Highlights of the Tuesday, April 3rd girls soccer game, between #4 3A Buffalo at #1 4A Sheridan.

Scroll down to watch the highlights of the game!

Senior Rickie Ryan scored all the goals as the Lady Broncs would remain undefeated, with a win over rival Buffalo.



You can tell it’s spring break. Get the extra zzz’s whenever you get chance…even if it’s at a game.

#4 Buffalo at #1 Sheridan in a 3A vs. 4A match-up…first half…Sheridan wearing the white and on the attack early and often…nice set up for Erica O’Dell, but we got to work on the finish…not worry. It happens. It’s part of the game.

Buffalo’s defense had their work cut out for them, but at times they were able to answer the challenge. Jenna Anderson has the ball squirt loose so she’s not out of the woods just yet. The Lady bison try to clear the ball out, but the opposition was waiting for it and they’d try again. Rickie Ryan gets the set-up and puts her foot down, but Anderson was able to recover in time to stop that ball and hang on to it. She was in quite a pickle earlier, but managed to endure.

However…she could not stop them all…especially when Ryan has a break-away opportunity…aiming for the near corner….Anderson did break in the right direction…she just wasn’t quick enough…and the home team is on the board, leading 1-to-nothing.

…and there was more to come…Ryan has been on a hot streak lately scoring wise. She’s not the leading scorer in the state just yet, but she’s moving up the ranks. Credit to O’Dell for a great assist. That’s good team work and Sheridan now has a 2-to-nothing lead.

On the other side…not much to show for Buffalo. They did not have many chances in this game, that’s because the Lady Broncs did not give them many. Bailey McLean did not have a difficult time, minding the net but she had a few plays here and there. The score was still 2-zip going into halftime.

Second half…Ryan has looking for the hat trick and wanted to get it done and over with. Anderson though was not quite ready to let that happen just yet. We still have more soccer to play. Try again.

Sheridan was trying to get some new players in on the act…Taylor Townsend is leading a fast-break of her own, but she’ll get denied by the goal-post. She had a number of opportunities in this game, but the freshman just could not catch a break!

Here comes another example…Macey Reid will take the first shot and that’ll get denied by Anderson…Townsend will try to follow up, but that goal-post got in the way again. Keep practicing…one of these days, you’ll get it!

All right, let’s bring Ryan back in and see if she can get the job done. She’s got an angle on the far side…takes the shot and connects for the hat trick. That’s how you do it! Her team did not really need it in the end, but they’ll take it. The Lady Broncs go on for the win…3-nil to remain undefeated…with a record of 9-and-0.