Video highlights of the Saturday, December 13th, 3A Boys Basketball game, between #3 Rawlins vs. #1 Cody, played in Buffalo.

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Down 18-3 in the 1st quarter, and down 13 at halftime, the Outlaws slowly rallied behind Jace Allard and Jalen Krening (27 points each), to get past the defending champion Broncs.



If I had to guess, I'd say they're tweeting, instagramming, and whatever other social media stuff that young teens are into these days.

#3 Rawlins vs. #1 Cody...this game being played in Buffalo...first quarter...Rawlins wearing the red...Jalen Krening is coming in the back door to get this party was that...a party...that would put his team on the board first, leading 2-to-nothing.

Cody would pull off a similar play and it produced the same results...Sam Allshouse with the assist to Brayden Feusner, and the defense was a split second too late. It makes the score 5-to-2 in favor of his squad.

The Broncs were hitting on all cylinders in the early's Jackson Bower with a pull up jumper and he will hit from 10 feet away. That would make this a 7-to-2 contest and we were just getting started.

The defending state champs were getting the shots to go and had a little luck on this one...Allshouse scored 13...there's the whistle...and maybeeeeeee, yes he will get the drop. 11-to-2 was the score, and the pendulum was swinging big in one direction.

The only thing they have not done so far, is hit a long ball, but we knew it was going to happen sooner or later...Blake Hinze elects for sooner...Cody is in command up 16-to-3, and they have not yet broken a sweat.

...and they were still going...Cameron Oram is going to weave his way around one defender and score himself...that would cap off an 18-to-1 put the Broncs up big...they lead 18-to-3 at this point.

The Outlaws would regroup and start getting it together...Jace Allard is going to get the finish on the right side for 2 of many points for the junior...but they are still being doubled up on the scoreboard, down 18-to-9.

This was the sort of run that got them back into this game...Allard was doing his share plus extra with this 3...a 15 point deficit has been cut to 6...his boys were down 18-to-12 after the first 8 minutes.

Second quarter...2 players made a huge difference in this game...Allard was one...Krening was the other and the senior did it with style...and 1...I'll tell you his numbers later...the 3-point play got them to within striking distance...trailing 21-to-17.

Cody's offense needed to get back on track...Cameron Myers will do something about it and get rewarded for his efforts...that would slow down the bleeding and put his team ahead, 26-to-21.

Coach Olenik must have lit a fire under his guys, because they responded...Hinze is going to light the fuse and KABOOM! 19 points for the junior and that would open up some breathing's now 29-to-21.

Defense time...Rawlins was trying to mount a comeback...but Bower can take that comeback and go sit in the stands. There was plenty of open seating.

On the other end...the Broncs had to deal with some defensive pressure themselves...Hinze is blocked, but he gets his own rebound and scores quickly off of it...the lead is back into double digits...37-to-24 was the score, going into the locker room.

3rd quarter...the Outlaws went to their big guns...and they would would start with the air...swish for 3...there's more work to be done...down 37-27.

Cody would try to counter...Fuesner had a double digit game with 10 points himself...they needed whatever they could get, up 41-to-29.

The Broncs were in their stride for a little bit longer...Allshouse gets through for 2 more points...that would stall a comeback bid the scoreboard reads, 45-to-38.

The opposition though was chipping away at the looks like Krening is going to make the play, but he wanted to get Jon Marr in on the scoring act...he'll get the drop for 2, and Rawlins is getting closer, trailing 47-41.

They found their opportunities...and took them...look how wide open the lane was on this play...and Allard would run right through and score easily...he will take a play like that's a 3-point contest, at 47-44.

There was still some time to get one more bucket in...Krening feeds Marr again, who will beat the buzzer, and folks we have ourselves a brand new game...Rawlins would only trail, 47-to-46, going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter...more defense...this time on the part of the Outlaws...Kolton Wall, is the wall, you're not getting through him, now if only the offense can capitalize.

They would...Brett Penman is in the corner...and making it rain 3's...that was huge, because the lead has changed hands...Rawlins now goes ahead, 51-to-50.

Let's not forget the main weapons...Krening...he's taking matters into his own hands on this play...27 points...and he wasn't the only it's 53-to-50 with his team ahead.

..and let's not forget about the coaches son as well...Allard with 27 of his own...and there's 3 of them...the Outlaws were starting to make off like up 56-to-51.

The leaders were taking's Krening one wanted to get in his way...that makes it easy for him to score...the lead is up to 6, at 58-52.

Cody still had some time, but needed to get back in the did his job...he would help get the score closer...trailing 58-to-54.

...but the game would reach that critical point of free throws...Rawlins would make what they needed to make and it was enough to get the job done...they get a big win early in the season...70-to-63.