Highlights of the Sunday, August 4th, legion baseball AA State Championship Game, between the Casper Oilers and Cheyenne Post 6.

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Down 2, Casper would load the bases with no outs in the top 9th, but after a rain delay and a pitching change, they were unable to score enough, as Cheyenne would 5-peat as state champs, and win their 12th AA State Championship in 13 years.



Baseball action is lot like grilling hamburgers...get 'em while they're fresh and hot ...and almost nothing is hotter than the end of the season.

The Casper Oilers vs. Cheyenne Post 6 in the Double-A State Championship Game...bottom of the 2nd...no score...Cheyenne batting...Greg Ashley lays down a beauty of bunt...but what was even prettier was how he avoided the tag...he's safe at first...and if you don't believe me...let's replay it in slo-mo.

Here we go...Beecher Strube is the first baseman for Casper...and he just flat out missed...Ashley is an elusive slippery little eel..and plays like that can make a difference.

Later...bases loaded...no outs...this play helped out both teams...Brett Kautzmann to John Fanto to Strube for the 6-4-3 double play...but Dustin Parker scores...R-B-I credit to Lincoln Trujillo...Cheyenne leads 1-to-nothing.Bottom of the 3rd...Zach Mathson pitching for Casper...he'll claim a victim here. Not too many strikeouts for either side in what would be a low scoring game, but they got in a decent share.

Bottom of the 4th...runner at third for Post 6...and the Oilers figured they better get him...Kyle Chuman starts the run-down at third base...Dan Reese will chase the runner back where he came from...and Kautzmann will finish the job and apply the tag. That would save a critical run as the defense came up big.

Top of the 5th...Isaac Block pitching for Cheyenne...and he was a road block in the first half of this game...the score is still 1-zip which is a little bit of a surprise compared to the last 2 days that these 2 teams played each other.

Bottom of the fifth...Mathson still on the mound...and setting them down...neither starting pitcher went past the 7th inning, but they did their part.

Top of the 6th...Block will send another one to the showers...Casper's offense had a hard time getting anything going against the opposing pitchers or the defense for that matter.

Bottom of the 6th...the visitors made the first pitching change...Delane Doyle is now throwing them and he got off to a good start, but then he would run into a little bit of trouble as you are about to see.

Same inning...2 runners in scoring position for Dixon Maggard...going the opposite way is usually a good way to bring them in...Trujillo scores...and Cameron Johnson will make it in standing as well...as the 4-time defending state champs are now ahead 3-to-nothing.

Top of the 7th...Oilers trying to play small ball, but their execution on this play was less than desirable...great hustle by Block to catch the bunt pop up...the runners could not advance on the play...as there's still a goose egg on the scoreboard for the other team.

Top of the 8th...the visitors needed to get something going soon...this will do for starters...Tanner Fischer will fly out to left field...but he hit the ball far enough, so that Fanto could tag up and head home...that's progress...now the score is 3-to-1.

Top of the 9th...now things are getting critical...this should have been a double play...if not one out...and all hands are safe. Casper would load the bases with no outs and they knew this was a prime opportunity to do some damage.

But then...mother nature would play her hand...the game was delayed for roughly 45 minutes, and some say it was the turning point.

Once action resumed...Post 6 made a pitching change...Tyler Lambert...the M-V-P of the tournament...that's out number 1 and that was huge, but he's not out of a jam just yet.

Next batter...Fanto puts the ball in play...fielders choice...all the defense can do is get the out at first...Cam Huber scores to make it 3-to-2, but now the Oilers can not spare anymore outs.

Next batter...Chuman with the tying run at third...but Johnson and Parker have celebration plans...and let the party begin! They've done it again!

Cheyenne Post 6 5-peats as Wyoming Double-A state champs...and have now made it 12 of the last 13...final score 3-to-2.

Coach Tagg Lain said afterwards, that out of all the championships that this program has won...this one may have been the most difficult, because they needed the extra game.

Cheyenne now heads to the Northwest Regional Tournament...with a record of 50 and 23.