There were several great performances on the football field in during the season.

Quarter Final Peak Preps

Rushing: 6Man-  Brady Esquibel  of Guernsey-Sunrise  ran 24 times for 253 yards and 3 touchdowns.  2A  Dino Collins ran 20 times for 184 yards and 3 scores.  3A saw Star Valley's Ryan Brough go 28 times for 169 yards and 3 tds.   1A  Ben Mancuso of Burlington ran  14 times for 144.  4A, Brecken Biggs of Natrona ran 11 times for 122 yards.

Passing:   4A  Evanston's Kyler Wagstaff toss 17 of 31 for 298 yards and 2 td's but was picked off by Gillette 4 times.  3A   Austyn Matthews of Douglas was 14 of 34 for 291 and 3 td's.   2A, Bransen Bradshaw of Lyman was 10 of 17 for 117 2 td's and 3 INT's vs Newcastle.  1A  Lane Hageman of Lingle-Fort Laramie was 7 for 25 while six man saw Brady Esquibel of Guernsey thro 9 of 13 for 160 yards and a score.

Recieving:  4A:  Brayton Sanders of Evanston caught 4 passes for 129 and a touchdown.  His teammate Matt Johnson caught 7 for 103 and a score. 3A saw Adam Sigala catch 9 passes for 195 yards and 2 td's.   2A had Big Horn sophomore Christian Mayer pull in 4 passes for 100 yards, three of which were for touchdowns.  1A Hunter Dockery of Lusk caugh 2 for 56 and a score while in six man, Brady Esquibel also caught six passes for 93 yards.

One stat that sticks out above most, is that Lyman has won their last 5 games via shutout. The Eagles have not given up a score, since Dino Collins of Lovell, ran a punt back against them in week 3.

All purpose yards:   Esquibel, G-SR, 43 touches for 506 yards.  Meeteetse's Seth Bennett had 43 for 359 yards and 38 points.  Austyn Matthews of Douglas had 44 touches for 323 yards.

Defense:   Reb Lindwurm of Lander had 37 points on 17 tackles and fumble recovery against Powell.   Travis Jinks of Southeast tallied 34 points with 3 TL and 1 sack with 14 tackles.   Brigham Teichert of Cokeville had 30 points with 13 AT and 5 TL.

Powell's Dewey Schwan picked off four Lander passes while Bobby Wingeleth intercepted Wheatland 3 times.



Week 8 Highlights:

Rushing:  6Man:  RJ Seaman of HEM ran 36 times for 381 yards and 6 scores.  Story Penning of Hulett went 23 times for 274 yards and 4 scores.   11 MAN:   Aaron Linsemann of Jackson ran 29 times for 266 yards and 3 scores.    Ethan Egle of Pinedale ran 28 times and went for 239 and 2 tds'.

Passing:   Connor McCafferty was 11 of 13 for 324 yards and 4 touchdowns with 0 ints.   Trace Haderlie of Star Valley was 18 of 25 for 309 and 5 scores.   Austin Fort of Gillette threw the ball 53 times, connected on 24  for 303 and 1 a touchdown.   Riverton's Xavier Webb was 16 of 18 for  241 and a score.

Great Stat Line:  Ten Sleep's Frisco Erhald ran for 4 scores,  threw for 3 more and scored twice on defense.    He ran for 418 yards,  threw for 188 and had 22 tackles on defense.     Penning of Hulett added 42 defensive points to his weekend with an INT, 21 tackles, 2 tfl and a PB.

DEFENSE:  Joe Ash of East tallied 36 points with 17 AT and 5 UTs and 3 TFL.   Lane Dockery of Tongue River put up 31 points with 10 tackles a fumble recovery and blocked kick.   Austin Housekeeper of Mountain View also scored 31 along with Dan Probst of Green River.

Stats for the Week are updated.   Find them by clicking HERE

Week 7 Highlights:

Rushing:   Andrew Linsenmann of Jackson ran 20 times for 253 yards and 3 scores,  Ben Mancuso of Burlington went 19 times for 228 yards and 4 scores.

Passing:   Colby Wartman of Worland tossed 16 of 28 for 298 yards and 1 TD and 1 INT.  Royce Mercer of Riverside was 11 of 15 for 294 yards and 3 td's.   Bransen Bradshaw of Lyman was 9 of 14 for 244 and 4 td's with an INT.      Rylie Richardson of HEM threw 15 for 25 and 6 tds.

Receiving:   Tucker McKim of Riverside caught 8 passes for 222 yards and 2 scores.   Brendon Ruwart of Wheatland caught 5 for 132 and 2 scores.   Jeremy Manning of HEM caught 6 passes, four of which were for scores, and 117 yards.

