Video highlights of the Sunday, March 2nd, Wyoming Amateur Hockey League High School State Championship game, between the Gillette Wild vs. the Casper Oilers.

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The Oilers went up 2-0 after 1 period, only to have the Wild tie it up in the 2nd. In the end, they settled things in shootout style!



With the way the weather has been as of late...that's the only guy who had no problems getting to work! I need to see if there's an extra one that I can "borrow."

The Gillette Wild vs. the Casper Oilers in the Wyoming Amateur Hockey League High School State Championship...first period...Casper wearing the black...Branson Taheri sets up Anthony Xikes and then on the right of your's Ian Brooks who gets the finish. The 1-2-3 combination worked and it gets the goal to make the score 1-nothing.

Moving comes the Oilers again...Laurence Olson is a man on mission...good puck control and he'll split 2 defenders...fires and slips the puck in under the top shelf...this team scored 151 goals against Wyoming opponents in the regular season. The defending state champs were up 2-zip after the first 18 minutes.

2nd period...both teams going in the opposite took awhile for Gillette to get their offense going...but when they did, it payed off...the first shot is blocked, but Seth Thompson was in the right place at the right time to knock the rebound into an open net. That was much needed and now the score is 2-to-1.

Later...about 20 seconds to go in the period...and things were getting wild for the Wild...the long shot is no good, however Tyler Tennant gets to the loose puck first...passes to Devon Friedly and he scores the equalizer. Now things are getting interesting. It was 2-2 after 2...nothing happened in the 3rd period or in overtime, so we're going to skip ahead to the shootout.

Round 1...Gillette went first...Preston Fuller is going one on one with Garrett Grant...tried one way...then went the other...and nothing was doing. A good start for the home team...and there was more to come.

Casper's turn...Matthew Loundagin is going to try to slip one around and over Lincon Riley's leg...the shot will hit the goal post and it's no good. Riley caught a break on that one...goal posts usually are a goalie's best friend.

Round 2...the Wild are on the attack...Caleb Pettigrew...taking the slow approach...trying to fake out Grant, who did not buy that one. You got to get up earlier in the morning to pull one off on him.

Now the Oilers are heading the other way...Paxton Zielinski...he's got everyone guessing on his approach...Riley was quick to react, but Zielinski was a little bit quicker and he's got the point...the boys in black lead the shootout, 1-to-nothing.

Round 3...the visitors need to counter...Wyatt Coulter...going more for the direct approach...he was aiming high...and went too good. Nothing was getting past Grant as long as he's between the pipes.

Casper on the attack again...Logan Spiegelberg...using his speed on this approach. He went high and Riley went low...the result is a make the shootout score 2-zip and now the pressure is on.

Round 4...Gillette needs this one or else it's over...Tennant takes the puck...and fires right at Grant who takes one for the over. Start the celebration.

The Casper Oilers repeat as state score 3-to-2...winning the shootout they would cap off an undefeated season against Wyoming opponents.