Video highlights and photos of the Saturday, March 28th 3A Girls Soccer Game, between Star Valley at Jackson.

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After being on defense for most of the first the first half, the Lady Braves turned the tables on the Lady Broncs and punched the ball in 4 times, to win an important Southwest Quadrant road game.



This should give you a pretty good idea as to how windy it was. Good kite flying conditions...just not enough room to go paragliding.

Star Valley at Jackson...first half...Star Valley wearing the maroon and on's a little crowded in front of the shot almost got by...and then Rylee Burmester had had just about enough and puts a stop to that. Just wait until you see what the sophomore did at the end of the game.

Jackson was the more aggressive team in the first 40 minutes...and that meant Burmester had to stay on her's an up close shot by Julie Cervantes, and access will be denied. The Lady Braves already had one game under their belt coming in...while this was the season opener for the opposition.

Speaking of the opposition...the Lady Broncs kept trying and decided to change up their attack plan and take a shot from further away...Anna Barker will try from near the corner...but Burmester was waiting on that one...we did not get the actual number of saves in this game, but she did a pretty job in front of the net.'s a break-away opportunity for the home team...Claire French had the right approach, but she will be denied by Burmester. The wind was not exactly going against was more a cross wind, but it occasionally caused some problems. easy save...was a lot harder than it's a long ground shot by Jackson...and this play was almost a disaster for Burmester, but she recovered just in time to keep the rivals out of the net...and preserve a scoreless game, going into half-time.

Second half...Star Valley was finally able to put some offense together...Jackson was having a problem trying to clear out the ball...Sadie Hokum has a great opportunity in front of the net and cashes in! That ball was going in no matter what, but just in's a 1-nothing score.

You could get a sense that the momentum has shifted...and the Lady Broncs were starting to find themselves on defense...Kamryn Lunde will knock down this break-away shot by Madelyn Klein...a good thing for the freshman, because trouble was right behind waiting to score, in case of a miss.

...the visitors would press's a set up by Kenedey Brog...and Hokum just barely beats Lunde to the ball and gets the goal...there was a collision in front of the net, but everyone was it's a 2-nil game in this 3A Southwest quadrant matchup.

The home team needed to get something into the net soon, because this is not how they wanted to start the season...Cervantes has a window of opportunity but it was closing fast...her shot is deflected by Burmester and no one was close enough to follow it up...Star Valley was clicking on both sides of the ball, and things were mostly going their way in the second half.

We got a few more highlights to of a corner-kick...the home team can't handle it...and they accidentally knock it into their own net...Brog was the last Lady Brave to touch the ball, so she gets the credit...she will take it...and move the score up to 3-zip.

This next highlight is quick...loose of the goalie's finger-tips...and Brog will put in some insurance...this game is pretty much out of reach it's's just a matter of can the visitors preserve the shutout.

That ended up being Burmester's seconds...Jackson with a penalty kick try...Rachel Fairbanks takes the shot and she will be denied...a stonewall save...there's the final over...Star Valley picks up a very impressive win in enemy territory...4-nil.