Scoring:    Jordan Millay of Glenrock and Jesse Hawk of Dubois both scored 5 td's.

Defense:   Ryle Richardson tallied 48 points have 10 solo tackles and 6 for loss and 1 sack.  Roy Tomkins, also of HEM had 44 points with 12 solo tackles and an interception.   Shawn Shepperson of Meeteetse had 37 points.

Matt Widdecomb of Powell had 2 INT's,  both he took back to the endzone.  Kyle Tea of Dubois and Conner Lee of Snake River also had 2 picks.

See more stats on the stats pages

Week 6 Highlights:

Not sure if you'll see something of the likes of what Seth Bennett of Meeteetse did over the weekend.   The Longhorn Quarterback ran 18 times for 507 yards.  That is 28 yards per carry.  He scored 8 times via the rush.  He then passed for 16 of 22 for 240 yards and 3 more touchdowns.  In all, in 42 touches, he accounted for 802 yards and 66 points.   He and the Longhorns needed all of it in a 74 to 70 win over Ten Sleep last Saturday.   Also in that game, Pioneer Friscoe Erdahl had 7 touchdowns for Ten Sleep in the loss.

RUSHING:    Meeteetse's Seth Bennett, 18 carries 507 yards and 8 td's in a six man game.   Pine Bluffs Landen Narajo ran 26 times for 275 yards and a score against Upton/Sundance.    Dino Collins ran 16 times for 244 yards and four scores,  much of that in the first half of a win over Thermopolis.   There were 8 rb's with over 200 yards last week.  The ones just mentioned along wnith Jet Materi of Upton/Sundance, Manuel Quinteros of Snake River, Wyatt Somsen of Southeast, Jerry Bournes of NSI, and Jon Fabrizius of Kelly Walsh.   Lane Hageman of Lingle Fort Laramie went 19 times for 181 yards and 5 td's.

Making the Most:   Sheridan's Daniel Sessions ran the ball five times for 134 yards and 4 touchdowns vs. Laramie.  Vince Sleep of Powell ran 9 times for 61 yards and 4 scores.  Story Penning of Hulett ran 9 times for 187 yards and 4 td's.

Passing:  Zac Phillip of Snake River was 16 of 25 for 278 yards and 4 td's.  He was picked off twice.  James Caro,  of Kaycee, was 13 of 29 for 253 and 2 scores and 1 INT.   Riverton's Xavier Webb was 16 of 25 for 233 yards and 4 TD's with NO interceptions in a win over Torrington.  Gillette's Austin Fort, a game time decision to play, was 6 of 13 for 205 yards and 3 td's.

Receiving:  Snake River's Conner Lee caught 8 passes for 152 yards and 2 tds.   Hayden Fauber of Kaycee caught 7 for 130 and a score.    Ivan Varela of Rawlins caught 3 for 124.   Shoshoni's Josh Thoren caught 8 passes for 98 yards and 2 td's.

Making the Most:   Gillette's Taylor Bigelow caught 1 pass for 85 yards and took it to the house.  Daniel Sessions (see rushing above)  also caught 3 passes for 91 yards, two of which he took to the endzone.   Devon Richie of Pinedale caught six passes for 59 yards and three of those were for touchdowns.

All Purpose Yards:  See Seth Bennett above...  also, Dino Collins had 28 touches for 352 yards for the Lovell Bulldogs.   Natrona's Brecken Biggs had 19 touches for 328 yards and accounted for 36 points.

Defense:   Jordan Sims of Big Piney tallied 40 points with 10 UT's, 1 PB, 1 FR and 1 BK.   Kevin Keim of NSI and James Caro of Kaycee scored 36 points.  Caro had 2 INT's.   Dillon Gies of Shoshoni had 35 points with 11 tackles, 2 for loss and a sack.  He also had an interception and a fumble recovery and scored a defensive touchdown.   Matt Burchell of Tongue River and Garrett Kremers of Kaycee each scored 31.

Dubois' John Bartlett had 2 interceptions and took both of them back to the house for pick sixes.

Cisco Taylor of Lyman had a 105 yard interception return for a TD in the Bridger Valley Bowl.

See Week 6 Stats HERE




Week 5 Highlights:   Six man football had some of the bigger highlights in Week 5.  Story Penning of Hulett ran for 261 yards on 22 carries scoring 3 times in a 14 point loss to Midwest.    Seth Bennett of Meeteetse ran for 253 yards on 19 carries and scored 6 times.    He also passed 10 for 11 for 129 yards and 2 scores in the upset over Kaycee.      Snake River's Mauel Quinteros ran 15 times for 226 yards and 4 scores.

