The all-conference awards at the Single-A level of Wyoming American Legion Baseball are here for the 2022 season.

There are First and Second Team awards, plus special honors, as voted on by the coaches in each district.

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1ST TEAM: (players are listed alphabetically by the team, then by their last name)

Trig Berens – Casper Drillers

Brett Gifford – Casper Drillers

Saxton Smith – Casper Drillers

Thomas Stokes – Casper Drillers

Landon McAnelly – Cheyenne Hawks

Cayden Guerra – Cheyenne Hawks

Braden Pearson – Cheyenne Hawks

Keegan Prior – Cheyenne Hawks

Caden Westby – Cheyenne Hawks

Jacob Russell – Douglas Cats

Carson Selk – Douglas Cats

Cameryn Spence – Douglas Cats [First Team in 2021]

Avon Barney – Sheridan Jets

Frankie Maestri – Sheridan Jets

Tyler Riesen – Sheridan Jets

Ayden Desmond – Torrington Tigers

Ben Firminhac – Torrington Tigers [Second Team in 2021]

Kade Preuit – Wheatland Lobos


Bryce Camino – Buffalo Bulls [Second Team in 2021 in West]

Dom Gonzales – Buffalo Bulls

Brodyn Lambert – Buffalo Bulls

Turner Preuit – Buffalo Bulls

Hunter Davis – Casper Drillers

Kylan DePoorter – Casper Drillers

Evan Woods – Casper Drillers

Kaed Coates – Cheyenne Hawks [Second Team in 2021]

Andrew Thompson – Cheyenne Hawks

Lane Kejr – Douglas Cats

Luis Lepe – Douglas Cats

William Greer – Sheridan Jets

Tyler Huttin – Sheridan Jets

Tyler Ormseth – Sheridan Jets

Troy Waugh – Sheridan Jets

Bryce Hager – Torrington Tigers

Aidyn Saucedo – Torrington Tigers

Langdon Goodrich – Wheatland Lobos

Jake Hicks – Wheatland Lobos [Second Team in 2021]

Ryland Petroski – Wheatland Lobos

Noah Whitfield – Wheatland Lobos

‘A’ East Conference Player of the Year = Saxton Smith, Casper Drillers

‘A’ East Conference Pitcher of the Year = Keegan Prior, Cheyenne Hawks

‘A’ East Conference Coach of the Year = Austin Cowen, Sheridan Jets


1ST TEAM: (players are listed alphabetically by the team, then by their last name)

Dominic Phillips – Cody Cubs [Second Team in 2021]

Jackson Schroeder – Cody Cubs [First Team in 2019, 2020 & 2021]

Trey Schroeder – Cody Cubs

Trey Thomasson – Cody Cubs [Second Team in 2021]

Ashton Eldridge – Green River Knights

Marcos Molina – Green River Knights

Jax Peterson – Green River Knights [First Team in 2020 & 2021, Second Team in 2019]

Tyson Christiansen – Lovell Mustangs [First Team in 2020 & 2021]

Alex Hedges – Lovell Mustangs

Carlos Rodriguez – Lovell Mustangs [First Team in 2021, Second Team in 2020]

Cale Wright – Lovell Mustangs

Brock Johnson – Powell Pioneers [First Team in 2020 & 2021]

Cade Queen – Powell Pioneers [Second Team in 2021]

Jhett Schwahn – Powell Pioneers [Second Team in 2021]

Trey Stenerson – Powell Pioneers [First Team in 2021]

Jorey Anderson – Riverton Raiders

Hunter Hauck – Riverton Raiders [Second Team in 2021 in East]

Nathan Hutchison – Riverton Raiders [First Team in 2021 in East; Second Team in 2020 in the West]


Jace Jarrett – Cody Cubs

Ben Reinker – Cody Cubs

Ben Lail – Green River Knights

Quentin Liebelt – Green River Knights

Jace Paoli – Green River Knights

Lafe Files – Lovell Mustangs

CJ Pickett – Lovell Mustangs [Second Team in 2021]

Aiden Greenwald – Powell Pioneers

Aidan Wantulok – Powell Pioneers

Ethan Welch – Powell Pioneers

Jake McCulloch – Rawlins Generals

Weston Mathill – Rawlins Generals

Brian Paulsen – Rawlins Generals

Joel Bever – Riverton Raiders

Darrick DeVries – Riverton Raiders

Carter Noseep – Riverton Raiders

Christopher Reinig – Riverton Raiders

‘A’ West Conference Co-Players of the Year = Trey Stenerson, Powell Pioneers & Jackson Schroeder, Cody Cubs

‘A’ West Conference Pitcher = Brock Johnson, Powell Pioneers (repeat selection)

‘A’ West Conference Coach of the Year = Jason Borders, Powell Pioneers

Legion Baseball #8

Legion Baseball #8

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