Highlights of the Friday, October 12th football game between #2 Star Valley at #3 Green River.

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A big game in the 3A West turned into a big bust, as Star Valley dominated.



Yes, I know. Spiderman and Batman never shared an adventure together and they never spent time in a band…but…this is band. You can make up your own story-lines and break whatever rules you want.

Number 2 Star Valley at Number 3 Green River…first quarter…Star Valley wearing the Maroon, white and yellow…Trace Haderlie steps up in the pocket and completes the pass to Dillon Hunt for 13 yards…the senior takes a hit, but he still manages to score…the Braves are on the board first leading 7-to-nothing.

On the other side of the ball…things did not quite go as well…Zach Huber found himself on the ground more times than normal. Thankfully Green RIver was only down 7-zip after the first 12 minutes.

2nd quarter…the Wolves had the best rushing and best overall offense in Class 3A coming into this game…but the Braves had the 2nd best rush defense and 2nd best overall defense…and the invincible force was getting hurt against the immovable objects!

As for the visiting offense…they had Ryan Brough…the leading rusher and the leader in rushing touchdowns in Class 3A. He’s into the end zone from 5 yards to give his team a 14-nothing advantage.

More defense…the Wolves offense was averaging more than 4-hundred yards a game…but Star Valley’s defense on average, only gives up about half that amount…and the home team was brought down to earth was a resounding thud.

Meanwhile…the Braves could do little wrong. Brough already has more than 1-thousand rushing yards on the season…that was only 8 of them, but as long as you get the 6 points. It’s now 21-zip in favor of the visitors.

The Wolves tried to get something going before halftime…they only got into the red zone twice and the first trip got snuffed out by Bryan Burton…he’s going to get a pretty good return on the interception…and the refs threw in 15 more yards for unsportsmen like conduct. There’s still time on the clock and only half a field to work with…why not go for more?

Now SV has a pretty good passing game as well…4th best in Class 3A…Haderlie is going deep and Javier Zarzuela read that ball perfectly…a pickup down to the Wolves 15 yard line and the visitors were knocking on the door again.

On the next play…Haderlie…he’s hunting for a receiver…he’s got Hunt who makes the catch, dives and just gets the ball over the goal line. What was supposed to be a big game, was turning into a major bust. It was 28-to-zero going into the locker room.

Well at least the cheerleaders were doing their part to stay amused. That can be difficult when the score is as lopsided as it was.

3rd quarter…I said Green River had the best rushing attack in Class 3A coming into this game…guess which team is #2 in that category? Kohl Battleson has reservations for 6…he just has to go 39 yards for it. He’s checking in, and this game is becoming very one-sided…Braves now lead 35-to-zip.

Green River has not been shut out at home in 10 years and if something does not happen soon…well…never mind on this play. Battleson comes up with the pick and got some room to run. He would almost take it back all the way, but at the 10 yard line, check out the hit by Zach Moorman. The turnover would result in nothing, as the visitors would miss a field goal, but they were still up big going into the final 12 minutes.

4th quarter…it was just more of the previous 3 for the Wolves…Huber was running for his life all game long and the defense did not have much trouble bringing him down. SV was out to preserve the shutout.

Credit to Star Valley…they did their homework and it showed…Haderlie will finish the job himself this time from about 3 yards away. Green River laid a goose egg in this one…getting blown out at home…42-to-nothing.