Despite cancellations at the national level, American Legion Baseball in Wyoming is still looking forward to having a season in 2020.

The news that came out on Tuesday involved the American Legion World Series and its eight Regional Tournaments being called off due to concerns with the coronavirus pandemic.

WyoPreps spoke with Wyoming State Chairman Cody Beers who reaffirmed a statement he gave us last weekend.

“As of today, April 7, at this time we have no plans to cancel our 2020 season in the state.”

Beers said he’s expecting more guidance to come from the national level.

Even the national release on Tuesday stated that a regular season and state tournament decision would be made by the state chairman. Beers remains “hopeful to have a season and crown state champions in 2020.”

He has told coaches to “start making preparations for a shortened, Wyoming-only season in June and July.”

What does that mean? Beers explained he’s not sure at this time.

More discussions will take place to determine the best options for moving forward.

Beers said, “I would encourage all of our young people in Wyoming to stay in shape, be hopeful. I mean, without hope we have nothing, right? We’ve got to remain hopeful we’re going to see the end of this at some point, so we can get back to normal.”

He added, “We’re hopeful, but we’re also very cognizant of what’s going on around us.”

At this time, baseball remains shutdown for practice (outdoors or indoors), team meetings, and any in-person coaching.

Northwest Class ‘A’ Regional Tournament (NWCART)

The lone Class ‘A’ Regional Tournament in the country for American Legion Baseball will not take place in 2020.

Beers told WyoPreps on Tuesday that the Legion Baseball State Chairmen from the states in the Northwest Region voted to not go to Alaska this year. Instead, they voted to delay the regional in the 49th state until 2021.

Beers said with the current travel restrictions in place, it didn’t work out for logistical reasons.

The Northwest Region is only one in the country that holds a Class ‘A’ Regional Tournament.

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