It's a 3 week fall season, and it's almost over.

The season wraps up this weekend at Jackson.

Points earned from the fall season, carry over the winter break and into the spring season.

Below are the winners of the Wheatland rodeo, held on August 31, September 1-2.

Saturday winners listed first, then Sunday winners, then Monday winners.

Bareback: Hunter Carlson (Douglas) won all 3 days.

Barrel Racing: Karson Bradley (Big Piney) won all 3 days.

Breakaway Roping: Tiare Ilgen (Sheridan), Kaelie Oliver (Douglas), Lauren Rives (Buffalo)

Bull Riding: Evan Wilhelm (Glendo) won the first day, Clayton Colvard (Newcastle) won the last 2 days.

Goat Tying: Jamie Thompson (Whitney, NE), Deena Norell (Meeker, CO), Ashten Marchant (Newcastle)

Pole Bending: Chloe Ashenhurst (Wheatland) won the first 2 days, Breanna Reimler (Buffalo) won the last day.

Saddle Broncs: Jeffery Zdziarski (Sheridan) won the first day, Brody Cress (Hillsdale) won the last 2 days.

Steer Wrestling: Dax Cathcart (Carpenter), Casey Sellers (Buffalo), Kane Butcher (Jelm)

Team Roping Saturday: Jhett Hadley (Wheatland) and Trace Steele (Sundance)

Team Roping Sunday: Jhett Hadley (Wheatland) and Trace Steele (Sundance)

Team Roping Monday: Chase Oliver (Douglas) and Brock Oliver (Douglas)

Tie-Down Calf Roping: Logan Milligan (Torrington) won the first day, Garrett Murphy (Torrington) won the last 2 days.


Below are the winners of the Lander rodeo, held on September 7-8.

Saturday winners listed first, then Sunday winners.

Bareback: Jeffery Zdziarski (Sheridan) and Hunter Carlson (Douglas)

Barrel Racing: Lexi Hamm (Rozet) and Madison Wilkerson (Jackson)

Breakaway Roping: Breanna Reimler (Buffalo) and Casey Rae Reimler (Rozet)

Bull Riding: Evan Wilhelm (Glendo) and Levi Wilson (Jackson)

Goat Tying: Jamie Thompson (Whitney, NE) and Jacey Thompson (Whitney, NE)

Pole Bending: Chloe Ashenhurst (Wheatland) won both days.

Saddle Broncs: Brody Cress (Hillsdale) won both days.

Steer Wrestling: Kane Butcher (Jelm) and Dax Cathcart (Carpenter)

Team Roping Saturday: Zane Thompson (Cheyenne) and Mat Tehau (Kaycee)

Team Roping Sunday: Nate Rogers (Buffalo) and Joby Barquin (Kinnear)

Tie-Down Calf Roping: Brandt Ross (Sheridan) and Garrett Murphy (Torrington)


The top 4 in each event at the end of the season are invited to compete at the High School National Finals Rodeo, to be held in Rock Springs in July, 2014.

Below is the current top 4 in each event for the season, as of the end of the Lander rodeo.

Information courtesy: The Wyoming High School Rodeo Association


1. Hunter Carlson (Douglas) - 49 points

2. Jeffrey Zdziarski (Sheridan) - 45

3. Chance Ames (Marbleton) - 17

4-5 (tie). Tyler Erickson (Wheatland) - 8

4-5 (tie). Nevada Starr (Wheatland) - 8


Saddle Broncs:

1. Brody Cress (Hillsdale) - 49 points

2. Jeffery Zdziarski (Sheridan) - 19


Tie-Down Roping:

1. Garrett Murphy (Torrington) - 37 points

2. Jhett Hadley (Wheatland) - 32

3. Logan Milligan (Torrington) - 30

4. Casey Sellers (Buffalo) - 25


Breakaway Roping:

1. Casey Rae Reimler (Rozet) - 36 points

2. Breanna Reimler (Buffalo) - 24

3. Whitney Simmons (Sheridan) - 17.5

4-5 (tie). Peggy Sue Garman (Sundance) - 17

4-5 (tie). Kaelie Oliver (Douglas) - 17


Steer Wrestling:

1-2 (tie). Dax Cathcart (Carpenter) - 36 points

1-2 (tie). Kane Butcher (Jelm) - 36

3. Brady Thurston (Lance Creek) - 32

4. Blare Romsa (Laramie) - 24


Goat Tying:

1. Jamie Thompson (Whitney, NE) - 38

2. Jacey Thompson (Whitney, NE) - 35

3. Deena Norell (Meeker, CO) - 34

4. Ashten Marchant (Newcastle) - 26.5


Barrel Racing:

1. Karson Bradley (Big Piney) - 43 points

2. Madison Wilkerson (Jackson) - 42

3. Whitney Simmons (Sheridan) - 18

4-5 (tie). Breanna Reimler (Buffalo) - 16

4-5 (tie). Gabrielle Koltiska (Sheridan) - 16


Pole Bending:

1. Chloe Ashenhurst (Wheatland) - 49

2. Breanna Reimler (Buffalo) - 37

3. Saije Pollard (Wyarno) - 20

4. Bridgit Hort (Torrington) - 18


Team Roping:

1. Trace Steele (Sundance) and Jhett Hadley (Wheatland) - 36 points

2-3 (tie). Cody Ballek (Clearmont) and Teigen Finnerty (Wheatland) - 23

2-3 (tie). Mat Tehau (Kaycee) and Zane Thompson (Cheyenne) - 23

4. Nate Rogers (Buffalo) and Joby Barquin (Kinnear) - 17


Bull Riding:

1-2 (tie). Clayton Colvard (Newcastle) - 20 points

1-2 (tie). Evan Wilhelm (Glendo) - 20

3. Levi Wilson (Jackson) - 10

4. Nevada Starr (Wheatland) - 9

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