High School Wrestling Regional tournaments are this weekend in Wyoming. Each of the three classes for the boys is split into East and West. Girls wrestle in a singular class and will be at the 3A sites based on East and West. Due to this, the 3A sites will be the only schools hosting on Friday and Saturday. 2A and 4A will host matches on Saturday only.  Below you can see the breakdown of teams and sites. 

WyoPreps Wrestling Scoreboard Week 11

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2A East at Tongue River

Big Horn, Glenrock, H.E.M., Hulett, Lingle-Ft. Laramie/Southeast, Lusk, Moorcroft, Saratoga, Sundance, Tongue River, Upton, Wright 

Results: Moorcorft wins with 274 pts and six 1st-place wrestlers, Oliver Gorsuch, Wyatt Allred, Trenton Sheehan, Braydnn Terry, Dayne Humes, and Danner Wiseman. Lingle-Ft. Laramie/Southeast came in 2nd with Nathan Fish, Wyatt Sylvester, Kaleb Brothwell, Louden Bremer, and Tiegen Thompson winning in their respective weight classes. Upton was 3rd, Tongue River finished 4th, and Wright was 5th. Eagles had one 1st-place wrestler, Caleb Vollmer. Panther also had a 1st-place wrestler in Owen Thomson.  

2A West at Shoshoni

Big Piney, Cokeville, Dubois, Greybull/Riverside, Kemmerer, Lovell, Rocky Mountian, Shoshoni, Thermopolis, Wind River, Wyoming Indian

Results: Kemmerer won with 193.5 pts and 3 champion wrestlers, Roany Proffit, Graison Kelley, and Owen Barton. Thermopolis was 2nd with 2 1st-place wrestlers, Cannon Boren and Will Ward. Big Piney was 3rd, Lovell was 4th, and Greybull/Riverside took 5th. The Punchers had 2 champion wrestlers, Caleb Brown and David Farrington. James Love was first at 285 lbs for the Bulldogs. Ty Strohschein was 1st for Greybull/Riverside. 

3A East at Torrington

Buffalo, Burns/Pine Bluffs, Douglas, Newcastle, Rawlins, Torrington, Wheatland, Worland

Friday Results: Rawlins is currently in the lead with 73 pts, Torrington is 2nd, Buffalo is in 3rd, Douglas is 4th, and Worland is 5th. 

Final Results: Rawlins won behind 7 1st-place wrestlers, Hudson Baker, Jace Griffiths, Adrian Trujillo, Zachary Covolo, Brayden Torstenbo, Ezra Archuleta, and Sage Lonn scoring 226 pts as a team. Torrington was 2nd behind Brendan Woodard placing first at 150 lbs. Douglas finished 3rd, Buffalo was 4th, and Worland was 5th. The Bearcats had 2 1st-place wrestlers in Luke Ewing and Blain Johnson. Bison also had 2 1st-place wrestlers, Lance Rabel and Hazen Camino. Daniel Lopez was the lone champion for the Warriors.  

3A West at Riverton

Cody, Evanston, Green River, Lander, Lyman, Mountain View, Pinedale, Powell, Riverton

Friday Results: Green River is in 1st with 91.5 pts, Pinedale is 2nd, Cody is in 3rd, Evanston is 3rd, and Riverton is a close 5th. 

Final Results: Green River was 1st with 246.5 pts and 6 1st-place wrestlers, James Herwaldt, Kale Knezovich, Nick Weipert, Axel Mackinnon, Lucas Todd, and Bentley Johnson. Pinedale was 2nd with 3 champion wrestlers, Ryan Nutt, Wylee Willson, and Jake Hammer. Cody finished 3rd, Powell was 4th, and Evanston took 5th. Panthers had a 1st-place wrestler in Jimmy Dees and Brady Roberts was 1st for the Red Devils. 

4A East at Campbell County 

Campbell County, Cheyenne Central, Cheyenne East, Cheyenne South, Sheridan, Thunder Basin

Results: Thunder Basin took 1st place with 265 pts and 4 champion wrestlers, Breckin Henry, Ashton Leegaard, Antonio Avila, and Cort Catlin. Sheridan was 2nd behind Cody Dunham, Kelten Crow, Dane Steel, and Nahir Aguirre, all champions in the respective weight classes. Cheyenne East was 3rd, Cheyenne Central was 4th, and Campbell County finished 5th. T-Birds had 3 1st-place wrestlers, Charlie Green, Hayden Van Dell, and Liam Fox. The Indians also had 3 1st-place wrestlers, Sam Smith, Campbell Smith, and Andrew Gonzales. 

4A West at Kelly Walsh 

Jackson, Kelly Walsh, Laramie, Natrona County, Rock Springs, Star Valley 

Results: Star Valley was 1st with 244.5 pts and 4 1st-place wrestlers. Kooper Burk, Porter Merritt, Tei Parry, and Kimball Parry were all champions for the Braves in their weight classes. Rock Springs was 2nd behind 1st-place wrestlers Ian Dickinson, Matthew Foster, Justin Henry, Santiago Cruz, and Dane Arnoldi. Laramie was 3rd, Kelly Walsh took 4th, and Natrona County was 5th. Mustangs did have 3 1st-place wrestlers, Josef Sanchez, Tucker Sides, and Beau Russell. 

East Girls at Torrington

Buffalo, Burns/Pine Bluffs, Campbell County, Cheyenne Central, Cheyenne East, Cheyenne South, Douglas, Glenrock, H.E.M., Hulett, Lingle-Ft. Laramie/Southeast, Lusk, Moorcroft, Newcastle, Rawlins, Saratoga, Sheridan, Sundance, Thunder Basin, Tongue River, Torrington, Upton, Wheatland, Worland, Wright  

Friday Results: Cheyenne Central leads with 47 pts, Thunder Basin is in 2nd, Sheridan is 3rd, Cheyenne East is 4th, and Worland is in 5th. 

Final Results: Sheridan took home 1st behind 134 pts and 3 1st-place wrestlers, Becca Oetken, Bridgette Price, and Paityn Colovo. Thunder Basin was 2nd and had 1 champion wrestler, Aspen Henry. Cheyenne Central was 3rd, Cheyenne East finished 4th, and Campbell County was 5th. The Indians had 2 1st-place wrestlers in Meadow King and Trona Bates. Camels had one champion wrestler, Aleah Marquez at 235 lbs. 

West Girls at Riverton

Big Piney, Cody, Cokeville, Dubois, Evanston, Green River, Greybull/Riverside, Jackson, Kelly Walsh, Kemmerer, Lander, Laramie, Lovell, Lyman, Mountain View, Natrona County, Pinedale, Powell, Riverton, Rock Springs, Rocky Mountain, Shoshoni, Star Valley, Thermopolis, Wind River, Wyoming Indian

Friday Results: Star Valley leads with 71 pts, Natrona County and Pinedale are tied for 2nd, Lyman is in 4th, and Wind River is 5th. 

Final Results: Star Valley was first with 189.5 pts and the 1st-place finish of Remington Aulliman. Pinedale was 2nd with 3 1st-place wrestlers, Katyana Dexter, Kaylea Mortensen, and McKinzie Mortensen. Kemmerer finished 3rd, Evanston took 4th, and Green River was 5th. Rangers had 1 champion wrestler in Kaylie Julander. The Red Devils also had 1 champion, Seriah Lamb. The Wolves had 2 1st-place wrestlers with Brianna Uhrig and Lily Harris. 

Moorcroft Wrestling Tournament

Moorcroft Wrestling Tournament

Gallery Credit: Kellie Jo Allison, Bridget Truempler, Alaysa Porter,

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