The Torrington Girls Basketball team and their community had one tough weekend.

One person said, "We lost the semi finals and our world was crushed."   Soon after, the game seemed of very little significance upon hearing a former player, and sister of two current players, was killed in a car crash just before that game.

19 year old Kaylie Haun was pronounced dead at the scene of a crash about the time her sisters, Murphy and Madi, were taking the court in a semi final basketball game at Torrington's Gym in the 3A East Regional.     It wasn't until after the game that the family, team, friends, and community learned of what happened.

The #1 ranked Lady Blazers lost that game and had to take on Buffalo at 1 pm on Saturday for a chance to go to state or see the end of their season.   Coach Jeff Halley brought the team in at 8 am to make a decision.   "Do we play?  Do we forfeit?  What's the right thing to do here?"   It wasn't until someone received a text from Matt Haun,  the father of Kaylie, Murphy, and Madi,  that said Murhpy really wanted to play.  That made the decision and after a team visit to the Haun home, they suited up to play .

After a listless first half in a quiet gym, the Blazers found themselves down 7 at halftime. Coach Halley felt that even he and the crowd were just going through the motions, just like the team.   He addressed them at the break, "our season has only sixteen minutes left if we don't play.  If you want me to flip the switch and be Ol' Coach Halley, I'll do it, but we have to do it as a team, together."     A three pointer early in the 3rd quarter by Murphy Haun sent the eerily quiet gym into a frenzy and it sparked the Blazers to a come from behind win and a trip to state.

Torrington plays at 9 am on Thursday at the Casper Event Center.  Look for more about the game on the State Basketball preview story coming soon.

The funeral for Kaylie will be Wednesday at Eastern Wyoming College in Torrington.

Listen to an interview with coach Jeff Halley below.