Video highlights and photos of the Friday, April 24th Girls Soccer Game, between #1 4A Sheridan at #5 3A Buffalo.

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In a matchup of last year's 4A State Runner-Ups vs. last year's 3A State Champs, the Lady Broncs didn't have much trouble against an injury depleted Lady Bison squad.



I see an acting future for this young one. Get him a full length yellow rain coat and a script for the musical...Singing in the Rain...He knows the moves so far!

#1 4A Sheridan at #5 3A Buffalo...first half...Sheridan wearing the blue...and on the attack early...Emily Julian tries to slip a shot through the defense, but Kiley Myers was in the right spot to bat it away. Under the circumstances as you will see later...she did a pretty good job.

On the other side of the field...Buffalo did not have too many chances...and this was their closest one...Nicole Monroe's shot, would go in between the cross bar of the goal-frame and the cross bar of the football goal post. Just a little too much on the try, and the ball would sail out of bounds.

This next highlight might appear a little confusing at first...but watch the ball carefully...Jamy Shassetz sets it up and at the last second...Julian rushes in and the senior will find the top shelf. We are a little more than half through the first half...and the Lady Broncs are on the board first...up 1-to-nothing.

Last year's 4A State Runner-Ups would strike again just before the break...Shassetz saw a lane...and delivered a perfect strike with her foot. Credit Marissa Coon with the assist. She was the one who set it it's a 2-zip score.

The visitors wanted more...Katelynn Brooks has a fast break opportunity...she was trying to set up her shot...and Myers would make a great deflection to save the goal. She did her part, but she needs her team-mates to produce some offense.

Here's another set up for the Lady Bison...Rileigh Olsen from 50 yards out...good delivery, however Zoie Jones was waiting on it. The freshmen would ensure that the score would stay at 2-nil, going into halftime.

Second half...Sheridan would pick up where they left off...Julian feeds the ball ahead to Brooks...Myers was trying to block a direct shot, but Brooks kept the ball on the ground instead and finds the back of the net. Everything was working for one team, and the scoreboard now reads 3-to-nothing.

...and they just kept right on going...on the far's Kirsten Hendricks...she was just a little bit faster than everyone it's 4-zip. Buffalo is last year's 3A State Champs...but the injury bug has taken a bite out of this year's team so far...hence the score.

There was not much the Lady Broncs could do about that, except keep playing the way they know how to play...Brooks aims for the far side...well that is from her point of view...and puts the ball where it needs to go. This was the start of a 6-game road trip to end the regular season for Sheridan...and it got off to a good score...5-nil.