Video highlights of the 5th Annual Wyoming vs. Nebraska 6-Man Shootout Football Game, played on Saturday, June 25th at Albion, Nebraska.

Team Wyoming could not stop the combined pair of Garrett Ellis and Gabe Haney, as Nebraska would win their 2nd straight game in the rivalry and their first in Nebraska.



Those 2 might actually have the best spot to watch the sun, no humidity and they can relax in luxury.

It's Wyoming vs. Nebraska in the 5th Annual 6-man Shootout football game from Albion, Nebraska...first quarter...Nebraska wearing the red...Gabe Haney from Hyannis will get around the left side and score from 14 yards, to put his team on the board first...6-nothing.

Wyoming would answer back...Can-Am Bowl bound Braden Duncan of Little Snake River takes the pitch...follows his blockers...and he's got a path into the end zone from 15 yards a 2 point kick and the lead has changed's 8-to-6.

Just before the end of the quarter...the opposition would retake the lead...Garrett Ellis of Sioux County...he never got sacked and he responded well to pressure. Here he will dump a pass off to Quentin Journey of Silver Lake who makes a great catch on the run...24 yards. This game was played on an 11-man field...that's why he stopped short of the actual end zone, because he's already scored...Nebraska up 14-to-8 after the first 10 minutes.

Second quarter...Wyoming strikes...Neale Jones of Farson-Eden was 9 of 10 for 211 yards. Carter Johnson of Meeteese caught 8 passes for 220 yards. Those were most of Wyoming's passing numbers. This 30 yard play would tie the score at 14.

...but the defense had a hard time stopping Ellis...and he did not just pass, he could run as well. He'll run right by the camera...down to the 2 yard line...a block in the back penalty would back them up a bit, but the boys from the Cornhusker State were in pretty good shape.

A few plays's the other guy that Wyoming couldn't stop...Haney scored 5 times...he ran in 4 and caught 1...26 yards on this play. He had 134 for the game. Nebraska would go ahead 20-to-14.

Wyoming may have been down, but they were not out...this is Curtis Cornett from Hulett uncorking a long one...Johnson is there for the catch...drags a tackler with him into the end zone on this 32 yard play. Johnson along with his Meeteetse team-mate Shawn Shepperson are also playing in the Can-Am Bowl We have a pretty good game going on so's a 20-20 score..

How about a little defense? Ellis is going to try to take off on this play, but he's going to get gored by Johnson. That's what a Longhorn does. He's already graduated, but he still had one tackle left in him.

Time is running out on the half...Nebraska facing 4th and goal at the Wyoming 12...Ellis and Haney proved to be an effective 1-2 combination, and it worked again here. The Cornhusker 6-Man All-Stars would take a 28-20 lead going into halftime.

3rd quarter...not much happened scoring wise...except for this...Ellis on a bootleg to his left...he's got to throw because of 6-man rules...great adjustment on the play by Logan Schultz of Deshler...a little bit of unnecessary roughness afterwards, but what matters is the scoreboard. Nebraska lead 35-to-20 going into the final 10 minutes.

4th quarter...first play...Haney again...3 yards...6 points...and you could tell which team was in control, up 43-to-20.

Wyoming still had some fight left in them...first play after the kickoff...Jones to he comes...and there he goes...65 yards to the house...maybe another come-back was in the works similar to 4 years ago...maybe...the scoreboard reads 43-to-26.

...but the come-back was not meant to be...especially when Ellis could throw the ball to whoever he wants to throw it to...on this play...he'll toss a 16 yarder to Tanner Hudson of Riverside...the Chargers were the Nebraska 6-man state champs. Nebraska has now pulled ahead 51-to-26.

...and the defense wasn't letting up either. This is a 4th down play...Jones needs a receiver...he's not finding anyone, and Jake Kennedy from Riverside will wrap him up and sack him for the turnover on downs. Kennedy was named defensive MVP for the game...that might have been the play that won it for him.

The boys in red would reach into their bag of tricks...this would have been a nice play except for 1 thing...Ellis to Hudson, who laterals to was fun to watch, but the lateral was ruled forward, so this is not a touchdown and Nebraska would have to try again in a different manner.

Haney was not going to be denied his 5th TD of the game...he was the offensive MVP in this contest and he showed why, many times.  Again this is a 6-man game on an 11-man field, so the 10 yard line is actually the goal line. He's in. Now it's 59-to-26.

Less than 1 minute to go...Wyoming was just playing for pride now...and they would try to get someone new in on the routine. Jones will complete a pass to Quentin Fettig of Ten Sleep and the Pioneer would make his contribution to make the score a little more respectable.

Wyoming would recover the onside kick, so they had another shot at it...but Nebraska was done messing around. Trey Brown of Walthill is going to relieve Jones of his duties...Drake Shanle of St. Edward makes the recovery. The final nail had been put in the coffin a long time ago...but just to be sure...that play would ensure no more points would be put on the board.

Nebraska would get their first win on their home soil...and keep the trophy for the 2nd year in a row. Final score...59-to-32.