11 man highlights in running were from Jon Fabrizius of Kelly Walsh who went 26 times for 195 yards and a score.   Brigham Teichert ran 19 times for 183 yards and a score.  Big Horn's Scott Passini ran 12 times for 84 yards but scored 4 times.

Passing:   Austin Housekeeper of Mountain View is on the list again this week going 17 of 23 for 275 yards and 2 TD's.     Critter Ruwart of Wheatland was 14 of 41 for 240 yards, 2 picks, 1 TD.    James Caro of  Kaycee was 12 of 24 for 210 yards while Riverton's Xavier Webb tossed 18 of 24 for 202 yards.

Receiving:  Caleb Flake caught only 4 passes from Housekeeper this weekend, but, he did so for 141 ayards and a touchdown.     Cody Savage of Lovell caught three passes for 125 and 2 scores.  Daniel Sessions caught 5 passes for Sheridan for 119 yards.  Hayden Fauber of Kaycee caught 11 passes for 117 yards.

All purpose Yards:   Bennett of Meeteetse had 31 touches and 457 yards and 36 points (six td's).    Housekeeper had 31 touches for 352 yards.

Defensive Points:   Rylie Richardson of HEM had a HUGE day in six man football.  The Miner collected 48 points with 11 solos, 5 assisted,  and 3 BK's.       Garrett Ayers of Guernsey-Sunrise had 2 interceptions and 12 solo taclkes for 37 points.   Collin Eisenman of Sheridan had 32 points assisting in 18 tackles.     Powell's Vince Sleep had 30 points vs Star Valley while Garrett Mcgaha of Rock Springs had 30 against Kelly Walsh.     Several players had 2 interceptions:  Garrett Ayers of Guernsey, Austin Housekeeper and Brennan Walk of Mountain View and Tristan Parrish of Shoshoni.







Week 4 Highlights:

Rushing:   Ethan Egle of Pinedale ran 42 times against Greybull Friday night.   He went for 306 yards and 3 scores.   Dino Collins of Lovell ran the ball only 9 times but went for 217 yards and 3 scores, most of that in the first half in a win over Mountain View.   Brendon Ruwart rushed 11 times for 196 and 2 td's.   Brigham Teichert of Cokeville went 13 times for 175 and 4 td's.


PASSING:   Gillette's Austin Fort threw 15 fo 24 for 291.  He was picked off twice, but threw three td's.     Tyler Clemetson of Shoshoni tossed 17 fo 26 for 215 yards with 1 td and 1 pick.   Trace Haderlie of Star Valley was 14 of 22 with 210 and 3 td's.

RECIEVING:   Dani Fischer of Gillette caught 8 passes for 181 yards and 2 td's.   Cameron Johnson of East caught 6 for 151 and a score while Kohl Battleson of Star Valley caught 6 for 121 and a touchdown.

SCORING:    Powell's Dewey Schwan scored 4 td's and made good on  7 of 8  extra points.

Long Plays:    Tevis Bartlett's 83 yard run against South was the biggest rush with an 81 yard romp by Jayden Haslam of Shoshoni being the 2nd biggest.   Josh Thoren of Shoshoni caught an 86 yard pass.

All purpose yards:   Gillettes Austin Fort accounted for 366 yards on 37 touches.   Tevis Bartlett went 27 touches for 338 yards while Ethan Egle had 43 touches for 333 yards.  Austin Housekeeper of Mountain View had 46 for 303.

Defense:    Preston Wardell of Burlington had 40 defensive points.  He had 9 assists,  8 solos, 2 for loss,  2 PB's and a fumble recovery.   Cody Jolovich of Tongue River tallied 33 points with Kevin Keim of NSI and Travis Romsa of Burns each collecting 32 points.

Greg Ashley of Central had three interceptions.   Corey Butts of Upton/Sundance had 10 solos tackles while Ben Mancuso of Burlington and Luke Zeller each had 9.





Week 3 Highlights: 

Rushing:  Burlington's Ben Mancuso ran 20 times for 207 yards and 3 td's.  He also accounted for all 22 of his team's points in a 22 to 21 win over #4 Shoshoni.  Omar Bridges of Thermopolis ran 10 times for 203 yards and 5 touchdowns.   Star Valley's Ryan Brough ran 25 times for 194 and 2 scores against #2 Douglas.  Jalen Krenning of Rawlins ran the ball 15 times for 56 yards but scored 5 times.

