Video highlights of the 2015 4A Volleyball State Championship Match, between Cheyenne East vs. Evanston.

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The Lady Thunderbirds swept their way past the Red Devils to go undefeated vs. Wyoming competition, and win their 3rd title in the last 4 years.

It was kind of awkward to have the cheerleaders in the stands, but under the circumstances...what else could be done? Give them credit least they were able to do their thing to some degree.

Cheyenne East vs. Evanston in the 4A State Championship Match...1st set...East wearing the black and on the near side...that was Cosette Stellern with the kill...she was having trouble earlier keeping the ball in bounds, but that time she did, and her team is only down 2-to-1.

Moving on...last year's Gatorade Player of the Year was getting it done both on offense and way that ball is going to get past her. The point would even up the score at 13-all.

However, Evanston was taking to the defending champs...Brinae Sanders will offer a piece of her mind on this play...not only was her squad able to hang around, they would occasionally take a small lead. They are up 14-to-13 at this point.

...but every time they made a move...the Lady Thunderbirds would counter...Duquesne Moratzka blocks the path...she's one of 3 girls that is 6 feet or taller...and the score is knotted up again at 14.

East was attacking from both sides of the net...Marina Howard is going to introduce her presence and pound that ball into the ground...that would help her squad win the first set...25-to-19.

Now in the second set...East is on the right...they have lost only 1 set vs. a Wyoming opponent all season...and Stellern says we're not losing anymore...she may be on to something...the scoreboard reads 12-to-9.

The Lady Red Devils kept times they were knocking on the door, but Stellern and company were keeping the door closed. The Lady Thunderbirds were building on their's 13-to-9.

Evanston did have some moments and we'll show a few of them...Ashlee Thornock puts a stinger on the ball and it can not be handled on the other side of the net...that would help keep the score close, down 23-to-21.

They had something going for awhile...Kaytlen Freeland has a pretty mean swing...the defense had no chance to react to that one...that is how you get the job done...the Lady Red Devils now trail 23-to-22.

The action was heating up and Thornock was bringing the heat...this play was too hot to handle I guess...her team was trying to stay alive in this set...both sides have 24 points a piece.

...but East could take it...and dish some back...Stellern is going to send one 6 feet under to snuff out the rally...her squad would prevail 26-to-24, to take a 2-sets to none lead in the match.

Now in the 3rd set...the Lady Thunderbirds wanted to finish the job quickly and they had the means to do it...Moratzka was aiming for the back line and she got it. That would make the score 5-to-4 in her teams' favor.

Evanston kept battling...and they had a couple of Thorns on their side, rather than in it...Korrin Thornock raises the roof for her squad. That will not get past her and we're all evened up a 6 points.

...but what kept East ahead in this match was their experience...they have been here and done that many times before...Moratzka knocks this one down with authority and it's not being dug up. The end is near with the score at 22-to-19.

We need to get someone else in here before we wrap this up...Whitney Kailey has a contribution to make and this was a good time to do it. She would put the Lady T-Birds on the edge of victory, ahead 24-to-20.

The inevitable was coming...the experience would pay off and that can be hard to over-come sometimes...Moratzka got a finger on the ball, and that was enough to disrupt the Evanston game plan...and that's the match.

Cheyenne East would sweep their way to a repeat title...winning 25-19, 26-24, and 25-20.

They dropped only 4 sets the entire season, and as mentioned earlier, only 1 of them was against a Wyoming opponent...and they go undefeated vs. Wyoming competition...their final record this year was 33-and-1.