Highlights of the Friday, September 21st football game between #2 Glenrock at #5 Big Horn.

Scroll down to watch the highlights of the game!

Down 17 just before halftime, Big Horn would score before the break, and then own most of the 2nd half, in a matchup of undefeated teams.



Class 2A schools don’t have soccer programs…yet…but this could be a sign of things to come someday. In the meantime, we’ll stick with American football!

Number 2 Glenrock at Number 5 Big Horn…first quarter…Glenrock wearing the white and purple…sophomore Jordan Millay is starting to make a name for himself as a 6 foot 4 195 pound sophomore…he checks in from 6 yards out to put his team up 8-nothing after the 2 point conversion.

Then the Herder defense played their hand early on…Connor McCafferty can’t find anyone and he wasn’t fast enough to avoid being swallowed by the purple people eaters on this play…D-C Hall and Taylor Yingling team up knock the Big Horn QB off of his perch on the mountain…but things were just getting started, and they would change down the road.

The Rams would eventually get into the red zone, and although this play was rather snazzy…it counted for nothing. McCafferty with the option…finds trouble…pitches the ball forward to Scott Passini…one little problem. McCafferty had already crossed the line of scrimmage, so it’s an illegal forward pass…no touchdown. Big Horn had to settle for a field goal, and trailed 8-to-3 after the first 12 minutes.

2nd quarter…the visitors were rolling the dice…going for it on 4th and 1 from the 4…that’s not much of a problem for Millay as he’ll bust his way in for his 2nd score of the game…conversion no good, so now it’s 14-to-3.

Now while Glenrock is the top rushing team in the state Class 2A…they can and will pass the ball on occasion…here’s Millay on the halfback option…good adjustment by David Parkenson…a 35 yard pick up down to the 7 yard line and the visitors were back in business again.

About 2 plays later…Millay again from 4 yards…his 3rd touchdown of the game…he’s used to doing it the hard way…and the Herders go up 20-to-3 with about 1 minute to go before halftime.

That was enough for the home team to put something together quickly…and they did. McCafferty lets ‘er fly for 29 yards and Lucas Wollenman almost did not have possession of the ball when stepped into the end zone and out of bounds…but he recovered just in time and the Rams would seize the momentum going into the locker room…down 20-to-9.

3rd quarter…here’s where Big Horn made their big move…and on this play McCafferty is going to take matters into his own hands and give the opposition a dose of their own running medicine. The junior Q-B finds some room on the near sideline…cuts back and his blockers were in the right place at the right time…he’s busting loose for a 77 yard scoring run and his team is right back in this game…conversion no good, so they’re still down 20-to-15.

But they would recover the onside kick and strike again…McCafferty is looking for his favorite target and that’s Wollenman…he’s got it…39 yards…his basketball sibling at Michigan State probably liked that too. 2-point conversion good…and the Rams have scored twice in 3 minutes…to take a 23-20 lead…and the opposition has yet to get possession of the ball in the 2nd half.

4th quarter…same score…McCafferty just got better as the game went on…over the middle and 31 yards to Christian Mayer…that’s touchdown number 4…and after being down 20-to-3…the maroon and gold have taken over, and now have a 30-to-20 advantage.

The visitors had to get something going soon, or else they were going to be in big trouble. This is Devon Parkinson…he hits a road block on the far side, so he decided  to go around the other way…he ended up getting 31 yards down to the 3 and that was the boost that his team needed.

2 plays later…Preston McLagen will call his own number and sneak in from 1 yard…no good on the 2 point try, so Glenrock needed another touchdown…trailing 30-to-26, with about 4 and a-half minutes to go.

Big Horn played it smart…they kept the ball on the ground and kept the clock moving…the Herders used their timeouts, but they could not stop the opposition from getting first downs. This run by Will O’Dell would seal the deal. The best way to stop a good offense, is to keep them off of the field. That was the Rams’ plan, and it worked! Big Horn wins the battle of undefeated teams…30-to-26.