Video highlights and photos of the Thursday, April 2nd 4A Boys Soccer Game, between #1 Gillette at Sheridan.

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Dontae Crow scored the first of 2 goals early for the Broncs, which was more than enough to win the conference opener vs. the Camels.



This is going to be one of those soccer seasons, where at one game, the fans are bundled up, and at the next time, they are breaking out the suntan lotion. Just you wait.

#1 Gillette at Sheridan...first half...Gillette wearing the black...Jesse Prowett does not have the angle that he wants...he will try to center the ball to Dalton Young, but Jess Edens knew what they were up to and he puts a stop to that, although it was a little too close for comfort in front of the net.

Watch this was a thing of beauty...A.J. Kassen with the free kick from 76 yards out...not quite enough to make it on its own, but Dontae Crow was at the place at the right time, for the header on the run...we are only about 5 minutes into this game, and Sheridan is on the board, up 1-to-nothing.

Later...The Camels would try to strike back...Blaine Christenson with a good set up for Andy Guernsey who tried the chest bump, but that shot is swatted away by Edens. It's the conference opener for both teams, and the senior had a pretty good game as goalie.

On the other side...the Broncs were looking for more...Riley Sessions is going to slither through traffic and fire off a shot, but that will be knocked down by Andrew Hays. He did pretty good as well, but he needs his buddies to start producing some offense.

Last year's state runner-ups were trying...and they were close a number of times...Chris Holmes sets up Kelby Tranas who tries to set up Jackson King, and it almost worked. Just a bit too much on the header, or else we may have had a tie game right now.

The home team caught one break...actually they caught a few of's another. The defense mis-plays the ball, and Noah Iberlin is able to rush in...take advantage and fool Hays on the shot. The result is a goal...and that would make this a 2-zip contest, going into halftime.

Second half...Sheridan was after more...they wanted to make a statement...and almost got some help from the opposition...Crow redirects the corner kick...and the visitors almost knocked the ball into their own net. Depending on which team you are cheering either bounced the right way or the wrong way off of the cross-bar and stay in play...that was another close call.

As for Gillette...they were still knocking on the door...they just couldn't get through...Young tries a grounder, but Edens would block that one was well. Weather-wise, it was a bit chilly, but it does not appear that it was too much of a factor.

Sheridan was in a pretty good spot, and some insurance never hurt...Crow gives it up, gets it back...bounces a shot off of  Hays and punches it in...the Broncs came up big in this game, and the voters will take notice. They would knock the top ranked team off of their perch...3-nil.