Highlights of the Saturday, March 10th Class 3A boys basketball state championship game between Star Valley and Torrington.

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The TrailBlazers jumped out to an early lead, then endured a Star Valley comeback, before pulling away in the 4th quarter, to win their 2nd state championship in 3 seasons.



Good to see that the University of Wyoming men’s basketball coach Larry Shyatt made it to the game. He’s already recruited one player…but who knows…he might have been looking for someone else.

Star Valley vs. Torrington in the boys 3A state championship game…first quarter…star valley wearing the white…Tyler Ealey with a base-line drive and that ended up being his only 2 points of the game…but it got his Braves on the scoreboard first.

Now Torrington was not messing around early on…they meant business. Jason McManamen stops, pops and hits from about the foul line for the first 2 of his 16 points, and this game is tied at 2 points a piece.

The TrailBlazers were living up to their name in the early going…Blake Wisroth is wide open in the corner…and he’s causing some trouble. He poured in 10 points of his own and his team is up 5-to-2.

The starters for Torrington were doing their thing and it resulted in a good start…this is Frank Stellflug taking aim from 15 feet out and he’ll connect…that would push the score up to 7-to-2.

Of course having a U-W recruit on your team, can sometimes tip the scales…McManamen from N-B-A range…hello! That was part of a 12-zip run for the Trailblazers and they would lead 12-to-2.

Star Valley needed to get in gear, before things got worse…Kohl Battleson had a battle plan…and he’ll get a couple of lucky bounces, but he would give his team a much needed 3, although the Braves were still down, 14-to-5 after the first 8 minutes.

2nd quarter…the boys from Afton were trying to get back into this game…the base line drive doesn’t work, but Wyatt Shinaver was there to pick up the pieces and he just put enough on that shot to get it to drop…he scored 10 and his team is down 14-to-9.

But the Trailblazers were still going at their own pace…they find Stellpflug open underneath and he finds his team 2 more points, to increase the lead to 16-to-9.

These 2 teams did not hook during the regular season, so it made this game a little more interesting…McManamen did not seem to mind 1 bit…there’s another 2 points for the future cowboy and his team has the score doubled up at 18-to-9.

The Braves were a team who lived and died by the long ball in this game…29 shots and only 6 of them went in, but those that did, were huge…Ridge Hillyard went 1 for 12, and that was the one, but it helped…his team trails 18-to-12 at this point.

As for the East regional champs…they kept mixing it up…Wisroth thought about driving…then he hit the brakes and figured…eh that’s close enough…it worked…Torrington is maintaining a 20-to-12 lead.

Now this next highlight is a little hard to tell, so we really can’t dispute…Hillyard knows that the clock is starting to run out…he had to hurry a little bit, but he got it to go, however the ref ruled that it’s worth 2 instead of 3…so Star Valley went into the locker room, down 20-to-14.

Now for those who were at the game…you know who this is…and you also know that he’s now $100 richer…and he can show off a few dance moves as well!

3rd quarter…the Braves were slowly chipping away at the deficit…Paul Schwab fights his way inside…whistle…annnnnnd…gets the bucket! He had to wait for that one…his team is still down 20-to-16.

But Torrington was still doing their thing for at least a little while longer…McManamen did not miss much in this game and that was a good thing…that would push to score up to 22-16.

The boys from Afton were starting to put it together after awhile…Dalton Passey is at the top of the key, and he’ll open the door for 3…and that’s where the deficit was at this juncture…it’s now 22-to-19.

The TrailBlazers were able to keep the opposition at arms length for awhile…here’s McManamen again…and the defense had a hard time stopping him. His team is up by 7..it’s 26-19.

Star Valley kept it together and things eventually started to pay off…Battleson eyes it…spies it…and buys it for 3…and this game is tied up again for the first time in awhile…26 points each.

They were not done…Battleson again…he’s going to count to 3…and then he’s going to move the ball! The Braves are back in business, with a 29-26 advantage and they the momentum.

But the funny thing about the mo…is that it can change in a heart-beat…Cameron Kelly…cash! This game was setting up for a good finish…things are knotted up at 29 going into the final 8 minutes.

Well…there’s an usual combination...however all things considered…it was perfectly normal!

4th quarter…the Braves found themselves playing catchup again…Shinaver with a long 2, and his team will take what they can get…trailing 35-31.

This next highlight is quick so don’t blink…we lost the ball for a moment…then we realized that Kelly had it and he’s got himself 3 points and gave it to the TrailBlazers…who are up by 6..it’s 38-32.

Star Valley needed to pick up the pace somewhat if they wanted to have a chance…Shinaver will shoot on the go…it got him 3…but the Braves are still down a count of 41-to-35.

Torrington had already started to switch to free throw mode by this point…and they made enough in the end to keep the opposition at bay, which is what a championship team is supposed to do.

The TrailBlazers win their 2nd state title in 3 years…winning this one by a score of 48-to-39. Torrington would finish the season with a record of 23-and-5.