The 2024 Wyoming high school wrestling season will conclude in Casper from February 22-24 at the Ford Wyoming Center. Girls will be competing in their 2nd state championship with more teams competing this year. 2A, 3A, and 4A boys' will be wrestling following the girls on all seven mats for the three days.


Find results from weight class brackets and team scores here through Track Wrestling links. All boys' results are on one page this year.


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Big Piney, Buffalo, Burns/Pine Bluffs, Campbell County, Cheyenne Central, Cheyenne East, Cheyenne South, Cody, Cokeville, Douglas, Dubois, Evanston, Glenrock, Green River, Greybull/Riverside, H.E.M., Hulett, Jackson, Kelly Walsh, Kemmerer, Lander, Laramie, Lingle-Ft. Laramie/Southeast, Lovell, Lusk, Lovell, Mountain View, Natrona County, Newcastle, Pinedale, Powell, Rawlins, Riverton, Rock Springs, Rocky Mountain, Saratoga, Sheridan, Shoshoni, Sundance, Star Valley, Thermopolis, Thunder Basin, Tongue River, Torrington, Upton, Wheatland, Wind River, Worland, Wright, Wyoming Indian 

Thursday: Star Valley leads with 36 pts, Thunder Basin is 2nd with 29 pts, Cheyenne East is 3rd with 26 pts, and Cheyenne Central and Pinedale are tied for 4th with 25 pts apiece. 

Friday: Star Valley still leads, with 144 pts, looking to go back-to-back for the team title. Pinedale is now in 2nd with 89 pts. Wind River is 3rd with 88 pts, Cheyenne East is 4th with 87 pts, and Sheridan is 5th with 84 pts. 

Girls who have a shot to win a second-straight title: McKinzie Mortensen (Pine), Molly Bornhoft (WRv), Rebekah Anderson (Moor), Ariel Kumelos (Wht), Josie Houk (LFL/SE), and Beeca Oetken (Sher).

Final Results: Star Valley goes back-to-back, winning the first 2 girls' wrestling titles. The Braves had 1 champion wrestler and scored 163 pts. Pinedale came in 2nd with 107 pts, Sheridan was 3rd with 106 pts, Kemmerer was 4th was 96 pts, and Wind River was 5th with 95 pts. 

100 - McKinzie Mortensen (Pine)

105 - Kaylea Mortensen (Pine)

110 - Rebekah Anderson (Moor)

115 - Lilly Quintanilla (Therm)

120 - Tai McBride (JK)

125 - Rivers Carrell (Worl)

130 - Ariel Kumelos (Wht)

135 - Paityn Covolo (Sher)

140 - Kaylie Julander (Kemm)

145 - Cara Andrews (SV)

155 - Josie Houck (LFL/SE)

170 - Ashten Hubbs (Cody)

190 - Becca Oetkan (Sher)

235 - Katyana Dexter (Pine)


Big Horn, Big Piney, Cokeville, Dubois, Glenrock, Greybull/Riverside, H.E.M., Hulett, Kemmerer, Lingle-Ft. Laramie/Southeast, Lovell, Lusk, Moorcroft, Rocky Mountain, Saratoga, Shoshoni, Sundance, Thermopolis, Tongue River, Upton, Wind River, Wright, Wyoming Indian

Thursday: Kemmerer leads with 55 pts, Moorcroft is 2nd with 42 pts, Lingle-Ft. Laramie/Southeast is 3rd with 40 pts, Big Piney is 4th with 33 pts, and Thermopolis is 5th with 31 pts. 

Friday: Moorcroft had moved up to 1st with 180.5 pts. Kemmerer is 2nd with 169 pts, Thermopolis is 3rd with 145 pts, Lingle-Ft. Laramie/Southeast is 4th with 143 pts, and Big Piney is 5th with 115 pts. 

2A Boys with a shot to win a second-straight title: Dayne Humes (Moor), Nathan Fish (LFL/SE), Roany Proffit (Kemm), Kaleb Brothwell (LFL/SE), Wyatt Trembly (Dub), and Christian Reilly (Hul).

Final Results: Moorcroft is the 2A champion, winning their first title since 2020, 11th in school history. The Wolves had 2 champion wrestlers and scored 236 pts. Kemmerer came in 2nd with 203 pts, Lingle-Ft. Laramie/Southeast was 3rd with 174 pts, Big Piney was 4th with 160 pts, and Thermopolis was 5th with 159 pts. 

