Video highlights of the 2014 Wyoming Coaches Association All-Star Girls Basketball Game, played on Saturday, July 26th in Casper.

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After squandering a 14 point lead, the North was able to recover and hold off the South.

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War Veterans like them, made it possible for us to play or watch a basketball game...and that makes them highlight worthy!

It's North vs. South in the 2014 Wyoming Coaches Association All-Star Basketball Game played in Casper...first quarter...North wearing the brown...Julia Seamans of Gillette finds the open lane and she is quick to get to the hoop and score the first points of the game, to make it 2-to-nothing.

It was the North that got off to a great start...this is Shayna Kretschman of Arvada-Clearmont...pulling the plug on this 3 and she drains it...that would move the score up for her team to 5-zip.

Kretschman was the one who had a hot hand in the early comes 3 more from the other side...and someone might want to put a hand in her face...9 points was her total point count, and she has the North up 8-nothing.

...but it did not take long for the South to storm back...Hailey O'Neill out of Evanston takes the inside lob...misses the first time up close, but she would get her own rebound and score her only 2 points of the game on the second 8-nothing run, is answered with 9-nothing the score is 9-to-8.

Remember the first highlight of this's something similar...this is Kayla Cheney from Cheyenne East, going right by everyone, to score 2 of her 15 points...that would give the South a 1 point lead...they are ahead 11-to-10.

...this highlight got a few ooh's and aaah's from the crowd...check out the move by Kacie O'Connor of Sundance...and 1...that impressed the boys. We have a tie was 14-all after the first 10 minutes.

Second quarter...the long ball was very helpful for the North at's Kretschman again striking from behind the arc, with some help from a friendly bounce...her team would go ahead, 19-to-14.

The South would respond with their's Jessie Underberg of Douglas, going around 1 defender and getting the left handed finish...her team was having a little trouble though as they were down 21-to-16 at this point.

The North would try at times to score up close...but they had a backup plan ready...on this play, it was Madi Montgomery of Cody, who was not only behind the crowd, she was behind the 3 point line...we knew it was her...that would put her squad up 27-to-18.

Montgomery was the one taking charge for awhile and her team-mates just let her do her she'll hit the brakes and watch 2 defenders go by and score...the lead is in double-digits with the score-board reading 29-to-18.

Here comes more...this was one of those what the heck type plays...Montgomery had no where to go, and no one to pass to...she was on the line so that's a long 2...8 points was her contribution and that would give the North a 32-to-20 lead.

The South needed to get it in gear soon, or else the comeback road was going to get even longer...Allison Marsh of Torrington will score on the run with a high kiss off of the glass for 2 of her 15...every bit helped, but her team is still down 32-to-22.

However...what she could do...Seamans could do just as well, as everyone decided to get out of her way...she led all scorers with 22 points, and the score is 34-to-22 now.

The North took advantage of their chances so far...and their second chances...and their third chances...Josie Sewell of Glenrock finally gets one to drop up close...this was the largest lead of the game...a 14-point's 36-to-22.

Now you might think the South would have packed it in until halftime...but they decided to get scrappy...and this was the start of got a little rough, but Tia Tiller of Kemmerer would put in her only 2 ahead of the break...but they would find themselves in a pretty big hole...trailing 36-to-24, going into the locker room.

Third quarter...the South rebounded big time...too much traffic up close, but Marsh is wide open for 3 and cans it...that got the deficit back into single digits, with the score at 36-to-27.

...and they were just heating up...Rachel Erickson of Cheyenne East...the 2-time Gatorade Soccer Player of the Year, but she would show 3 reasons why she took a basketball scholarship at Black Hills State instead...South down 36-to-30.

They would create their own opportunities and made the most of them...Cheney is uncorking 3 more and burning the nets on that one...something is brewing...the South is down 40-to-33.

...defensively...the North was not responding fast enough...too much guarding inside, and not enough outside and Underberg is going to make them pay with 3 more...the South is now breathing down the opposition's neck...trailing 40-to-38.

..and it's not a comeback, unless you finish the job...Cheney...lights the's flying and kaboom! That would cap off a 19-to-4 run, and a 14 point deficit is now a 1 point lead...the South is up 41-to-40.

So we have a new game, and the North figured they needed a new start and a new player...Shawnea Harrington of Powell is new and she would add to the cause and give her team the lead back...up 42-to-41.

The South was getting most of its production from the big school players...Erickson kind of threw that one up, but she got it to go...she scored a dozen in this game, and we are dead-even at 43 points a-piece.

This next highlight was flat out robbery...Marsh is going to relieve Seamans of her duties and that was an easy 2 put the South back up 47-to-46.

Time is winding down...the opposition would tie the score, but Cheney is going to have the last say ahead of the buzzer...and actions speak louder than words...things are getting good...the South would hold a 50-to-47 edge going into the final 10 minutes.

4th quarter...the score would stay close throughout and that meant action went back and forth...Seamans puts on a burst of speed and scores 2...there's been a number of plays like that...the North would go back up 51-50.

The South responded with team work...Erickson dishes the assist to Marsh who would take care of the rest...and the South is only down's 53-52.

They needed to get someone else in on the scoring...this was a good time for Savanna Freuler of Rock Springs, to show up and she will let herself in the back door for 2 points...her team would eventually tie the score at 57, but they never could take the lead back.

While the South had 3 players score in double digits...the North had one player score was Seamans...the opposition had no answer for her and her speed....that would break the tie, and the score is 59-to-57.

The trick was that the North had to hang on and try to put the nail in the coffin...which is easier said than done....unless you have speed like Seamans...that bucket was the back-breaker. After losing a 14-point lead, the North would recover and hang on to win...62-to-59.