes a chance to show off...that's what Smith had in mind on this highlight...but it did not go the way he wanted it to...but we all got a good laugh out of it...and he did too.

The South needed to make a move soon or else the comeback was going to become that much more difficult...Legerski from wayyy downtown...that's a start. His dad liked that one, and it was 42-to-33 at this point.

...and just to illustrate what I was in the crowd! Always representing UW and the family where-ever he goes.

Back to the action...Wilcox and Krening had a good rivalry back in their high school days...Wilcox wanted the last laugh and he got it. That makes the score 46-to-35.

Let's get someone new into these about Barry Greenwald of Lingle-Ft. Laramie? The fade-away drops in to give the South 2 more points, but they are still down 60-to-48.

The SEWAC had it's's Denton Shaw from Lusk finishing the fast-break with a high kiss off of the glass...but the South was having a hard time getting over that 10-point barrier. They were on the wrong end of a 64-to-52 score, going into the final 10 minutes.

4th quarter...they kept trying and had a few good plays here and there. This is a good one by Legerski...hoop...and the foul! That was pretty! The 3 point play would make this a 72-to-60 game, and his boys are still losing.

However, the North was able to maintain control for most of the game...and even when things got a little out of hand, they made the most of it. Nolan collects the loose ball and stuffs it in the toy box...and his squad was cruising, with the scoreboard reading 76-to-62.

In the end, the North had 5 players score in double's #5. It's Carter Baxter of Powell. He poured in a dozen...there's 3 of them. It was an all-star sweep for the North, as they won the volleyball and girls basketball games earlier...and they would win the boys basketball game comfortably...84-to-70.