It turns out the big man for Montana had something left in the tank for overtime.

Ryan Edwards...a 7 footer out of Glacier, scored 7 of his 16 points in the extra 5 minutes, to lead Montana over Wyoming 93-87.

Xavier Webb of Riverton was named Mr. Wyoming Basketball.

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MT: 23-31-14-15-10 = 93

WY: 16-30-15-22-4 = 87


Wyoming Scorers:

Tyler Loose (Laramie) - 17

Logan Burningham (Ten Sleep) - 4

Xavier Webb (Riverton) - 20

Logan Wasson (Gillette) - 7

Wyatt Shinaver (Star Valley) - 9

Seth Quayle (Riverton) - 6

Marshall McCarthur (Powell) - 3

Kade Salisbury (Riverton) - 17

Lucas Watkins (Lander) - 4


Montana Scorers:

Kendall Denham (Malta) - 11

Casey McLean (Whitehall) - 4

Joey Marzion (Great Falls CMR) - 4

Chad Kananen (Roy) - 5

Brett Thompson (Laurel) - 11

Daine Muller (Billings Skyview) - 8

Andrew Campbell (Billings West) - 8

Tad Rose (Billings Senior) - 11

Daniel Meyer (Billings Central) - 15

Ryan Edwards (Glacier) - 16



Before the game...Xavier Webb of Riverton was named Mr. Wyoming Basketball...and how fitting that he gets the award at Sheridan College, which is where he'll play next season.

The Wyoming All-Stars vs. Montana inside the Golden Dome in Sheridan...first quarter...Montana wearing the white...Brett Thompson of Laurel is going to get this party started with a big bang from behind the give the visitors an early 3-nothing advantage.

Thompson got off to a hot start...I wonder if it was something in the shoes that he was wearing...there's 3 more...11 points were his numbers, and now it's a 6-nothing contest.
The northern neighbors had a good long range attack's Joey Marzion of Great Falls CMR...not quite as far, but it he got it to go for half of his 4 Montana is up 8-zip.
Wyoming needed to get going soon or else it was going to be a long about some defense? Wyatt Shinaver of Star Valley...that's a 6'2" guy rejecting a 7 footer...that does not happen often, because it's usually supposed to be the other way around.
Now some offense...Webb has a 1-on-1...and Mr. Wyoming Basketball knows what to do in that situation...lay-in and 1...that was the start of a 20-point game for the Wolverine...the score is 8-to-2.
But the opposition would still maintain their hot start. Andrew Campbell of Billings West...burying 3 of his 8 to push the score up to 11-to-2 in favor of the visitors.

The home team was playing catch-up...and needed something big...Webb is spinning up something worth 3 points and he's got it. His team needed that one, and now they're trailing 13-to-8.Now of course, it was not all just Webb...his team-mates got in on the act...and I mean that literally...Kade Salisbury is a Riverton team-mate...he buries 3 of his 17 on that shot, and they're getting closer, down 14-to-11.Montana was able to maintain their advantage...Tad Rose of Billings Senior scores quickly off of the inbounds...he had an 11 point game...visitors lead 19-to-13.

Speaking of Billings...players from that city were making their marks in this game as well...Daine Muller out of Skyview finishes the 2-on-1 to get his 8-point game started...that would make the score 21-to-13.

The home team would try to answer's Salisbury from the wing...and he'll take 3 with either Ranch of Bleu Cheese...his team would hang around within a reasonable striking range...trailing 23-to-16 after the first 10 minutes.

Second know that 7-footer I showed you earlier that got rejected...well he had his moments...both now and later...Ryan Edwards out of Glacier...this guy is going to Gonzaga...and he's has his team up 25-16.

Now when a guy that tall gets too close to the net and you can get him the ball...he's going to score almost every time. Here's a great example on this highlight. 16 points were his numbers...Montana leads 29-20.

The home team knew that they had to stay away from him, if they were to get their points...Webb is in the corner...doing what the bad boys do...dropping 3's. They're still down's 29-23 at this point.

