Highlights of the Saturday, December 17th boys basketball game between Cody and Rawlins.

Watch the highlights of the game!



It was a little hard for some people to decide between watching the UW football bowl game on TV…and supporting their favorite high school basketball team…I mean talk about team loyalty.

Cody vs. Rawlins…this game being played in Douglas…first quarter…Rawlins wearing the red…Kerry Ray Schinkel will strike first for the Outlaws with a kiss off the glass to put his team up 2-nothing.

Now Cody lost to this team 2 weeks prior to this game…so they learned a few lessons and used them…Nik Schmidt is open behind the triple team and that bucket will tie things up a 2-points a piece.

But the Outlaws had the Broncs figured out as well…and the defense and transition game got to work…Wyatt Hopkins finishes the fast break with a lay in and his team is now up 6-to-4.

Now Rawlins is a team that doesn’t not have any height…but they make up for it in talent…Jalen Krening is just a freshman…he made his contribution to push the score up to 8-6.

Cody had the edge in experience and leadership…Brandon Hinzee is at the top of the key…and opening the door for 3…he led all scorers with 16 points and the Broncos took a 9-to-8 lead.

They did have the height advantage in this game and they’d use it at times to get close and draw fouls..Brady Gulde will illustrate on this play with 2 of his 10 points…Cody was up 12-to-10 after the first 8 minutes.

2nd quarter…Rawlins would go a little bit of a roll..Jon Mendez hits a road block so he’ll just shoot over it instead and it worked…he scored a dozen points and his team takes the lead back…14-to-12.

This quarter went back and forth for the most part…but when you know your opponent…that’s to be expected…Ryan Neeters is in the corner…doing what bad boys do…shooting 3’s…as Cody would go back on top 15-to-14.

Rawlins would try a few new tricks…like this one involving Alex Collier who would slip in the back-door and get a bucket and grab the lead back at 16-15.

Then Cody’s defense would make a play…fast thinking by Neeters to pick off the pass and he’s coming the other way with it…he’ll get the finish and now the Broncs are winning once again up 17-16.

The Outlaws had a few moves of their own…watch Schinkel as he’ll juke one defender and that’s all he needed to get to the hoop…12 points for the senior and his team leads 20-to-17.

Cody knew they were going to be in for a rough ride so they had to pull out all the stops…Hinzee is going to make it rain 3-balls from a far…the Broncs needed that one…as they are only down 1…21-20…going into the locker room.

3rd quarter…the see-saw battle continued going both ways…Guldee muscles his way in for a hoop and a hack…he would convert the 3 point play and his team is back on top 23-21.

Rawlins had their own methods for getting the lead back…Collier comes in behind the double team..and by the time the defense realized it…it was too late. Outlaws go back up 26-25.

But Cody would swing the pendulum the other way a short time later…Shad Moir takes aim for 3 and finds nothing but net on that shot…the Broncs were enjoying a 4 point lead…up 30-to-26.

The Outlaws would turn up the defense on this next highlight…Krening is going to coast the other way once his team-mates got him the ball…that was an easy 2 points…but Rawlins was still down 32-28 going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter…They kept chipping away at it…Devon Isi comes in to score on the inbounds play…that would make the score 32-to-30.

Here come the Outlaws again…Collier is open on the near side behind the defense…they find him…he finds the hoop…and 1…that would tie up the score one more time…now it’s 32-all.

But after that…Cody would take control for good…Schmidt is wide open on the right side for 3…and he would make the defense pay the price….Broncs go up by 5…37-32.

The defense was disappearing at this point in the game…and that made for some easy scores…Moir finds an open lane and that bucket put his team up 39-34.

And then sometimes the scores came quickly…Cody Hult will take the inbounds and let ‘er fly for 3 and cans it…time is starting to run out and things are in Cody’s control up 42-34.

Rawlins was trying but the opposition was just 1 step ahead of them late in the game…Chase Constantine finds the middle wide open…and the Outlaws were not able to get there in time to stop him…the Broncs would get a measure of payback from 2 weeks ago…winning this game…55-to-44.