Video highlights of various matches from the 2014 Wyoming High School State Wrestling Championship, held on Saturday, March 1 at the Casper Events Center.

We couldn't get to every match, but we got what we could.

Lower weight classes (145 lbs. and below):



Lower Weight Class Highlights:

4A 106 lbs.: Danny Macy (Rock Springs) vs. Braxton Cooper (Sheridan)

2A 106 lbs.: Keanan Pfisterer (Wind River) vs. Brian Crawford (Rocky Mountain)

4A 113 lbs.: Cole Verner (Green River) vs. Taylor Jeffries (Gillette)

3A 113 lbs.: Brodie Douglass (Lyman) vs. Cole Reiner (Buffalo)

2A 113 lbs.: Vinchinzo Castle (Thermopolis) vs. Dallas Taylor (Moorcroft)

4A 120 lbs.: Tucker Goss (Sheridan) vs. Evan Smith (Gillette)

2A 120 lbs.: Connor Wilkinson (Shoshoni) vs. Kole Schell (Moorcroft)

4A 126 lbs.: Hayden Hastings (Sheridan) vs. Isaac Garcia (East)

3A 126 lbs.: Nic Urbach (Powell) vs. Jordan Pingrey (Douglas)

4A 132 lbs.: Nathan Parris (Central) vs. Brody Cress (East)

3A 132 lbs.: Tyger Rodriguez (Torrington) vs. Justin Lewton (Worland)

4A 138 lbs.: Logan Wagoner (Gillette) vs. Bryce Meredith (Central)

4A 145 lbs.: Bruce Lester (Evanston) vs. Daniel Hammond (South)

3A 145 lbs.: Kye Catlin (Powell) vs. Justin Polkowske (Torrington)

2A 145 lbs.: Zack Larson (Thermopolis) vs. Wyatt Hageman (Lingle-Ft. Laramie)


Higher Weight Classes:

Higher Weight Class Highlights:

3A 152 lbs.: Cody Ellison (Lyman) vs. Hunter Haman (Douglas)

4A 152 lbs.: Batista Covolo (Evanston) vs. Kristopher Miller (Gillette)

3A 160 lbs.: John Beaudrie (Cody) vs. Jacob Davis (Powell)

4A 160 lbs.: Hunter Hanks (Green River) vs. Jordan Fischer (Gillette)

3A 170 lbs.: Austin Hoopes (Star Valley) vs. Colter Haman (Douglas)

2A 170 lbs.: Brock Teichert (Cokeville) vs. Cameron Braden (Moorcroft)

4A 182 lbs.: Carson Mock (Gillette) vs. Cody Delk (Sheridan)

2A 195 lbs.: Sterling Baker (Dubois) vs. Wyatt Somsen (Southeast)

4A 220 lbs.: Josue Munoz (Kelly Walsh) vs. Tevis Bartlett (East)

3A 285 lbs.: Colton Trisler (Star Valley) vs. Woodrow Davidson (Rawlins)