Two weeks of the 2023 regular season for girls’ swimming and diving teams is all that remains.

After several dual-formatted swim meets, there are three invites on Saturday in Buffalo, Cheyenne, and Rawlins.

Jackson and Lander combine a unique meet on Saturday.

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The Week 7 schedule is below. The schedule is subject to change.

Tuesday, Oct. 3:

Campbell County 95 Thunder Basin 90 – dual


No score was provided.


Thursday, Oct. 5:

RIVERTON QUAD – Evanston, Lander, Rawlins, Riverton.

Scores = Lander 239 Evanston 173; Rawlins 197 Evanston 192; Riverton 221 Evanston 191; Lander 232 Rawlins 166; Lander 239 Riverton 193; Riverton 203 Rawlins 195.


Friday, Oct. 6:

4A CHEYENNE DUALS AT CENTRAL – Cheyenne Central, Kelly Walsh, Laramie.

No scores were provided.

4A CHEYENNE DUALS AT EAST – Campbell County, Cheyenne East, Thunder Basin.

Scores = East 93.50 Thunder Basin 87.50; Campbell County 103 East 73.

4A CHEYENNE DUALS AT SOUTH - TRI – Cheyenne South, Natrona County, Sheridan.

Team Scores = Sheridan & South 66, Natrona County 40.

WORLAND AT BUFFALO – dual = canceled.


Saturday, Oct. 7:

BUFFALO INVITATIONAL – Buffalo, Douglas, Newcastle, Powell, Worland.

Team Scores = Powell 383, Douglas 297, Worland 214, Buffalo 190, Newcastle 101.

CHEYENNE INVITE AT EAST HS – Campbell County, Cheyenne Central, Cheyenne East, Cheyenne South, Kelly Walsh, Laramie, Natrona County, Sheridan, Thunder Basin.

Team Scores = Kelly Walsh 538, Laramie 498, Cheyenne Central 443, Campbell County 312, Sheridan 296, Thunder Basin 278, Cheyenne East 265, Cheyenne South 205, Natrona County 145.

LANDER SCRAMBLE – Jackson, Lander.

Team Scores = Green 81.50, Orange 62.50.

RAWLINS INVITE – Evanston, Green River, Kemmerer, Lyman, Rawlins, Rock Springs, Sublette County.

Team Scores = Green River 397.5, Rawlins 201.5, Evanston 175.5, Lyman 153, Kemmerer 130, Sublette County 113.5, Rock Springs 91.


Wyoming High School Sports Pics of the Week: Sept. 21-23

Wyoming High School Sports Pics of the Week: Sept. 21-23

Gallery Credit: Karen Peruolis, Herder Pride, Frank Gambino, Angie Erickson, Ashley Jessen, Libby Ngo, John Harris, Shannon Dutcher, James Yule, Greg Wise, Erin Hager, Susan Bullard, Adria Trembly, Jessica Schooner, Upton-Sundance Patriots, Lisa Shaw, Tony Montoya, Tina Frady, Casey Muffley,

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