Highlights of the Friday, February 17th boys basketball game between #2 Burlington at #4 Ten Sleep.

Scroll down to watch the highlights of the game!

It was a battle between 2 ranked teams from the 1A Northwest. The Huskies had just a little more experience in the end, and pulled out a win.



Haven’t they come out with some sort of basketball game for those things yet? Makes sense if you’re at a game but not watching it.

Number 2 Burlington at Number 4 Ten Sleep…first quarter…Burlington wearing the black…Preston Wardell will get the first few points for his team with jumpers like this one in traffic…Huskies jump out to a 4-nothing lead.

Ten Sleep would strike back with a little bit of luck…Logan Burningham puts on a spin move and then he’ll get a few friendly bounces off of the rim before the ball drops in for 2…the junior led all scorers with 24 points and the Pioneers are only down 6-to-3.

The home team was finding their ways to get to the hoop…no matter who they had to run over…Friscoe Erdahl gets the bucket and the call…14 points for the junior and his team still trails 8-to-5.

The visitors were managing to get their points up close…Wardell is going to get the call on the other end and the hoop…17 points for the sophomore and the boys in black have the score doubled up at 10-to-5.

The home team had to rely on their underclassmen because…well…that’s all they have. No seniors on this team. Erdahl manages to get through traffic and score again…the Pioneers were getting closer, down 10-to-7.

This highlight is similar to the last one, but with a different player and a better finish…Burningham putting in a pretty nice finger roll…and Ten Sleep was withing striking distance…trailing 12-to-10 after the first 8 minutes.

2nd quarter…the home team was making a move Dennis Lee is in the corner…and Dennis is being a Menace 3-times over…his team takes the lead for the first time…15-14.

There was more to come…Burningham hits a road block…so the only thing he can do is go over it…which he did…Pioneers increase their lead to 19-14 at this point.

But Burlington started to mount a comeback…James Davidson is standing on the line so that will go down for a long 2 points…but it’s a start…his team is down 19-16.

Later…the Huskies were getting ready to mush…Daniel Call is going to hit the brakes…there goes the defender and there’s an easy 2 points…the deficit is down to 1…it’s 19-18.

How about a little defense? Anson George for the boys in black and there was nothing curious about that. Ten Sleep needed a new plan of attack.

Meanwhile on the near end…the boys in black were still on the attack…the first shot doesn’t go, but Wardell is there to clean up the mess and put it away…and the visitors retake the lead, 20-to-19.

The Pioneers had to regroup…Erdahl’s in trouble but he finds Burningham open and that’s how you get out of a jam…the home team is keeping it close, down 22-21.

When Burlington could not go inside…they tried to take it outside and it produced some results. Davidson is not quite far enough way for 3, but he’ll settle for 2 and work on it…his team is up 24-21.

Time is starting to wind down on the half and the boys in black are going for the last shot. Call is thinking long distance, and operator we have a connection right at the buzzer. That capped off a 13-to-3 run, and the Huskies went into the locker room, up 27-22.

3rd quarter…the pace of the game slowed down a little bit, but a few things happened here and there…first Wardell is going to come up with the swat for the visitors and that ended up saving 2 points.

That did not faze the Pioneers much…here comes Erdahl on the back-door route…that usually a pretty good way to get 2 points…home team is still down 30-to-26.

Let’s see if we can’t get someone new in here…Jess McNiven is a Burlington freshman…that was close to being a travel but he got around the defender and got the bucket…the boys in black are up 32-27.

More defense…McNiven was out to impress and he’s hoping to get some more playing time…he hates flies and he’s got the fly swatter! Teams might have to look out for him down the road.

On the other end…Burlington was on the move…Call will fake a defender and that clears the path to the hoop. The visitors were building on their lead and were up 38-to-29 going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter…Ten Sleep was trying to work on a come-back on their own…Daniel Miller is going to eye it…spy it…and buy it for 3. That’s what his team needed and they would cut the deficit to 4…trailing 38-to-34.

But Burlington would not let them get any closer…Wardell takes the inside lob and gets the kiss off of the glass for 2…that would increase the lead to 7..it’s 41-to-34.

The Pioneers tried to double up Wardell, but that meant there was still Davidson to contend with…he found his ways to score 15 points…the Huskies would get their advantage into double-digits, and go on for a 55-to-48 win.