106 - Caleb Brown (BP)

113 - Brody Allen (Glen)

120 - Nanthan Fish (LFL/SE) 

126 - Roany Proffit (Kemm) 

132 - Braydnn Terry (Moor) 

138 - Trenton Sheehan (Moor) 

144 - Kaleb Brothwell (LFL/SE) 

150 - Louden Bremer (LFL/SE)

157 - Gabe Emery (Kemm)

165 - Brody Sorensen (Therm)

175 - Ty Strohschein (Grey/Rivs)

190 - Wyatt Trembly (Dub) 

215 - Owen Barton (Kemm) 

285 - James Love (Lov)


Buffalo, Burns/Pine Bluffs, Cody, Douglas, Evanston, Green River, Lander, Lyman, Mountain View, Newcastle, Pinedale, Powell, Rawlins, Riverton, Torrington, Wheatland, Worland

Thursday: Green River leads with 43 pts, Pinedale is 2nd with 40 pts, Cody is 3rd with 37 pts, Evanston is 4th with 36 pts, and Powell is 5th with 35 pts. 

Friday: Green River extends their lead with 204 pts. Pinedale is 2nd 162 with pts, Cody and Rawlins are tied for 3rd with 123 pts, and Evanston sits in 5th with 102 pts. 

3A Boys with a shot to win a second-straight title: Lucas Todd (GR), Ryan Nutt (Pine), Zachary Covolo (Raw), Jake Hammer (Pine), and Morgan Hatch (Lym).

Kale Knezovich (GR) has a chance to become a member of the rare 4x champion club.

Final Results: Green River wins back-to-back state titles, their 18th in school history. The Wolves had 5 champion wrestlers and scored 242 pts. Pinedale was 2nd with 212 pts, Cody came in 3rd with 171 pts, Powell was 4th with 147.5 pts, and Rawlins was 5th with 147 pts. 

106 - Hudson Baker (Raw)

113 - Lucas Todd (GR) 

120 - Ryan Nutt (Pine) 

126 - Trey Smith (Cody)

132 - Zachary Covolo (Raw)

138 - Jake Hammer (Pine)

144 - Nick Weipert (GR)

150 - Maddux Hintz (GR)

157 - Kale Knezovich (GR) - 4x champion! 

165 - James Herwaldt (GR)

175 - Brady Roberts (Evan)

190 - Morgan Hatch (Lym)

215 - Jimmy Dees (Pow)

285 - Zaryc Prosser (Riv)


Campbell County, Cheyenne Central, Cheyenne East, Cheyenne South, Jackson, Kelly Walsh, Laramie, Natrona County, Rock Springs, Sheridan, Star Valley, Thunder Basin 

Thursday: Thunder Basin leads with 53 pts, Star Valley is 2nd with 45.5 pts, Sheridan is 3rd with 42 pts, Rock Springs is 4th with 39 pts, and Cheyenne East is 5th with 38.5 pts. 

Friday: Thunder Basin still leads with 197 pts, Sheridan is 2nd with 164.5 pts, Cheyenne East is now 3rd with 146.5 pts, Star Valley had dropped to 4th with 136.5 pts, and Rock Springs is 5th with 136 pts. 

4A Boys with a shot to win a second-straight title: Tel Parry (SV), Liam Fox (CE), Dane Steel (Sher), and Cort Catlin (TB).

Antonio Avila (TB) and Broc Fletcher (RS) have a chance to become members of the rare 4x champion club.

Final Results: Thunder Basin wins their first-ever state wrestling championship behind 2 champion wrestlers. The Bolts scored 260 pts. Sheridan was 2nd with 194.5 pts, Cheyenne East was 3rd with 187.5 pts. Rock Springs finished 4th with 182 pts, and Star Valley was 5th with 175.5 pts. 

106 - Kimball Parry (SV)

113 - Breckin Henry (TB)

120 - Cody Dunham (Sher)

126 - Justin Henry (RS)

132 - Tel Parry (SV)

138 - Broc Fletcher (RS) - 4x Champion!

144 - Antonio Avila (TB) - 4x Champion! 

150 - Liam Fox (CE) 

157 - Kooper Burk (SV)

165 - Dane Steel (Sher)

175 - Nahir Aguirre (Sher)

190 - Colby Olson (CE)

215 - Ian Dickinson (RS)

285 - Charlie Green (CE)

3A East Regional Wrestling Tournament

3A East Regional Wrestling Tournament

Gallery Credit: Erin Hager

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