The Wyoming Coaches Association has announced which tennis players have been named all-state for the 2015 season.

There is no voting for All-State.

A player's finish at the State Tournament, determines whether they get on the all-state list.

To get All-State, a player MUST:

Place in the top 4 in #1 singles.

Place in the top 3 in #2 singles, or #1 doubles.

Place in the top 2 in #2 doubles, or #3 doubles.

Congrats to Julia Fenn of Sheridan and Kelsie Sanders of Gillette for becoming All-State 4 times.


Dawson Miessler - Campbell County (All-State in 2014)

Aaron Swan - Campbell County

Logan Myers - Campbell County (All-State in 2014)

Cory Myers - Campbell County (All-State in 2014)

Garrett Seamans - Campbell County (All-State in 2014)

Tim Hayes - Campbell County (All-State in 2014)

Chase Anderson - Cheyenne Central (All-State in 2014)

Mark Menghini - Cheyenne Central (All-State in 2014)

Paavo Saukkonen - Cody

Gaston Osterland - Cody

McCaden Mikesell - Green River

Ian Ebert - Green River

Patrick Marchal - Green River

Gregory Marchal - Green River

Peter Frank - Jackson (All-State in 2014)

Nate Fairbanks - Jackson

Jack Van Holland - Jackson

Ryland Sauter - Jackson

Dalton Bainer - Laramie (All-State in 2013 and 2014)

Hunter Kuhn - Natrona County

Cody Akin - Powell



Kelsie Sanders - Campbell County (4-Time All-State)

Jessica Brennan - Campbell County

Kayla Sankovich - Campbell County

Tatum Barstad - Campbell County

Shaylee Wiley - Campbell County

Grace Dereemer - Cheyenne Central

Rachel Phillips - Cheyenne Central (All-State in 2013 and 2014)

Claire Swanson - Cheyenne Central (All-State in 2014)

Taylor Swindell-Kray - Cheyenne Central (All-State in 2013 and 2014)

Kali True - Cheyenne Central (All-State in 2014)

Shannon Humphries - Cheyenne Central

Meg Dickerson - Cody

Shaylee Schutzman - Cody

Tessa Blough - Cody

Lea Bergman - Laramie

Maggie Justinak - Rock Springs

Alyssa Vigil - Rock Springs

Julia Fenn - Sheridan (4-Time All-State)

Katelynn Brooks - Sheridan (All-State in 2014)

Abigail Mitchell - Torrington

Sydney Hill - Torrington


Video highlights of Julia Fenn's historic win at the 2015 State Tennis Tournament: