Video highlights of the Wednesday, July 1st Legion Baseball double-header, between the Lovell Mustangs at the Cody Cubs.

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Parker Shreve pitched a complete game shutout in game 1, and Cameron Wright pitched a perfect game 2, as the Cubs would sweep the Mustangs in an A-League Northwest Division doubleheader.



That maybe the only other place besides War Memorial Stadium in Laramie, where there's outdoor nose-bleed seating.

The Lovell Mustangs at the Cody Cubs in an A-League Northwest Division 1...Top of the first...Parker Shreve pitching for Cody...and only the guys at the plate got a better view of that pitch than we did. There was still that runner at second to contend with, but he was not that worried.

Moving on...the runner is now at third...and he is not going home. Hate to say it...that was the best scoring chance that Lovell had for the game...and that was just their first at bat.

Bottom of the score...runners at the corners...this ended up being a double steal and there was no chance that they were going to get Brennan Blaylock at the plate. He took off immediately and that would get the Cubs on the board, leading 1-to-nothing.

Moving on...2 runners in scoring position for Keegan Brown...all he needed was one well placed hit to bring them in and he was able to do that without much difficulty. Cooper Brown is already in, and he's waiting for Dallin Jones to work his way around from second, and the defending A-League state champs go ahead 3-to-zip.

Same inning...bases juiced...this should be a routine ground-out play, but the throw was a little bit off of the mark...and the home team will take advantage of the situation. Keegan Brown has already scored...and Jordan Wasia will do the same. Things are clicking with a 5-to-nothing advantage so far.

Top of the 3rd...Shreve still pitching...throwing ice cubes and freezing batters. He did his job with 6 shutout innings and is one of 4 pitchers back from last year's team.

A couple of batters later...and he would strike out the side. Last year's A-League Northwest Regional Runner-Ups have enjoyed being a marked team so far this season, and they have been handling it quite well.

Bottom of the third...Cody threatening again...Keegan Brown will go the opposite way on this base hit. That will open the path for Cooper Brown to head home and make it a 6-zip ball game...and a sacrifice fly in the bottom of the 4th would make it 7-zip.

Top of the 5th...defense time...Keegan fires across the field to Cameron Wright, and they had plenty of room to tag out the runner. It would take care of that scoring threat, and the Cubs could get back to swinging the metal.

Bottom of the 5th...bases juiced...this play was a trade off...Trey Dickelson and Wyatt Horrocks would pull off the double play for the Mustangs...but there were no outs when the play started, so Keegan will touch the plate, since he was not the target. That would make this an 8-zero game on the scoreboard. it's 9-to-nothing, and we got to give the visitors some love...Dawson Forcella has a pretty good arm himself...he will get the ball to Dickelson in time to cut down the runner. That would prevent the mercy rule from going into effect and the game would continue on.

Top of the 6th...Shreve was still doing his thing...Cody would get a run in the bottom of the 6th, when a batter was hit by a pitch with the bases loaded. That would end the first game...with a final score of 10-to-nothing.

On to game 2...and I know that's not his regular water dish, but you got to do, what you got to do sometimes to make sure man's best friend stays hydrated.

Top of the first...the pitching for the visitors got off to a good start. Jeremy Schnieder will claim a victim. Now the trick is trying to stay consistent, which sometimes is easier said than done.

Bottom of the first...Cameron Wright is going to return the favor. Little did he know what kind of game was in store for him, and it was one he will never forget.

Top of the second...for awhile, we had a pretty good pitcher's dual going on. Schnieder gets one to go down swinging. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, and everything went downhill from that point on, as you are about to see.

Bottom of the second...Cubs up 1-nothing on a pick-off miscue...John Beaudrie is going to find some room in right center field for some extra bases...we did not see exactly where the ball went, but he got a lot of distance...not enough to leave the park, but enough to get 2 R-B-I's in the forms of Shreve and Keegan Brown...Beaudrie would come in later on an error, to make it a 4-nothing game.

Moving down the line-up...this is Cap McClure dribbling a ball into left field for a base hit of his own...Wasia will score and Wright is not that far behind him...the home team was in business, up 6-zip.

Bottom of the third...a bases load walk and balk would move the score up to 8-to-nothing....Beaudrie will go the opposite way which will allow his team to add on. Shreve is in again, and Cody was trying to finish this one it's 9-to-nothing.

Top of the fourth...Wright was in the zone...nothing was touching his pitches. We can't show everything that he did, but there's enough to get the point across.

Next batter......see ya. He actually struck out the side in the 3rd inning...and that one that you just saw, was #5 of the last 6 batters...and he claims he was not paying attention to the scoreboard.

Bottom of the 4th...the offense wanted to get this game over with. Walker Williams will get in on the hit parade with this single to left field. McClure had to hustle if he wanted to score from second. He would make it with no resistance...and the Cubs now lead 10-to-nothing.

Run number 11 came in on an error, and number 12 on a sacrifice fly...Beaudrie wanted to go yard on this hit...and he almost did. Just not enough to get over the wall. He had to settle for a double and a RBI instead as he would bring in Trent Bronnenberg...and the home team is now ahead 13-to-zip.

...and they kept on coming for a little bit longer...Lovell did not have a good day. Connor McLeod with a pinch hit base hit to add to the cause. That would give Shreve a free pass home and Cody is in control leading 14-to-zero.

Top of the fifth...Wright still on the mound...and setting them down. That's punchout #9...and the 14th straight batter retired. No Mustang has reached base. If you haven't figured out by now...he's flirting with perfection.

Last batter...pop stays in out is out no matter where it's caught...the only thing we did not do is take a picture of the scoreboard. Cameron Wright gets credit for a 5-inning perfect game...and the Cubs would get the double-header sweep...winning game 2, by a score of 14-to-zip.