Video highlights of the Wyoming Track Classic held on April 26th at Kelly Walsh High School in Casper.

Six meet records went down on a day where the best of the best in Wyoming High School Outdoor Track and Field competed against each other, regardless of class.



Now there’s someone, who’s a cowboy to the core. I wonder if he actually wears that hat when he competes in track and field events?

It’s the Wyoming Track Classic…the top 8 in each event competing regardless of which class you’re in…starting with the girls 3200 meter run…Abby Phillips of Gillette…she’s a junior and now a 3-time champ at the WTC winning by almost half a minute…her time was 11 minutes, 43.38 seconds…she’s also last year’s cross country state champ.

Boys 3200 meter run…Hunter Devila of Kelly Walsh leaving everyone behind him in this race…9 minutes 37.42 was his time to get around the track 8 times. We’ll find out in about 3 weeks if that’s enough to get him a state title.

Girls 100 meter hurdles…6 meet records went down on the day, and here is one of them…in the middle of your screen and a little to the left…we have in the black is Jessie Eaves of Worland, and in the green is Mikalah Skates of Kelly Walsh…the latter will cross the finish line first in 14 point 4-2 seconds…winning by point-1-2 seconds…and would break the old meet record, by point zero-3 seconds.

Boys 110 meter hurdles…it’s Kelly Walsh again…this time we have Joey Czellecz with about one-quarter of a second to spare…he got over the obstacles and to the finish with a time of 14-point-6-2 seconds to get the win.

Girls 100 meter dash…we all knew what was going to happen here. Jerayah Davis of Kelly Walsh vs. everyone else. She set the meet record last year…and in this race, she did it again…11-point-7-6 seconds…that tops her time last year…by point-zero-6 seconds.

Boys 100 meter dash…the third from the right in the black is Ben Mancuso of Burlington…and on the left in the light blue is Dominic Hill of Cheyenne East. It looked like Hill had this race, but Mancuso turned it on in the final few steps, and went right by the camera…the Husky clocks in with a time of 10-point-9-2 seconds.

Girls 1600 meter run…this was close…on the left, and in the black is Calbi Ausmann of Newcastle…and she’s going neck and neck with Tabitha Simmons of Gillette who is wearing the purple…point zero-3 seconds separated the 2 runners…and Simmons just edges out her challenger…with a time of 5 minutes, 19 point-3-3 seconds.

Boys 1600 meter run…it was just as close as the girls…in the black is Matt Scarlett of Buffalo, and in the blue is Robert Ricks of Douglas…again point-zero-3 seconds was the difference…Scarlett takes a tumble, but he made it in first…his time…4 minutes, 31-point-6-7 seconds.

Now for a couple of field events…we did not get many…boys long jump…this Lane George of Douglas…he had a good day as he would take his best jump of the season…and add on an extra foot plus to it. 21 feet 6 and a-half inches. Those that were favored, had a difficult time, so the first place award went to the Bearcat.

Girls Triple Jump…this was the surprise athlete of the meet…Ann Wingeleth…a sophomore from Lyman…won the high jump…broke the meet record in the long jump…and needed only 1 try to break the record in this event…38 feet 7 and one-half inches. That was enough for her and the day is done for the Lady Eagle.

Back to the track…girls 400 meter dash…only 2 runners completed one lap in less than 1 minute…Kim Shumway of Lovell was the faster of the 2…as she got the job done in 57-point-1-6 seconds. She beat her season best time by 1 and a-half seconds…imagine what warm weather can do.

Boys 400 meter dash…2 runners would break the meet record…but of course it always goes to the faster one…on the left of your screen…it’s Clay Carlson of Kelly Walsh and he’ll be challenged by Robert Counts of Natrona…48 point 7-4 seconds was the winning time for the Trojan, by point-8 seconds…and that’s 3 seconds faster than what he’s done all season so far.

Girls 300 meter hurdles…this time Eaves is leading the way…she won this race last year, and she was not going to be denied another win. 44 point 2-9 seconds was her time, and the Lady Warrior looked pretty comfortable, when it was all said and done.

Boys 300 meter hurdles…in the blue is Ty Etchemendy of Douglas…he also won the triple jump and he was able to carry the momentum over into this race…the clock had a time of 38 point 4-3 seconds for him when it stopped, and that was good enough for him, to take home the first place medal.

Girls 800 meter run…out in front is Maggie Cureth of Jackson and she’s trying to hold off Kim Holiday of Cody, which she will, by about 1-third of a second…the Lady Bronc got her 2 laps in, with a time of 2 minutes, 20-point-4 seconds.

Boys 800 meter run…ahead of the pack, you’re looking at Josh Hartford of Green River…he makes a half-mile run look like a walk in the park…he’ll finish the race with a winning time of one minute 55 point-3-7 seconds.

Girls 200 meter dash…once again…it’s Davis and everyone else…just feel honored if you get a chance to run against her…just do not expect to beat her…unless you go faster than 24-point-1-9 seconds, which is another meet record.

Finally…it’s the boys 200 meter dash…3rd from the left is Mancuso again from Burlington…and he looked just a little bit angry. His best event is the high jump, and he could not get the job done, but to his defense he had a busy day…he’ll get his 2nd race win, with a time of 22 point-23 seconds…the state meet is less than 3 weeks away.