They got spirit, yes they do!

Cheerleaders and dance teams support the team and entertain the crowd through the fall and winter it's their turn to compete and prove they are the best.

Kelly Walsh won 1st outright in 4 categories, and shared 1st in a 5th event.

Lander won 1st in 2 categories.

Green River shared 1st in one category and placed 2nd and 3rd in 2 others.

Rock Springs placed 2nd in 2 categories.

Star Valley won 1st in 1 category and placed 2nd in 2 others.

2A Cheer Non-Stunt:

1st: Lovell

2nd: Burlington


3A Cheer Non-Stunt:

1st: Mountain View

2nd: Star Valley

3rd: Riverton

4th: Powell


4A Cheer Non-Stunt:

1st (tie): Green River and Kelly Walsh

3rd: Evanston

4th: Cheyenne South


3A Hip-Hop:

1st: Lander


4A Hip-Hop:

1st: Kelly Walsh

2nd: Rock Springs

3rd: Evanston

4th: Jackson


3A All-Girl Cheer:

1st: Star Valley

2nd: Rawlins

3rd: Mountain View


4A All-Girl Cheer:

1st: Kelly Walsh

2nd: Green River

3rd: Cheyenne East

4th: Cheyenne South


3A Jazz:

1st: Lander

2nd: Star Valley

3rd: Lovell


4A Jazz:

1st: Kelly Walsh

2nd: Rock Springs

3rd: Evanston


4A Co-Ed Cheer:

1st: Kelly Walsh

2nd: Cheyenne South

3rd: Green River

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