Highlights of the Saturday, December 17th boys basketball game between Lyman and Douglas.

Watch the highlights of the game!



Normally I get on people for having books at a game, but in this case…I figure the little one is too young to understand basketball just yet, so I’ll let it slide.

Lyman at Douglas…first quarter…Lyman wearing the blue…and the Eagles wanted to fly early on…Kyle Stokes spreads his wings for 3 and the visitors would strike first leading 3-to-nothing.

Douglas was just sharpening their claws for an opportunity…Dylan Davidson from N-B-A range and that cat is smoooth! Things are tied up early on…3-to-3.

Stokes was the one doing all the scoring early on for Lyman..all his points came in first quarter however…he stops pops and hits from about 15 feet here and his team is up 7-to-3.

How about some defense? Douglas is looking for another 3-ball, but Nathan Jaggi says talk to the hand my man. He couldn’t make the save but at least he got the block…that helped.

The visitors needed to get out to a good start and they did…this is Cisco Taylor getting in on the act…that’s 2 of his 17 points…the score is pushed up to 9-to-3.

Douglas would make a move of their own…Colten Chandler with the turn around J inside…and puts just enough on it to the ball to drop in…Bearcats still trail 9-to-5.

Then the home team would pounce…Davidson…here it comes again…he led his team with 14 points and that also gave his team the lead…up 10-to-9.

The boys in blue would respond…Bryce Bluemel is in traffic but he still finds a way to get that shot up over and in…as the Eagles would go back on top…13-to-10 after the first 8 minutes.

2nd quarter…the Bearcats kept hanging around for awhile…here’s another inside basket by Chandler and his team is down by 1…13-12

The Eagles were trying to open up some breathing room…Taylor is hiding behind the crowd of players…but we saw him launch this one and bury it for 3…it’s hard to fool the camera…Lyman goes up 16-12.

But…why try to fool the camera when you can show off to it…that’s what Jaggi had in mind here…base line drive…reverse lay-in…and the foul…he led all scorers with 20…visitors lead 18-to-12.

The home team would find themselves down by 8 later on, and had to something…Taylor Dick does here as he’ll get the bucket and whistle for 1 more…that would make it 20-to-14.

Let’s see who else can we get in here…how about Greg Vandeventer…nothing fancy…he just scored the old fashioned way with a jumper…the Bearcats still trail 20-to-16 at this point.

The Eagles were being a bit sneaky  on some highlights…Dalton Schofield gets the back court steal and then Jaggi was in the right place at the right time for the finish…that made the score 22-to-16.

The boys in blue were still flying over and above their prey…Taylor gets a swish on his latest effort…as Lyman would take a 24-to-16 lead going into the locker room.

3rd quarter…Douglas was trying to get into it…this first try is blocked but Vandeventer is able to collect the loose ball and get the bucket for his team, but they still trail 24-18.

The opposition was not about ready to let the home squad get back into it…Taylor is soaring…and he Eagle eyes 3…that was a momentum booster and makes the score 27-to-18.

They would build on…Jaggi…drive…whistle…bucket…the lead is up to double digits and the visitors are up 29-18.

The Bearcats kept trying to whittle away at the deficit, but they were not having much success…here’s Robert Ricks putting in a basket for his team, to make it 30-to-22.

Later…Douglas down 12 which is a pretty big hole at this point in the game…Grady Corbett is open for 3 and that’ll get some attention…but the home team is still down 34-25, so they need more points.

Lyman was still soaring…and so was Jaggi…here’s another one of his many many baskets…as the visitors were up 36-25 going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter…the home team would not go away…but they were having a hard time keeping the score close…Davidson answers the call with a 3-ball…but there’s still more work to do, down 36-28.

There was no quit in the Bearcats…good effort by Corbett to collect the miss and then score in traffic…that made the score 40-30, but he wasn’t done…the senior gets the back-court steal…almost loses it, but then finds Davidson coming in to help with a 3 point bomb…that 5 points in about 5 seconds for the home team…who now trail 40-to-33.

But everytime a move was made…the visitors would counter…Schofield finishes the fast break with a lay in on the far side to make the score 42-33.

And here comes the back-breaker…Taylor…all alone in the corner…no pressure…no problem, that would seal the deal as Lyman walks away with a win on the road…55-to-42.