Highlights of the Friday, March 22nd Boys Soccer game, between #4 3A Worland at 4A Riverton.

Scroll down to watch highlights of the game.

It was evenly matched between 3A and 4A teams, until the Wolverines broke through twice in the last 11 minutes.



They may have been cold, but they were thankful that they were not 25 miles away in Lander, because over there, it was snowing pretty bad. We know this, because we were there.

Number 4 Worland at Riverton, in a 3A vs. 4A matchup…first half…Worland wearing the black…and trying to strike first…Alex Wassum shoots from an angle, and that will get swatted away by Michael Jones…not sure who was there for the rebound try but the senior was ready for that one too, as he would keep last year’s 3A state runner-ups out of the net.

On the other end…Riverton was taking their shots as well…Deitrick Becker tried to squeeze that shot between Nathan Barrus and the goal post, but the senior would close that window of opportunity with a dive save…and things are back at square 1.

Here’s another try for the Wolverines…Logan Hartbank has a break-away…Barrus rushes out to break it up…and actually he did not make any contact with the ball…Hartbank just flat out missed…he shanked his shot. Credit to Barrus for doing enough to mess up the attack plan.

Later…the boys in black were back on the attack…Wassum is actually to trying to set up an assist…Jones goes down…the net is open, but Jacob McGarvin was half-a-step behind and the connection could not be made. Tough break for visitors. We got nothing doing on the scoreboard, going into half-time.

Second half…talk about a close call…McGarvin is trying to redeem himself…the ball is bouncing around so fast…it might as well be in a pinball game. The hand-ball was on Jones, but he’s the goalie, so no foul there. Finally he’ll just fall on the ball, and end that little fiasco in front of his net.

Moving on…about 11 minutes to go, and neither team has been able to find the back of the net. Jannik Sandhofer decides to take a gamble…fires through 3 defenders…takes the high road and finds the promised land. We have a much needed goal, and Riverton is on the board, leading 1-to-nothing.

About 4 minutes later…yeah, there was still a little time to get one more in…Juan Buitargo puts on a move to get around one defender…and then he’ll get rid of the ball just in time, and find a wide open net for some insurance. That pretty much took care of this one…as Riverton gets the win via shutout…2-nil.