Highlights of the Tuesday, April 3rd girls soccer game, between #1 3A Buffalo at #2 4A Sheridan.

Scroll down to watch the highlights of the game!

Not much happened for most of the game, but then things picked up the last few minutes of regulation and continued over into OT.



They certainly have the most comfortable seats in the house. I need a similar set up for my living room.

Number 1 Buffalo at number 2 Sheridan…in a 3A vs. 4A matchup…first half…Sheridan wearing the yellow..Gabe Dahmke has himself a pretty strong leg if he can kick the ball nearly 50 yards…not quite high enough to get in, but high enough that Neil Medders will have to swat the ball away. That’s what a goalie has to do in those situations sometimes.

On the other end…Buffalo trying their own long range attack…nice reversal by Kade Myers and he’s got some distance as well, but not enough to get by Cole Smith. Not a bad idea though..just got to keep at it sometimes.

The Bison would give it a try from the corner…Wyatt Witty already has at least 1 goal on the season from that spot, but Smith was not about ready to let that shot go in for another one. After the first 40 minutes…both teams have accomplished nothing on the scoreboard.

2nd half…they kept going at it. Hunter Reece gets his free kick over the wall of defenders…Medders was unable to reel the ball in, but he recovered quickly…and it was a good thing too because that would’ve been a disaster if the Broncs were able to cash in on that miscue.

Despite no score yet…the highlights kept coming on both sides…the home team has another chance, but Nate Estes will get rejected by the goal post. Medders caught a break on that one and the game played on.

Skipping ahead…we’ve played about 72 minutes and neither team has been able to find the back of the net…but here’s where things started to get interesting. Great ball movement by Reece to get around the defender…slips one past Medders…hits the far goal post and gets the bounce for a score. This game was starting to look like a score-less tie…but not anymore. The defending 4A state champs would take a 1-nothing lead with about 7 minutes left on the clock.

But 7 minutes is more than enough time to answer back…Myers gets enough distance on the free kick to get the ball behind the defense and Kalob Rodriguez will use his head to take care of the rest. That’s how you strike back when time is running out on you. Last year’s 3A state runner-ups have tied this game at 1 goal a-piece and it’s going into overtime.

Early on…a questionable situation… Jake Moore is on a break-away for Sheridan…Medders is trying for the save…Moore is able to get a head on the ball right before the collision and the ball goes in. Now I don’t know enough about the rules to give an opinion…but…the call was…no goal…reckless play on Moore and a yellow card. Not everyone agreed, but what’s done is done. The game is still tied.

The  home team had the wind at their backs first and they kept pressing on…Moore is back in and mother nature tried to help on this shot, but Medders was able to rise up to the challenge. The junior has been trained well in doing what he’s supposed to do.

Later…the Broncs with their own corner try…Moore applies just enough distance and the ball is in the right spot for Scott Brown to connect on the header. You can tell that he’s been practicing and it payed off. Sheridan retakes the lead the 2-to-1, but overtime is not sudden death, so we had to keep playing.

That last play worked so well, they decided to try something similar. Lucas Wollenman with the set up…Moore will try to finish this time, but Medders was able to react, reach up and reel that ball back in, before anymore damage could be done. That save ended up being huge!

Now we’re in the next 10 minutes…and the Bison now have the wind with them.  Not sure who took the free kick but the ball would squirt out of Smith’s hands…and Garrett Monroe was in the right place at the right time to cash in on the open net. It was interesting game in many ways, but when the final whistle sounded…the final score ended up being a 2-2 sister kisser.