Video highlights of the 2014 Wyoming Coaches Association All-Star Boys Basketball game, played on Saturday, July 26th, in Casper.

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The North shot lights out from behind the arc, hitting 15 3's, to pull away from the South.

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Ok, at his age, he's probably not into watching an entire basketball game just yet, but he came prepared and brought his

It's North vs. South in the 2014 Wyoming Coaches Association All-Star Boys Basketball Game...first quarter...South wearing the gold...Nolan Jones of Big Piney is open in the paint and that was a pretty easy bucket for the's a 2-nothing game.

The North had their own game plan and it produced far greater results as you will they had the 2-time Wyoming Gatorade Boys Basketball Player of the Year on their team as well...Cody Kelley of Gillette gets the 3-point parade started as that would put his team ahead 3-to-2.

The South tried to match them, bucket for bucket and it worked for awhile...Robert Dilsaver of Cheyenne South takes aim at the top of the key and his aim is dead on for 3...a 9 point game for the Bison grad, and his squad is now up 5-to-3.

They also had some speed and quickness which they would use from time to time...Braxton Delgado of Cokeville puts up a left handed lay in on the run and gets it to he would help push the score up to 7-to-4.

The North would pick and choose their shots...and if they had one...they would take it...and make it often...Reed Ritterbusch of Sheridan led all scorers with 20 points. He would get his team to within's an 8-to-7 contest.

Have you heard the phrase...when it rains, it pours? That was the motto for the North...Jeremy Shockley of Jackson helps pour it on, and the lead has changed's 10-to-8.

The South would wise up and take a play out of their opponents' playbook...Kyhler Cummings of Cheyenne South is open on the wing...and he's got some hot sauce on that one...14 points were his numbers, and the advantage shifts back to his squad...the score is 11-to-10.

...but then the pendulum would slowly start to swing in the North's favor for good, from here on out...Connor True of Natrona buries one from the corner...he had a double digit game with 10, a tie score is broken, and it's 14-to-11.

Hope you have been counting the number of long balls made so far...because more is on the way...Wade Gordon of Newcastle is going to get in on the act...that would get his 12 point game started, to put the North ahead 19-to-16. was not all 3's...they made some close range baskets as well...good pull up jumper at the free throw line by Casey Winger of Lander...he had a 13 point game, and the North is ahead 21-to-16.

More 3's are coming and we almost missed this one...this is Jackson Hult of Cody making his only contribution of the game...we will give him his love...the North has a 24-to-18 advantage now.

The South was doing what they could to hang around, and they needed to do something soon, because all the momentum was with the other team...Delgado will calm things down briefly...and his squad was only down 26-to-20, after the first 10 minutes.

Second quarter...the South did what they could to slow down the opposition...Cummings is behind the crowd, but he gets the 3...we knew it was him...the deficit is at the scoreboard reads 30-to-23.

...but they had a hard time trying to get any closer...want to take a guess why? Kelley was one reason...3-balls were another...the Camel made an 18 point contribution...33-to-23 is the score at this point.

I'm not sure if it was the South's plan...but if they wanted to have a chance...they had to do what their opponents were it or's the only 3 for Hunter Dockery of Lusk...that got the deficit back into single digits, but his team still trails 34-to-26.

At times...they were able to get back to their own game plan...Greg Vandeventer of Douglas with a good spin move and works his way for 2 of his 12...but the South still needs more...down 37-to-28.

It was just difficult to stop the North's 3 point barrage...they made 15 total for the game...10 before the break...that makes for a lot of points...Kelley had a lot as well, as his latest contribution, puts the North ahead 40-to-28.

How about some defense? If you don't score in the better do something awesome to get on the highlight reel...Taylor Worman of Wright...and that qualifies as awesome. That's all he had to do, and things are going all right, on both sides of the ball, for the North.

...and just when you think they have made enough 3' come more...Winger is going to pull the trigger...and hits. The lead would stay in double digits for the rest of this game...the North is now up by a score of 43-to-28...but the South kept trying...they are going to get 3 in the old fashioned...and hard way...Braxten Fagenbush of Wheatland drives...whistle...bucket...he took a spill but he was fine...he would finish the 3-point play, but his squad trails, 43-to-31.

Now this is an all-star game, so we are going a little overboard with the highlights, but it's all good...check out this move by Shockley...dupes a defender and that was an easy 2 points. He scored 7...North up 45-to-32.

This game was a little bit the fact that this was the first year that Cheyenne South was eligible to produce players for the game...Cummings is part of the first senior class for his school and he proved his worth...his team was in a big hole though...down 51-to-36, going into the locker room.

3rd quarter...give the South credit...they kept trying despite the situation...and the North let up a little on defense...Dilsaver with a good assist to Jones and that was worth 2 points...but they need a lot more than that...trailing 54-to-38.

Let's see about getting someone new in here...let's try Ryan Cook from Cheyenne East...he's got 2 points cooking in the kitchen that we can show...63-47 is the score, with the South still trailing big.

Time for someone about Alex Collier out of Rawlins...a double team on him, is as good as nothing...he'll get the hoop and the hack. An 11-point game is pretty good for him...South down by's 67-to-49

...and the North has a player that we have not seen yet...Winger gets the offensive rebound and watch this assist to Seth Moerkerke of Gillette, who will let himself in the backdoor...that's how you do was a 71-52 ball game going into the final 10 minutes.

4th quarter...we left a few plays out here and was obvious by now which team is going to win...we have not seen Ritterbusch in awhile, but he let everyone know he is still there with that 3...the scoreboard reads 76-to-55 in favor of the North.

At this was all about pride now, and you can only do so much, when the deficit is insurmountable...Collier hits a 3 from the corner, as he would try to make the final outcome a little more's 76-to-58.

There's another player to show off...on the fast-break..Matthew VandeBossche of Lusk will finish on the other end, for his first and only score of the game...better late than never...the South is down 80-to-61.

The North was making a run at 100, but the question was would time allow it? Getting a 3 gets them closer as Winger make a deposit...they have a 17 point cushion to fall back on, with the score at 88-to-71.

We did not show all 15 3's, but here's number 15...courtesy of was not 100, but that was not a real big deal. The North would pummel the South for most of this game...winning 95-to-73.