Highlights of the Sunday, July 14th, legion baseball game, between the Lovell Mustangs at the Douglas Cats.

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Tell Dyer went the distance, and smacked a 2-run shot to help his own cause, to lead Douglas to victory over Lovell.



They ended up going about 10 rounds on rock, paper, scissors, before someone finally won...we need to do that more often, instead of coin flips.

The Lovell Mustangs at the Douglas Cats in a wood bat game...top of the first...Tell Dyer pitching a mean curve ball for Douglas and he was just getting his day started. More from him in a little bit.

Bottom of the first...the visitors almost gave one away...Dawson Forcella was quick to react on the passed ball...and he'll get the throw to Dylan Pickett who will put the tag down on the runner trying to steal home. We checked the replay and could not tell because of all the dirt that got in the way...so we will go with what the umpire said and he's out....but on the next pitch...Dyer will help his own cause...and he got all of that one...he's all that...he's all that...he's all that...with a wooden bat! A 2-run shot to left field...bringing in Marvin Malone in the process...that would put the Cats up 2-nothing.

Top of the 2nd...Lovell will load the bases...and Dyer will make sure that they would stay that way and no runs came in. He was having a good day, both on the mound and at bat.

Bottom of the 2nd...2 bases loaded walks would push the score up to 4-nothing...bases loaded for Malone who puts the ball in play and the Lovell defense can not come up with it and boot it around...Devin Burton scores...and Ryan Lebert will take advantage of the miscue as well...to put the home team up 6-zip.

Next batter...Dyer again...we lost the ball for a moment...then it ended up at shortstop...it looked like the Mustangs got him at first, but then they dropped the ball...Tanner Eastlund is already in...and Malone is not far behind him...Douglas was dominating up 8-to-zero.

Top of the third...the opposition needed to get some offense going soon, or else this game was going to end quickly...Dylan Pickett rips a single down the left field line...and Dylan Hultgren will mosey his way in from 2nd to get 1 run on the board...now his team trails, 8-to-1.

Next batter...this play took some guts...Tony Rodriguez hits into the fielders choice...he's out at first...Calder Forcella scores...Dylan Pickett is going to press his luck and try to come in from second and it payed off...no guts no glory sometimes...Mustangs now trail 8-to-3.

Bottom of the 3rd...the Cats would try to get those runs back...they go for the double steal, but the opposition was waiting on them...Dawson Forcella survives the collision at the plate and hangs on to the ball to get the out...that saved a run for now, but there was more to come.

The Cats were determined to get that run in...Eastlund will go the opposite way to get the job done. That would open the door for Burton to make the score 9-to-3...and then a balk against Lovell would push it up to 10-to-3.

Same inning...Malone batting again...and keeping it simple...a single to center field will clear the path for Eastlund to complete his trip around the bases...Douglas is in pretty good shape with an 11-to-3 advantage.

Top of the 4th...Tell Dyer still on the mound...and setting them down...told you he had a really good day, and he's not finished just yet.

Bottom of the 4th...the boys in blue needed a little insurance...Burton hits into the fielders choice at short...the opposition tried to turn 2, but Burton will beat the relay throw to first...Triston Gray will touch the plate to give his team another point...and they are up 12-to-3.

Top of the 5th...the visitors need to get it going again...Aaron Monterde uses the opposite way trick as well to produce results...Dylan Pickett will jog his way in, and now his team trails 12-to-4.

But then Dyer said that's enough, as he would punch out the last 2 batters...he had about half a dozen strikeouts or so in 5 innings of work...and that would end this game...the Cats would get the W...12-to-4.