Now you knew this was going to happen sooner or later...someone was going to try...Tyler Loose of Laramie is 5-foot-10 and he's giving up more than 1 foot against Edwards...and yeah, that was the result and not a pretty one. So much for that idea.

Wyoming would slowly get closer, but the opposition was not about ready to roll over...this is Kendall Denham out of Malta finding a lane and scoring easily...he contributed with 11, to push the score up to 36-30.

Right about now is a good time for a turnover. Loose was just waiting for his chance and once he got it, he took off and got himself 2 points. He put in a workload himself with 17 points...but his squad is still down 44-to-38.

We're trying to show as many players as we can on these's a good time for Chad Kananen of Roy, as he'll spot up for 3 and can it. He had a 5 point day...the visitors now have a double-digit's 49-to-38.

The home team kept hanging around, and got a few here and there...Salisbury is at the top of the key...opening the door for 3...that cut the deficit back into single digits...the score board reads, 49-41.

The opposition though liked having a big lead...every rose has its thorns and Rose delivered both for Montana...that 3 makes it a 52-41 game.

About 3 seconds before halftime...and that's enough time to do something. Loose will race down and just barely got the shot off in time...and it counts for 3. That provided some much needed Wyoming went into the locker room...down 54-to-46.

3rd quarter...the defense and transition game showed up...Shinaver knocks the ball loose...and Loose takes off the other way with it...nice finish on the left side as he'll take a spill, but he was's a 2-point game...home team is down 54-52.

Montana would score to go up 4, but that did not deter the boys...Webb in the corner again...hello! We have a game here folks...Wyoming trails by 1...the scoreboard reads, 56-55.

Here comes more...Shinaver at the top of the key...opening the door for 3 to cap off a 15-to-2 run..and that would give his team their first lead of the it's 58-56.

But the visitors did not stay down for long...Casey McLean of Whitehall is open behind the defense...and he'll make a 2-point contribution...he had 4 all-together and the score is knotted up at 58-all.

One thing that the home team did well at, was shooting the long's Marshall McArthur of Powell with his only contribution of the game, and it helped. The lead is back in Wyoming's's 61-to-60.

Then the northern neighbors would make a move of their own. Marzion will win this one on one exchange with a lay in...that would put his team back up, 64-61.

You saw one buzzer beater's another that's just as good...Denham is going to pull up from college range with 1 second to go...and that's how you finish a quarter. The mo is back on Montana's side, as they lead, 68-61, going into the final 10 minutes.

4th quarter...the visitors would rebuild that huge lead. Rose has not withered...he's still blooming with 3's...that would cap off an 11-zip run...Montana is now up 71-to-61.

...and Wyoming would get back to's a pretty base-line drive and finish by Logan Burningham of Ten Sleep...he had 4 and his team was getting back into this game, down 71-67.

Montana would get someone new in on the's Daniel Meyer of Billings Central...a 6-9 guy with 15 points...that one made it 73-to-67.

The lead would grow to 8, but the home team was not done yet...Loose is behind the crowd, but we saw him throw up that 3 and nail it dead center...that was his team is down, 75-70.

The northern neighbors answered right another counter was about we show Logan Wasson out of Gillette? WE have not seen him yet, and now it a good time...he contributed with 7...the scoreboard shows 78-to-73 with his team still losing.

Time is starting to become a factor, and Wyoming needs points...Salisbury is going to count to 3...and then he's going to move the ball, through the hoop...that 11-point deficit has been cut to's now 80-to-78.

We need to see Mr. Wyoming Basketball's been awhile...will you please announce your presence? Thank you very much...we're dead-locked at 83 and we had to put more time on the clock, when triple zero hit.

Now in overtime...and here was the problem...the big man for Montana still had some left in the tank. He scored 7 of his 16 in the extra period...including this lay-in here and that was a bad sign as the visitors went up 89-83.

The problem was that Wyoming had a hard time scoring anything...this was the only made field goal for the home team...courtesy of Loose...but it was not enough, as Montana would get the win in overtime...93-to-87.