PASSING:   Jalen Krenning of Rawlins tossed 16 of 33 for 285 yards and 1 td last Friday.  He was intercepted twice.  Landon Lybeck of Central was 13 fo 26 for 258 yards and 1 TD and 1 INT.   Royce Mercer of Riverside was 17 of 30 for 245 and 2 td's but was also picked off 3 times.    Mountain View's Austin Housekeeper threw 15 of 37 for 243 yards and had 6 touchdown passes and was intercepted 3 times.

RECEIVING:   Greg Ashley of Central caught 8 for 141.  Braden Douglas of Wheatland caught 5 passes for 121 and a touchdown.    Isaiah Jefferson of Rawlins caught 9 passes for 119 yards.   Lander's Reb Lindarum caught 2 passes for 64 yards, both were for scores.  Caleb Flake also caught 2 passes for 34 yards and 2 td's.

Defensive Highlights:  Jake Jones of Rocky Mountain scored 36 points with 10 UT's and an interception.   Ross Sloss of Lander had 34 points recovering 2 fumbles.  Cade Covington of Mountain View tallied 31 points while Ward Gordon of Wind River had 30 with 4 tackles for lass and 2 sacks.

Christian Syverson of Thermop and Nathan Grant of Lovell each had 2 INT's.

Check the STATS page for updated week 3 stats.



Week 2 Highlights:

Rushing: Star Valley's Ryan Brough ran 13 times for 199 yards and 3 td's.  Jayden Haslam of Shoshoni went for 17 carries and 197 yards.

Passing: Austin Fort of Gillette threw for 387 yards hitting 21 of 36 passes.  He had 3 td's but also was interccepted 3 times.   Kaden Haun of Thermopolis hit 14 of 17 passes for 346 yards, 4 td's, and NO picks.

Great Lines: East sophomore QB Tevis Bartlett was 14 of 35 throwing for 283 yards and a td.   He also ran 27 times for 186 yards and 2 scores.  That accounted for 469 yards for the Thunderbirds.

Fort of Gillette also ran 10 times for 76 yards and a score in addition to his 387 passing yards.  That's 463 yards of offense for the Camel Junior in their win over East.

Ben Mancuso of Burlington scored 26 points for the Huskies to lead the scoring for the weekend.

Receiving: L Schmidt of Thermopolis caught 9 passes for 216 yards and 3 touchdowns.  Cameron Johnson of East caught 9 passes for 141 yards and a score.

Defense: Natrona's Brecken Biggs had five interceptions as NC picked off Central 7 times.  He ended with 26 points.    The top defensive point getter was Billy Williams of Gillette with 34.   Corey Butts of Upton/Sundance had 31 points with 14 unassisted tackles.  Ivan Verela of Rawlins had 29 points for the Outlaws.





Leading Rusher:

Tyler Rogers of Buffalo  238 yards on 20 carries and 3 TD’s.

Devon Parkinson of Glenrock and Ethan Egle of Pinedale each 152 yards, Parkinson on 17 carries with three touchdowns, Egle on 28 totes.

Top Passers:

Wheatland’s  Critter Ruwart threw 15 of 23 fro 291 yards NO INT and 4 touchdowns.   Mountain View’s Austin Housekeeper was 18  of 40 for 290 with 1 INT and 1 TD.

East Sophomore Tevis Bartlett was 13 of 18 for 214 yards and 2 td’s against Laramie.  JT Harper of Newcastle was 10 of 14 for 200 yards and 1 TD.  Harper accounted for 352 all purpose yards for the Dogies on 28 touches.


Ty Borgelli of Newcastle caught 4 passes for 153 yards and a touchdown.    Matt Wigglesworth of Big Horn caught 4 passes for 140 yards, three of them were for scores.  Shoshoni’s Josh Thoren caught 7 passes for 109 yards, 4 of those were for touchdowns.


Pine Bluffs’ Landen Naranjo scored 5 touchdowns.  3 by rushing and 2 by receiving.


Saratoga’s Ryan Malone tallied 36 defensive points.   He had 10 unassisted tackes, 4 for loss and 4 assisted tackles in a loss to Lingle.   Will O’Dell of Big Horn also had 36 points with a pick, a pass break up and 11 AT.  Wyatt Day of Evanston scored 34 points with 21 assisted tackles and 1 fumble recovery.

R Nieters of Cody had three interceptions in a shut out win over Lander while Hayden Cragoe picked off 2 passes in a shut out of Riverton.  Braxton Rosette also had 2 INT’s for Rock Springs while Gillette’s Matt Fogle had 2.