A year ago, Covid-19 knocked the St.Stephens boys basketball team right off the court as the Eagles played just 3 games. Two years ago, this program produced a 22-6 campaign in the 1A ranks, so there's always a chance to succeed. But things have changed as St. Stephens plays in 2A now so they'll have to step up their game.

The Eagles have in fact stepped up their game, thanks in part to senior Jordan Barraza. He is extremely skilled and extremely athletic and is 2A's leading scorer so far this season averaging a whopping 30 points a game. He had 30 against Pine Bluffs on Friday and Glenrock and threw in 19 in their win over Southeast, also on Friday in Glenrock.

We talked with Barraza and his teammate Tyren Ridgley after that win and there's no doubt that they're happy to be playing again.

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