Video highlights of the Wyoming American Legion Baseball AA State Tournament Elimination Game, between the Sheridan Troopers and the Gillette Roughriders, played at Jackson.

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Trailing 9-2 in the 5th inning, the Troopers would comeback to force extra innings and in the 10th, to advance to the 2016 Wyoming American Legion Baseball AA State Championship Game, and qualify for the AA Northwest Regional Tournament.



They're never too young to get into a batting cage. Everyone has a dream and dreams come true with enough practice.

It's the Sheridan Troopers vs. the Gillette Roughriders at the AA State Tournament in of the 1st...Sheridan wearing the red...Connor Jorgenson batting with 2 runners in scoring position...and he'll bring them both in with this base hit...Nolan McCafferty and Jeff Shanor touch the plate to make the score 2-to-nothing.

Bottom of the first...Gillette would answer...C.J. Rhodes goes the opposite way to get things started...the single will bring in Drayson Hladky, and last year's AA State Runner-Ups trail 2-to-1.

This was an elimination game...and the winner not only advances to the championship...the winner also qualifies for the AA Northwest Regional Tournament....this fly ball will not be caught, and last year's AA Northwest Regional Runner-Ups are in business...Kyler Stark, Austyn Hester and Rhodes all score...Kolter Langdon put the ball in play...the Roughriders take the lead 4-to-2.

Bottom of the 2nd...a sacrifice fly would make it 5-to-2...Dillon Buckmeier will loop a single into center field...that will allow Josh Hughes to score a run, and make this a 6-to-2 game...and another sac fly in the 3rd pushes the score up to 7-2.

Bottom of the 4th...Gillette was threatening again...Derek Hooker is going deep to left...not quite enough to get out of here, but enough to pad the lead...Hester and Rhodes will add 2 more insurance runs, which they ended up needing. It's a 9-2 ball game at this point.

Top of the 5th...Sheridan was having trouble trying to get a comeback started...getting picked off at 2nd does not help...Joseph Harris and Hughes take out the runner...but from that point on...the tide would turn and most everyone learned that a 7 run lead is not safe.

The Troopers would get to work...McCafferty sends a single just past Hughes' reach...Coy Steel was quick to head in...and not far behind him was Blake King. There's more work to do...the scoreboard reads 9-to-4.

Later...this is Turner Martini with the bases loaded...and the shortstop position was a popular place to hit the ball to. McCafferty will complete his trip around the bases, and Shanor will do the same thing, because he was on the run from 2nd base...this game is getting a little more interesting's 9-to-6.

Still in the top of the 5th... Noah Gustafson is going to get in on the act...the single nets him an R-B-I in the form of Jorgenson...Sheridan was on the come-back trail, down 9-to-7.

Bottom of the 6th...defense time...Blake Godwin to King...and that was just in the nick of time to take out the runner at 2nd...I think you can tell which side has all the momentum going for them at this juncture in the game.

Top of the 7th...the Roughriders were looking for a momentum killer...Hughes to Hester to Hooker for the 6-4-3 double play...however the Troopers would eventually push one more across the plate and make this a 1-run's 9-to-8.

Top of the 8th...Gillette had one big problem that you have not yet seen...errors...7 of them...that hurt! King reaches safely and Godwin's a tie game, now it's 9-to-9.

Bottom of the 8th...Sheridan's defense was doing a much better job...McCafferty to Gustafson to Martini for the 5-4-3...they realized their season was on the line and as of late they've been played like it.

Bottom of the 9th...Jorgenson was pitching in relief...and he delivered. In the final 8 innings, he gave up 3 runs...none of them earned and threw 138 pitches.

Top of the 10th...Gillette was their own worst enemy and this was not the time to be that...Andrew Ratty reaches on the error. Steel scores...the Troopers have scored 8 unanswered and lead 10-to-9.

Bottom of the 10th...the Roughriders would load the bases with one out...this play took some guts...but you know what they guts, no glory...McCafferty steps on third for one...and then fires across the diamond to Martini in time...and that's the ball game. The Sheridan Troopers...battle back from a 9-2 deficit to eliminate Gillette and qualify for the AA State Championship Game, and the AA Northwest Regional Tournament.

Final score in 10 innings...10-to-9.