Video highlights of the 2014 Wyoming Coaches Association All-Star Volleyball Game, played on Saturday, July 26th in Casper.

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The South found ways to get around their height problem, to beat the North 4-games-to-1.



There's a future volleyball player...she is already working on the arms and hand motions. Give her some time and she will develop some technique.

It's North vs. South in the 2014 Wyoming Coaches Association All-Star Volleyball Game in Casper...Game 1...North wearing the black and on the left of your screen...tied at 6, until Shelby Johnson of Gillette decides to un-break the tie...her kill was deflected at the net, but she managed to put enough on it, to get the ball to drop on the other make it 7-to-6.

The South would tie things back up and then Taylor Limoges out of Lyman would untie it this time...this kill will go off of a couple of North defenders and go out of got the point...that was that mattered. Now it's 8-to-7.

Limoges was the one taking charge for awhile and she was contributing her share of points. Here she will find a lane right through the North's defense, and the line judge says that is in...another point for the South, who are still up by's 10-to-9.

Since this was an all-star game...neither team had much time to prepare...and that led to occasional mistakes like this one...the South sets it up for Sydney Matheny of Gillette, who plays for the other team...she'll knock it down into the ground...thanks for the gift! North trails 11-to-10.

..and then sometimes the North would do their own setting up...Matheny does not really care who does the setting...she just wants to do the killing...that point still has her team down 12-to-11.

The South had a few aces up their sleeve...and I think you know what's going to happen..Limoges serves up one and trumps everyone on the other side...the lead is up to's 14-to-11.

Now you don't always have to use all 3 hits in volleyball...Shay Schwab of Star Valley was close enough to the net and decided to go ahead and send it over and the plan worked! She would put her team ahead, by a score of 18-to-16.

The North would rally...Paige Steinmetz out of Glenrock serves up her own ace and that is how a team responds quickly...we have a tie score at 18-all.

This game would stay close...and the South had a player who really wanted to do something...Kalli Feddersen out of Rawlins...she missed most of her senior season with an ACL injury, so that game winning kill, was very therapeutic! That would give her team a 25-22 win, to take a 1-nothing lead in the match.

Now in game 2... the South is on the near's Avery Madden of Torrington...the 2014 Milward Simpson Award winner...that may not have been the prettiest of kills, but volleyball is not always about style...that would give her team an early 7-to-3 advantage.

Then the North changed strategies and tried some defense...Taylor Von Krosigk out of Jackson is one of 4 players that's 5'10" or taller...the height had advantages...but they are still down 7-to-5.

The North definitely was the bigger was a matter of how they would use that advantage...Jadyn Mirich from Big Horn tries to make a big statement on this play...the ball was dug out, but it went out of bounds...things are getting closer with the score at 8-to-6.

More defense and it was a Gillette double-team this time...Matheny is on the right...she stands at 5 feet 10 inches...and then Hannah Huus is 6 feet even...that can make it difficult to get a ball over those 2...the North would move ahead 15-to-11.

They had things going their way in this game after a slow start...Matheny is sending an ace and it is not coming back...the momentum was in favor of the North, who now lead 19-to-11.

The South needed to regroup and soon, because they have not done much in quite's Lydia Skalberg out of Little Snake River adding a point to the cause...but her team is still at a 23-to-17 disadvantage.

A comeback was in the works...Lily Gabriel out of Laramie is tallest player for the South at 5 feet 11 inches...she would make her presence known on this play...that would get her team to within striking distance, trailing 23-to-20.

However, the North still had an ace in the hole...Vanessa Caballero of Worland is the libero and she can serve them up as well. Her team would get the 25-20 win, and tie this match up at 1 game a-piece.

Now in game 3...the North is on the left...Matheny is going to get the domino effect on this play...and a 1, 2, and 3...the result is a matter how you slice and dice's 1-to-nothing.

The South kept their distance...and by that I mean serving distance...Kaylie Moyes of Cokeville serves up an ace in the North's face...that would move her team ahead, by a score of 2-to-1.

The North did not stay down long...on the next play...Rachel Franke from Kelly Walsh will bring the hammer down, and make her point in this contest...we have just started this game, and things are getting interesting with a 2-2 score.

Now just because the South did not always have the height, did not mean they could make a play on defense...Schwab will raise the roof and deny access on this her team would move ahead 5-to-2.

We're trying to show as many all-stars as we can...let's try someone new...Madison Vickery from Kemmerer gives the ball a slap and that will drop on the other side for another point...the South would increase their lead to 6-to-2.

A hard kill is not always needed to get a in point...Feddersen is going to apply a light touch and get the ball to where it needs to go...she found a hole in the defense...that's it's a 7-to-3 game.

What they did not have in height, they made up in speed...Vickery with service ace, and the other team blinked on that one...the lead has ballooned up to 14-to-6 in favor of the South.

Now what good is one ace, unless you have a pair? That's what Vickery was thinking as she would draw herself another one, to make the score 15-to-6.

After getting chewed out by the coach, the North answered...Matheny is sending this ball 6 feet under...and maybe further then that...her team is right back in this game, trailing 15-to-11.

The South was developing a small pattern and that is they were finding a weakness on the near side of the court...Limoges will prove my point...there has been a play or 2 like that already...the scoreboard reads 16-to-11.

...and there were defensive plays similar to this I said earlier...Huss is 6 feet even...that's a tall task to get a ball over her...not this time...the North is still down 17-to-12.

Huus was not just for defense...she could swing it as well...she's got an arm that can apply some force...and she was a force to be dealt with...her team was getting closer, down 17-to-13.

...but that was about as close as they were going to get...Vickery has herself a pretty mean hammer swing and she nails this one into the floor...they were pulling away, up 21-15.

The South was having a better time with serving as well...Schwab will deliver the hit...and this ball will quickly hit the floor...that was easy...25-19 was the final score in this game...and it's now a 2-games-to-1 match.

Now in Game 4...the North is on the near side...Franke is going cross-court with this kill attempt. Her team was not out of this game yet, and they would take an early 3-2 lead.

The cross-court strategy was starting to work, and it was paying off with points...Huus is going to do the same thing, expect go in the other direction...whatever works! The North is still up by a score of 4-to-3.

They were wheeling and dealing in this game...Franke is the dealer and she has an ace in her hand to play...the lead was growing and the North is now ahead 7-to-4.

The South did not stay down long...they would fight back...Limoges was just a little bit quicker than the defense...speed kills at times, and it did there...that would tie this game up at 7 points-a-piece.

Let's get someone else new in here...Heather Townsend of Douglas plays for the almost looked like she just threw that ball down to the floor, and she got it to where she where she wanted it to go. It breaks the tie, and the scoreboard reads 8-to-7.

The North went back on the defensive...Huus...blocks it again...why are they still trying to get one past her, I will never know. Her team is down's 15-to-14.

They also had an edge in's Shauna Rasmussen of Wright...and all is right on this ace in their face...the score would stay close's 17-to-16.

The South though would move ahead and they are just one point away from getting the win in this match...and did they want it? Of course they did. Vickery applies the finishing touches to give her squad a 25-23 win, and a 3-games-to-1 lead in the match.

A normal volleyball game would be over by now, but since this is all-stars...we played the 5th round these highlights will be short...Matheny is #12 and #6 is Elsa Roush from Jackson...they team up for the block to give the north a point.

We're going to wrap this up with one more point...and a blooper...Feddersen will get the honors on both for this play...during the celebration...she had one of her contacts get knocked loose. She was fine. The South would win game 5, and take the match scores...25-22, 20-25, 25-19, 25-23, and 15-13.