Video highlights of the Saturday, March 8th, 1A Boys Basketball State Championship game, between Little Snake River vs. Burlington.

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After the 3-time defending state champ Rattlers scored the opening basket, the Huskies took over for good, and ran away with the title.



Although the girls did not make it to the championship game...we wanted to recognize Coach Jerry Patrick who called it a coaching career after 36 years. Happy Trails partner!

Little Snake River vs. Burlington, in the 1A state championship game...first quarter...Little Snake River wearing the took a few tries, but Tanner Jensen would eventually get the drop for the first bucket of the game, and that would put his team on the board first, leading 2-to-nothing.

After that...this game would become very one sided as you are about to see...Jess McNiven will pick off that pass and return it the other way for Burlington, who would take the lead for good...up 4-to-2.

The Huskies had a plethora of scoring weapons at their disposal...Preston Wardell will get the first 2 of many points on this that would inch the score up to 6-to-2.

More defense...and more points...McNiven will turn on the jets and easily add on 2 more to his eventual 14 point total...10-to-2 is the score now, and they were just getting started.

Even when they could not score up close...they had guys that could knock down the distance shots...Nicholas Carrizales from 18 will see more from him it's a 12-to-2 contest.

At times, the defense would set up the offense...Wardell with the rejection...he'll fire ahead to Carrizales who is already off to the races...Burlington is ahead 14-to-2 at this point.

The Huskies brought their A game and did pretty much whatever they wanted, except dunk...Wardell with the hoop and the hack...the 3-point play would cap off a 17-zip run, and establish a 17-to-2 advantage.

Now that that's out of the way...perhaps the opposition can produce some offense...Gabrielli Sillari takes the feed inside...gets the 2 and 1 more. That was part of his 14 point contribution, but the 3-time defending state champs are down's 17-to-5.

The Rattlers were trying to slither their way back into this...but it was a long road back...Tanner Jensen gets the basket and draws the contact...he had a double-double with 16 points and 13 rebounds...the score is 20-to-7.

If you thought Burlington was going to ease up at this point of the were mistaken big time...Nathan Carrizales will take off with that one and return it for 2...we are still in the first quarter, and it's 26-to-9.

L-S-R figured that they better unload the long range attack, if they wanted to come-back...Jordan Perkins takes aim...lets 'er fly and connects for 3...that got the score for his team into double digits, but they are still down 26-to-12.

Time is winding down...and the Huskies don't think they have enough points...Wardell led all scorers with his own double-double...25 points...11 rebounds...mercifully the first 8 minutes ended, with the scoreboard reading 28-to-13.

2nd quarter...finally...Burlington has proven they have an offense...and they have a defense as saw some steals...and Wardell will knot up the Rattlers' coils on that was not meant to be.

Little Snake River just had to stay from him...Slater Kaisler will go around the other way...put up a floater and that play worked...but his team is still at a 28-to-15 disadvantage.

But the offense for the opposition just kept right on going...James Davidson...getting his 11 point game started with a 3, and things are looking's 31-to-15.

Don't count LSR out just yet...they still had some fight left in them...Kaisler eyes it...spies it...and buys it for 3...18 points were his numbers...and his team now has 18 points, compared to 31 for the other team.

This game was becoming a 3-point shoot fest for's Jared Peterson launching one...all of his points came from behind the arc...the Huskies now lead 34-to-18.

For a little while...Kaisler was the one doing all the work for the's a nice running hook shot that's highlight worthy...the score though was less than desirable...his team is down 34-to-20.

Between these 2 teams...they have won the last 4 state championships coming into this game...and I think we all know where the 5th one is going to...Peterson finds the bottom of the net again for Burlington, who are now ahead, 37-to-20.

The Huskies would change up their attack plan from time to time...McNiven gets in and scores easily for 2...and the lead is still in double's 45-to-29.

...and then sometimes...they had a hard time missing...Nicholas Carrizales...there's 3 more of his 13...Burlington shot 50% from behind the arc...and took a 48-to-29 lead into the locker room.

3rd quarter...the rout was on...Nicholas Carrizales range this time...the clock said the game was not over...but the scoreboard said's 56-to-32.

We're going to skip some highlights here and's obvious at this point which is going to win...Kaisler did what he could, but Little Snake River needed more then that, down 62-to-35.

We're giving the Rattlers some do not luck your way to 3-straight state got to have some skilled players to do that...Sillari is one of them...but the opposition was cruising...up 70-to-44 going into the final 8 minutes.

4th quarter...Burlington eased up a little bit on the attack...they did not get the 100 that they were on pace's the only 2 by Conner's now a 30-point cushion...with the scoreboard reading 74-to-44. more...then we'll wrap it up...we've shown more than enough all ready...Kaisler will step up and knock down a was a modest effort, but there was no way that L-S-R was going to 4-peat.

The title is back in the Huskies would finish the season, with a record of 27-and-1.