A point differential rule for football, nordic ski scoring, a soccer roster limit, and possible 9-man football were some of the topics of discussion at the second fall 2018 meeting, of the Wyoming High School Activities Association Board of Directors.

Nordic Ski State Meet: The state meet is on a rotational basis, but there are 2 Casper schools, yet Casper is only in the rotation once. Starting in 2021, each Casper school would be in the rotation. This would change it from a 6 year rotation to 7 years, starting with the state meet of 2021. Motion passes on second reading making it official.

Soccer Roster Limit: No more than 22 players can be in uniform for any post-season contest. Whatever the roster is for the first game of the tournament, must be the same throughout. Violation of rule will result in forfeit of a game. The reason is to set a roster limit to help schools save money during post-season tournaments. Motion passes on second reading making it official.

Football point differential tie-breaker: Starting in 2019, in the event of a 3-way tie, where team A beat team B, B beat C and C beat A, the margin of victory minus the margin of defeat for the 3 teams, will be used to determine seeding for the playoffs. Maximum 12 points, so that running up the score isn't encouraged. This step would come before the 3-way coin flip which has been used in the past. Motion passes on second reading. Making it official.

9-Man Football: Early talks are underway to possibly make 1A 11-man into 1A 9-man because of all the forfeits going on at the smaller schools. If a current 1A 11-man team, wants to continue at 11-man, they would have to opt up to 2A. 6-Man teams could move up to 9-man if they wish. No action taken.

Tongue River Wrestling: The Eagles will have a team starting in the upcoming 2018-19 season. They will compete in the 2A East.

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