The newest boys basketball coaches and media rankings are out.  Not a lot of changes with Gillette, Powell, Lovell and Little Snake River still at the #1 positions.

In 4A, after Gillette and Evanston, the bottom three re-arrange. Sheridan is now third, Riverton fourth and East fifth. Conference play starts this weekend.

3A keeps Powell at the top with Star Valley now 2nd.  Lander falls to third while Torrington stays fourth and Wheatland returns to the polls replacing Buffalo in the five spot. Interesting that in 3A,  eleven different teams got votes and four of them spilt the 21 #1 ballots.

2A has Lovell #1 with Wind River now at 2nd.  Burns and Wyoming Indian tie for third with Greybull fifth. Only one other team got votes in 2A and that was Tongue River.

1A keeps Little Snake River a unanimous #1. Burlington in second with Midwest now third. Encampment and Normative Services tie for fourth in the 1A poll this week.

Another interesting note is that there are NO games scheduled this weekend, that pit a ranked team vs. another ranked team. So, this makes for a good time for a team to crack the polls with some upsets.